Guess How Much Money My Small Gaming YouTube Channel Makes – Its Surprising!

Small Gaming channels on Youtube are everywhere, but how much do we actually make?

In this video i’m going to show you how much money i make from youtube for my small gaming channel with about 4 000 subscribers over 9 000. first revenue stream is from ads you should build ads to companies and page creators a portion of that ad revenue more views equals more ad revenue with some videos running multiple ads at the beginning and and mid reel start

Starting in 2023 we can also make ad revenue from shorts advertisers target ads based on the type of content and your viewing history and if you have a gaming channel you’ll attract advertisers like blizzard or mobile games or electronics your niche plays a big part in how much advertisers are willing to pay for those ads as you can see gaming isn’t even on the

List of top 30 niches on youtube which was surprising because the cpm on my channel is usually eight to ten dollars which would put us around the top 20. the second way of making money on youtube is through merchandise it shows up as a banner underneath your video the way i did this was through a website called spring which is a print-on-demand website that allows

You to create t-shirts coffee mugs and a variety of other merchandise high profile creators like logan paul make millions of merchandise the third way is through memberships which are similar to subscriptions on twitch these are largely targeted to streamers 2 big reasons why youtube could potentially take over the streaming market from twitch is searchability and

Then the integration of your long and short form content youtube makes it easy to find content you’re looking for whereas twitch doesn’t really care about small content creators on youtube you can also create long-form content in shorts and have those tied to your streaming channel those three pillars can help each other grow in a way that’s not possible on twitch

The last way of making money on youtube is through affiliate marketing and brand deals a brand deal is when a company pays you to advertise a product or service on one of your videos affiliate marketing is where a company like amazon provides you with a referral link from the viewer click the link and meets some criteria you get paid for amazon after you click the

Link and you add a product to your cart or buy something within 24 hours the channel gets a kickback of a small percentage speaking of affiliate marketing i’d like to thank the sponsor of today’s video is an app like no other where you can not only trade the typical assets like stocks etfs and crypto but now you can also trade in shares of

Alternative assets these assets can include art shoes nfts pokemon cards comic books video games and more this allows you to have all your assets in one place and a unique opportunity to invest in timeless classics like that charizard card you had as a kid that’s now worth two hundred thousand dollars when you use the link in the description to sign up for a public

Account you’ll receive a fractional share of a stock of your choice worth up to three hundred dollars let’s take a look at the last month to see how much i’ve made as you can see from the 38 000 views that i got i made about 18 nineteen dollars which is an rpm of about two and a quarter i sold zero dollars in merchandise and while i did have some amazon affiliate

Clicks none of those translated into commissions i’ve had a few companies reach out to me for sponsored videos but none really seemed worth the effort over the two-year lifespan of the channel i’ve made about two thousand dollars in pre-tax income the bulk of that happened a couple years ago when the new wow expansion was about to launch i actually decided to

Start the channel and take advantage of the anticipated spike in interest it also just happened to be in the fourth quarter of the year which is apparently the time when advertisers spend a lot of their marketing budget it took about a year off from youtube so during that time the revenue was next to nothing so if you’re interested in starting a channel it might

Be a good idea to look for an upcoming catalyst that will generate a spike in views especially if there’s a niche that isn’t saturated for the amount of time i spend on videos this channel is really more of a hobby than a business at this point gaming is a very competitive space on youtube and your views are going to depend greatly on how well the game you’re

Covering is doing in addition to the video quality what i found is that while starting a channel with a specific specific niche is really important as the channel grows it’s also important to branch out and cover broader topics or even cover new gains at the same time you can also try to make content that’s entertaining to people in your larger audience so maybe

You’re covering a specific part of a specific game but maybe gaming audiences in general might find your content interesting otherwise you’re going to find yourself capping out on views and subscribers at a low ceiling because there’s only so many people out there that are interested in your specific niche when it’s really so narrow will cause you to grow in the

First place is also going to limit your reach in the long term if you’re interested in learning more about making money on youtube let me know in the comments below otherwise thanks for watching

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Guess How Much Money My Small Gaming YouTube Channel Makes – It's Surprising! By Varaben