Guyana Public Service Co-Operative Credit Union Holds Outreach at N/A Town Hall

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Public service union cooperative credit union hosted an outreach at the new amsterdam town hall yesterday details in this report the guyana public service cooperative credit union hosted an outreach exercise at the new amsterdam mayor anton consoles auditorium at the town hall to enlighten public servants about the objectives of the credit union and to expand

Its membership a legal officer of the credit union miss crystal amsterdam explained the benefits of joining the guyana public service cooperative credit union we are a financial institution we offer loans our members can can save with us they can borrow with us and they’re also they’re also able to benefit from the shares of the credit union through deductions

Miss amsterdam was delighted with the response they received from the public we’ve had a lot of people coming out today we’re overwhelmed with the amount of members we’re seeing we’re glad that we have this much traction in new amsterdam we want more persons to come and join a credit union come fill out a membership form as long as you’re a public servant no matter

What your position is in the public service you are qualified to join the credit union we encourage you to save there’s a lot of benefits we have a lot of loan loans we offer the guarantee loans the correct loans and now we’re offering secure loans which are cars and mortgage loans our car loans goes up to five million dollars for five years and 15 million dollars

For 30 years she went on to explain how interested persons can sign up as a member to become a member you can walk with your identification card a copy of your identification card would be useful we could attach it to the membership form and that’s all you need to become a member just your id card you come you fill out the membership form and we take it back to

Georgetown you’ll receive a letter with your credit union number and you become a member of the credit union you are in on the form you tell us how much you want to save how much ever you want to save that amount will always be on your account and that is what you use to be able to qualify you for all the loans the legal officer further stated credit union our

Motto is people helping people we are organizations based on our members so our members are our organization when you join the credit union you have rights to vote for board members you have rights at the credit union to set rules and precedence and you you are a par a part of the credit union you can become a part of the credit union so we encourage members this

Is your union it’s your people it’s your friends your family whoever is in the public service you get them to join and you all can become a circle we are people helping people and every product that we put forward is to help our members and to help the public service the outreach was held in new amsterdam yesterday february 17th and another outreach was held today

February 18th along the quarantine coast nurema ali

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Guyana Public Service Co-Operative Credit Union Holds Outreach at N/A Town Hall By Dave’s Television Station Ch-8