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ESPN FC reacts to Liverpool’s 1-0 win vs. Manchester City.

We have steve mcmenamin and stuart robson stewart is still in spain i’m not letting him out i mean what’s going on i think he’s enjoying it there listen we’re going to continue the chat about liverpool’s win over man city because for makkah it was never in doubt had no fears whatsoever was one of the most optimistic when it came to the predictions it was a draw

He said but fair enough it ended up being a win for liverpool macker what changed for them well i just think because of the the enormity of the occasion the enormity of the game i just fancied liverpool at home i don’t they don’t really lose a lot to be honest kate and i just thought that they would not lose against manchester city um i know manchester city have

Been playing better than them to a certain extent and if liverpool haven’t really been able to find their form on a consistent level teams around have been for a number of years and liverpool can compete with them on a regular basis they just need to find they’re a little bit more consistency against the likes of west ham tomorrow and then they’ve got nottingham

Forest then they’ve got leeds then they’ve got tottenham and southampton before the world cups these are games where they should be pinpointing trying to get three points and if they do get the three points in these up and coming games you’ll see them be a lot closer by the by the time and the break comes to the world cup eddie howe come out today and yesterday and

Said oh i wouldn’t do that on the touchline waiver we have a reputation to uphold and there’s millions of people watching including kids and all that sort of moral compass nonsense look it’s not it’s not it’s not ideal what club did and he admitted it himself but you know what it was that kind of day where the passion was back for liverpool the belief was back and so

Sometimes you do go over the top and in the moment he’s he’s admitted to that but his team performed for him and you know you said to michael what changed they defended to defend it like the liverpool that we knew it is a pulse i mean seriously how can you expect somebody to stand with an atmosphere like that a game like that the way the game was going all the things

Going on and you think you can stand around and start seeing well i wouldn’t do that we wouldn’t do that it could have called that wouldn’t work let’s do that well of course it has been pointed out uh by quite a few that mr ho works for a certain uh club her own by people from a certain country and i don’t think we should really be having an ethical discussion or

He shouldn’t be blah blah blah but yeah i mean you know what happened liverpool defended much better zhou cancello just made a really poor decision i suppose mo salah uh could have had another one when he missed that chance and a lot of people complaining at the fact that this is weird a lot of people complaining that anthony taylor let the game flow and there

Was a few challenges that went unpunished but he must have thought there were 50 50. that somehow that was then okay to go to the the monitor see the ship pool by ellen holland on on on fabinho and go oh well i’ve let a few challenges go so here’s a clear free kick i’m going to let it go there are some people out there with this mentality and have a problem that

Because you let a few 50 50 challenges go that somehow when he went to the monitor and i think pep guardiola is one of them should have allowed that gold to stand i mean that’s just nonsense the referees in wano actually particularly taylor in this game i’ve actually combined using var and letting the game flow well because he’s always got that parachute he knows

That if if he has gotten a decision wrong leading up to a goal then he can bring it back instead of just and just being instead of being cautious and blown every two seconds he’s he’s allowed to just let it go because he’s able to bring it back i mean that was perfect stevie while we are talking about liverpool love has it eased your fears a little yes or no

Yes and the fact that listen i’ll tell you what there was there was one real thing in the lead up to the game that i i had incredibly considered how long i played there i didn’t take any accounting atmosphere and i was listening michael talking about it before the game when he said it wasn’t worried wasn’t the world because i was and i didn’t i had forgotten all

About it and there was a i think it was jordan again there was a there was a court that said that liverpool haven’t lost when there’s been a crowd at anfield for five years the only time i’ve lost was during the pandemic when there was nobody there so that tells you the difference when there’s a crowd there and of all people to forget that with me and and i do

Apologize but the other thing and this is the bit why i’m not convinced apologizing to yourself myself yeah all right i apologize to me but the one thing i’m not i’m not convinced though yeah is is clop gonna let his back four defend the way they did against city against every other team because what they did was they didn’t hold the higher line what they did

Was and i said it at the weekend it was old-fashioned defendant when there’s the rules used to be when there’s nobody closing the ball you can’t hold the line that was it it was it was set in stone until the so-called modern game where all these teams i’ve tried to be clever and hold this line when nobody’s nobody closing the ball and to me that’s always been wrong

Because all it takes is two players one on the ball and one with the brain to play the ball and one running behind and liverpool didn’t do that they dropped off when they had to and when there was pressure on the ball they stayed high it was perfect is he going to stay like that i don’t know whether he will and if they do then they will start winning some games

Should we just met rubble standing there we might no well don’t say this i mean obviously it’s obviously lost diaz arsenal and that’s uh the liverpool press conference today it’s a nasty injury to diego he’s going to miss the world cup i suppose nunez will have to come in and play a bigger part and they’ve got one or two others but but that was the downside of of

The last couple of weeks definitely robert what did you think of what stevie was saying what will klopp do going forward with this defense absolutely right you know if you are gonna when you defend you have to defend and make good good decisions sometimes you can squeeze up and again when there’s pressure on the ball when players make bad runs but if players make

Good runs you’ve got to defend the space in behind you and that’s what liverpool did their body positions were much better you can’t be facing from one or from one goal to the other you have to be on the half turn and that’s what they did again and when they saw a danger in behind they dropped off and all over the pitch they picked the right time to press the ball

The right time to drop off and klopp has to get that right over the coming weeks over the coming seasons if he stays there a long time he’s got it right for most of his time at liverpool not in recent times what are your thoughts on it maca yeah i agree i agree with with stevie certainly when you when there’s pressure on the ball it’s you you find to keep a high

Line particularly with the spec with the speed of van dyke and joe gomez who played the other day but if someone’s got the ball in the midst of the hills and they’re free and they’re looking up then you have to drop i think that’s that’s always been the ethos in there in defensive play you if somebody’s got full control on the ball that’s got all the time in the

World to play a ball over the top then you have to start dropping and liverpool have been caught too many times this year and i think they will have to play a mix now jurgen will have to leave it tourist defenders to see who the opposition is whether they’re playing up against the number nine following runners who run from maybe deep in from midfield and you have

To run with them you can’t play offside all the time you can play offside a number of times but if there’s no pressure on the ball you have to drop give yourself that little bit of comfort and drop five yards because as i said the speeds of liverpool’s defenders is no problem there’s not going to be many forwards and there certainly won’t be many forwards tomorrow

For for for west ham for instance if skamaka plays who’s going to trouble virgil van dyke and joe gomez when it comes to pace well thank you very much for watching espn on youtube for more sports highlights and analysis be sure to download the espn app and for live streaming premium content and let’s not forget as well espn fc seven days a week subscribe to espn plus

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