HBAR Review (Hedera Hashgraph Cryptocurrency)

Today’s financial system has a need for speed, and financial institutions are starting to realize the advantages of crypto. At the forefront of the discussion is today’s topic, HBAR, an ISO20022 token with speeds that surpass many of the major credit cards.

Today’s financial system has a need for speed i mean how many transactions are processed every day just in your local strip mall now consider all the transactions around the world purchases big and small builds food weird stuff you can buy on amazon like bacon scented soap and burrito blankets same goes for international financial transactions not the burrito

Blankets but the need for fast settlement of transactions the society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunications also known as swift processes over 33 million transactions every single day and this token is set to take a large part of that pie h bar my name is ben and today we’re talking about why i believe that hbar has what it takes to not only survive

The bear market but thrive in the bull market let’s get it foreign largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs you know channel works harder to keep you in the know about crypto make sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel that helps keep this channel going gets the word out about crypto assets major financial institutions are

Starting to notice the advantages of using crypto to settle payments and they’re implementing a new compatibility standard called iso 20022 the streamlines the language of financial messages and allows compatible crypto projects a chance and playing a role now let’s get this straight major financial institutions are looking at adopting crypto talk about a paradigm

Shift one compatible crypto project hadera hashgrab with its native token hbar uses directed acyclic graph or dag instead of blockchain for transaction speeds it surpass that of major credit cards directly to the cyclic graph or dag is a computing method where all blocks are added to the ledger with blockchain nodes compete to solve a block and multiple blocks are

Created with one becoming the winner and the other forked away from and deleted hashgraphs add all created blocks to the ledger which gives a more complete picture of transactions directed into cyclic graphs reduce data size in a transaction which creates faster speeds more scalability and lower costs technology lets addera hashgrab maintain over ten thousand

Transactions per second which is competitive with visa and other large-scale payment systems adera hashgraph is one of several iso 20022 compliant cryptocurrencies that can be used for institutional global wire transfers iso 20022 was created by the international organization of standardization and is a streamlined language type that will be used to send and

Receive messages between major financial institutions right now coding languages used by financial institutions are all different and iso 20022 will consolidate the language to extensible markup language or xml swift began supporting the standard in 2018 and expects to have it fully implemented next year federal reserve will join swift in moving to the standard

In 2023 is projected that once the vet adopts the iso 20022 will account for 80 percent of transactions the iso 2022 compliant crypto projects include ripples xrp stellar’s xlm xdc iota algorithms algo hadera hashgraph and its native token h-bar and quant or qnt it’s worth mentioning that of this list hbar can handle one of the highest number of transactions per

Second at 10 000 tps also noteworthy so this is of compatible projects isn’t limited and more projects are expected to join in as iso 20022 compliant tokens become more popular go ahead by the way make sure to smash that like button and subscribe to this popular channel if you like the content put you in the bit squad you guys know best crypto community in all the

Interwebs hedera hashgraph is a layer 1 project with the native token hbar has a fixed supply of 50 billion coins and a market cap of 1.3 billion h-bar is the native token of the hedera network and they’re used to protect the hashgraph from malicious actors and to pay network nodes for their bandwidth computing power and storage hbar token utility also includes

Paying for network services like transferring funds managing tokens and fts and logging data hbar protects its proof mistake algorithm from attacks using weighted voting to reach consensus for a bad actor to take control of the network they would have to stake over a third of the total supply of hbar hedera hashgraph has an extensive roadmap for the remainder of

2022 focusing on interoperative ability with the ethereum virtual machine increasing scalability and security and non-fungible tokens encoded via merkel structure for theoretically unlimited nfts madera hashgrab has racked up some impressive partnerships including google as a hedera council member zane group mayo clinic and uk health service adair hashgraph has

A governing council that includes corporations like google lg boeing ibm and the company that owns the patent to the housecraft consensus mechanism swirls swirls swirlds is a software platform that builds distributed applications on the cloud and the owners lehman baird and mance harman responsible for founding hedera hashgraph may of 2022 swirls announced the

Formation of squirrel’s labs which will continue the development of the hedera network community tools and open source components like nft marketplaces and peer-to-peer payments and new ideas through lehman’s lab projects swirls will continue to be part of the hedera’s governing council with swirls labs keeping it current council members run the core network nodes

And others can’t vote on network changes the network is open review meaning the code can be reviewed and tested but not used for any other purpose this means it’s not open source and the code cannot be openly distributed and modified but air of course claims to be decentralized but is it really well that’s up for debate especially if you consider the validators

Are companies specifically chosen by hedera to run the network many people have brought up these issues we recently did a deep dive in iso 20022 and like i said in that video there’s some concerns with coins that comply with this new standard but that doesn’t mean we should shut the door on these projects and their potential you’ve got to swim with the whales and

This is where they’re going these coins are likely to generate a lot of buzz as iso 20022 becomes more widely used now if you haven’t seen the video yet make sure to check it out do me a favor smash up that like button is the best thing you can do to help the channel get more of this kind of content out to more people now according to hedera the limited number of

Nodes is a benefit to the network it ensures the transactions will won’t later be undone competition isn’t open to everyone like it is in blockchain so the outcome isn’t as open to anyone naturally in fact adara hashgraph intentionally offers features of both public and private networks by giving its nodes reserved to its governing council council members manage

Software photon changes ensure funds are properly allocated each council member can have two three-year terms maximum and during their term the nodes have equally weighted votes price action for hmr start out in 2020 at about one cent and over the course of that year hover just under four cents for rocketing to 40 cents in march of 2021 hitting an all-time high

50 cents in september since then the prize of hbars are treated significantly along with the rest of the crypto market obviously and now trading at almost the same price level as it saw in 2020. as a bear market progresses h-bar is a coin we will keep an eye on is one that might be able to weather the harsh conditions of the crypto winter fact you might hear us

Talking more about iso 20022 compatible projects in the coming months according to swift’s website exchanges and payments will be transformed by iso 20022 bringing in a new era of common language for payment settlement worldwide participants in global financial exchanges need to be ready to send and receive messages with upgraded messaging interface and connectivity

Compatible with fin plus this is the new way the financial institutions can exchange iso 2022 messages for payments and securities it’s clear that worldwide financial institutions are organizing their payment settlement language around iso 20022 compatible crypto projects in fact xrp and stellar lumens are part of the standards governing body the rest is still

Mostly up for speculation will compliant cryptos be favored over fiat repayment settlements will they use cryptoconomics to power operations will adoption be propelled by cryptos getting in early on iso 20022 and what does this mean for crypto projects that don’t comply these are all questions we are looking to answer in our bear market research potent sharing hot

Takes on projects that are likely to survive the cold crypto winner know this channel will that’s all i got be blessed good boy out

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HBAR Review (Hedera Hashgraph Cryptocurrency) By BitBoy Crypto