Heres How I Prescreen sellers to find houses with Owner Financing!!!

In this video I share how I effectively prescreen sellers to weed out the deals that we cant work with, and narrow it down to the ones we can, without wasting tons of time, effort and energy.

Hey guys it’s andrew schlagg i wanted to talk to you a little bit today about how we pre-screen uh sellers so we find motivated sellers who need to sell their houses and our next step of course is to pre-screen them a couple of ways to do that and my favorite way is to bring in a lot of motivated sellers pre-screen them well and only so that you and i talk to those

Who are motivated and we get to the to the basis of their need very quickly so pre-screening them is definitely key and making this business work for you and taking you to the fastest cash flow possible so to pre-screen them we do a couple of things you can take the calls yourself in my case i use a service called pat live 24-hour answering service the motivated

Sellers call us call into the pat live answering service and then in the pre-screening is to make sure they quickly get a call back or in the case you’re outbound calling to for sale by owners that you get the right questions answered so either you or a va can get those questions answered the main things i want to know in pre-screening are what they’re asking for

The property of course what they’re looking you know to get out of it i want to know what they owe in the property i want to know will they take monthly payments for the property so those three things are key in uh pre-screening the properties deciding whether there’s a suspect or a prospect if they’re wanting a price that’s way below value and obviously that

Goes into one category if they’re maybe oh what it’s worth and they need close to full price for the house that may be another category but again i need to know what they’re asking i need to know what the mortgage is and i need to know uh those situations and kind of where the seller is coming from once i get the main points asked once i get uh the main facts

From the seller then i’m able to move forward and decide which category this property goes into again pre-screening is your most important thing whether you or a va are doing it once you find out what they want for the property once you find out what they owe on the property and once you find out if they’ll take monthly payments or if they have to have all cash

Now you know which category you can put it into if you don’t have these answers you don’t have a lead and there’s nothing more to do you have nothing but a a house for sale right so we got to turn that house for sale into a lead so we can know where it goes and what we can do with it to help the seller and to build our cash flow off of it so that would be the

Step that i wanted to cover today in in fastest way to cash flow pre-screening the properties make sure it’s done quickly efficiently in the beginning a lot of times like i mentioned you probably be doing this call yourself finding out the facts yourself but in the long run you will eventually want to va to do this the whole goal of this is to get properties

Pre-screened for you so that you only talk to the prospects who give you a reason to talk to them and you’re not wasting hours and hours and hours of your time talking to suspects that you’ll never be able to do business with we want you to be able to run this business on a few hours a week and that all comes through pre-screening well so for more information on

This and how we do that when we delve deeper into that just click the link below and you have more information on that we delve deeper into the pre-screening process and how we go about it and the exact scripts we use for pre-screening sellers you

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Here’s How I Prescreen sellers to find houses with Owner Financing!!! By Profit With Purpose