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HIDE & SEEK on a 30 Million Dollar Yacht! 😱 Ferran, Ali & Ali play hide and seek challenge with the Rush Fam!

I caught you i caught you i’m gonna throw you in the water you’re going in the water you’re going in the water as we dream today’s gonna be an amazing video because we’re on a yacht right now and we’re about to have so much fun in miami but it’s not gonna be fun if we don’t take you guys along with us on the journey first things first make sure you guys subscribe

That’s all subscribing five four three two one welcome to the coolest family on youtube we love you guys also don’t forget to do the handshake later don’t do it don’t do it no no no don’t jump don’t jump don’t jump not yet not yet not yet look how beautiful miami is i mean oh my gosh the weather is beautiful today um it’s sunny we got an amazing yacht we’re

Gonna go have fun go ahead you go first over here i know our dream is to have a house right here look at all these homes they’re so beautiful and modern anyways what are we doing today guys so today we’re gonna be doing an amazing video as always right now we’re gonna be doing hide and seek inside a private yacht and this yacht is huge and it’s really cool i

Talk yeah go ahead can we let her talk no can we let her talk he’s super excited you know what i’m gonna throw you off i’m gonna throw you off okay all right go ahead no seriously guys today we’re gonna be playing hide and seek in a yeah with some more people with some more people so we got about seven eight people that are gonna play hide and seek in this yacht

But first why don’t we go have fun let’s go ride jet skis let’s go jump in the water why not let’s do it let’s go let’s go jump off a slide why not should we do it let’s do it wait is it on a slide i heard there’s a slide i heard we got two jet skis i heard oh i heard that they’re calling me all right all right what’s he doing right there he’s setting up the

Slide where does the slide go this legos right here yeah that’s the slide oh is it gonna pull yo that’s a tall slide how many how many jet skis do we have quattos jet skis tienes let’s not bother him anymore go ahead thank you sir we love you so much yo this is gonna be so cool when it’s all set up it’s gonna slide all the way from the very top oh my god that’s

Carrying what if the water’s cold what if that water is freezing no it’s not freezing it’s a little bit cold but you’re gonna get used to it we’re gonna find out if it’s cold or not are you gonna ride that yeah you gotta go bro yeah come on let’s go go in go in bro go in go go they are gone bro oh my gosh that’s crazy we might have to save them bro we might

Just have to bro yo look at how tall this slide is oh this is nice you guys ready to go on yeah all right camera goes first camera goes first you go second here let me see how steep it is oh that’s steep go go go go go yeah it’s fun let’s go for running are you a little bit nervous all right let’s go baby i need you to hold the gopro go go go go ah you sure

Easy you got this bro you got this go go go just do it yeah one more time yeah one more time all right round number two you got this okay are you ready go down to the slide yeah yeah you got this all right go go go go go go go go oh my gosh that looks like so much fun you ready for the jet ski babe let’s do it right too fast i’m not gonna go too fast i promise you

Promise i promise you on bed now it’s time for hide and seek you guys ready yeah yeah all right the rules are there no rules whatsoever you can go wherever you want i’m going to count to a minute i’m going to be seeking and uh you guys ready yeah yes you guys ready are you ready to lose twice in a row no one knows what he’s talking about guys what is everyone

Watching what is it what is he talking about he’s talking about it bro flashback uh you guys won fair and square you guys put a lot of effort congratulations to you guys where are you seeking is it right here i’m gonna start seeking right here in this little corner i’m gonna hang out right here for one minute and i’m gonna look for every single person and i’m

Gonna get all of you guys all of you guys all right you guys can go anywhere you want oh hold on you want to play you want to play too it’s hide and seek all you got to do is hide okay i have a question where’s the question go ahead can we maybe hide in the water bro i say anything goes are you guys ready are you guys ready all right we got rush fam and we got

The royalty family the captain’s place well you’re asking way too many questions on your mark get set let me go high peace go all right guys so i gotta hide right here i’m gonna count to a whole minute and then i’m gonna go catch every single one of them this is gonna be so much fun yo this yacht is huge there’s so many places to hide so it might get a little

Bit difficult but i got you guys by my side to help me out so let’s do this together i have no idea okay let’s go let’s see what’s in here oh you know the laundry section what is in here oh no it’s a badger maybe right here oh my gosh i haven’t seen these what is all of these oh my god wow i didn’t know there is a bathtub right here okay so i got an idea i’m

Gonna hide in that bathtub yo what what if we go in the water no we need to bro we need to go we have fun but we need to close the water we gotta go here okay i think we found a new plan right there but what if we went in the water though because he said anything counts wait under the bed under the bed oh where am i gonna hide okay bro i i don’t know if you’re

Turning i’m good dude dude i think we should go in the water are you guys almost ready i bought one i found one i found one up here right and i’m gonna hide behind that pillow let’s go yo can you pass me those two pillows right there thank you hey guys i found a brand new hiding spot um this might not work or might work um i’m really hoping it does work i think

We should go like yes i think i found my new spot all right guys let’s go get them let’s go get them ready or not here i come you have any idea where they are did you see mommy do you know where mommy went yeah you want to tell me where mommy went yeah help me out where’s mommy show me where’s daddy where’s daddy is he that way where did he go they went outside

Okay hey milan where are they okay all right ready or not here i come do you mind if i check there sorry i got to these people are capable of hiding anywhere how do you open this just turn it just here hold on okay all right you never know this is the kitchen right here oh we got leftovers all right you never know guys anyone can hide anywhere all right so the

Kitchen the kitchen is clear right yeah all right cool let’s keep going guys i got a little teammate here with me anything goes guys these guys are willing to hide anywhere all right ready or not here i come all right guys i think that i’m done with my spot and you know what’s the best part of this ali doesn’t even know that this bedroom exists so i think that

He’s not gonna be able to find me bye you guys trying to be sneaky huh oh it’s a washer and dryer are you sure because i think someone went inside this room it’s not done yeah because there’s there’s there’s someone hiding there i gotta catch them live yeah it’s okay it’s okay that’s okay that’s okay oh this is a good hiding space oh i haven’t been in here yet

Oh i hear movement i hear a movement yo where are they where would you go hide in this whole yacht like i’m looking for these people downstairs what about here though no no nothing nothing nothing hi royalty fam these guys are hiding pretty well so far guys it’s been forever i think that he’s not able to fight me i hear some noise oh no it’s a water oh my gosh

Okay i’m so sorry baby i think that you’re not gonna be able to find me i’m so sorry for you oh my gosh i can hear you looking for someone else why would you do that like why oh my god what do i do do i let it go do i ignore it or do i catch them all right i wonder where they can be oh what is in here more beds more all right beds go down here i’m pretty

Sure no one is here yep pretty sure no one’s here ah i think we should just keep going cool andrea’s day what is he doing what are you doing girl you’re too obvious no you’re the worst hider ever you yes yes you are royalty found tell her that’s a horrible spot let me talk when we came in yet earlier we didn’t come yeah no one came in here but this is a bad

Hiding spot i gotta go sweetheart i love you i got you i got you you’re the first one yep all right let me get the rest i still love you though oh royalty found that was a bad hiding spot i don’t care what she says that was a bad spot if he finds you just say there’s nobody else in here say that for ron went on it went on his own turn off the lights yeah cause

He knows i’m afraid of the door hey guys i’ll see you guys when we win or when he comes okay see you hi where’s the rest of the people someone’s gonna be down here another room right here guys where can they be okay so this room is clear okay there’s one more room over here oh bunk beds bunk beds bathroom i know we’re clear here i think we’re clear yeah we’re

Safe here all right we should keep going bye on to the next room says no one says no one kelly i got you i got you that was a good hiding spot that was really good now i to get the rest of the people all right we still got one of them i already got andrea hold on don’t tell me anything we can’t cheat we can’t cheat more oh it’s dark in here guys it is dark we

Need some light yeah i don’t think they’re here i don’t think they’re in this room no we’re they’re not here they’re not here they’re not here yeah no there’s no one here no no no yeah go to the next room go to the next room oh you know what hey come here oh they found us you guys are i saw you guys i saw you guys i saw you guys i saw you come on let us hide a

Little bit more you know why do i wanna why because because our best spot got ruined what it actually got ruined keep going keep going we gotta keep going i’ll tell you what you guys get to help me catch the rest of the people which is keisha and trey let’s go i’m gonna help you soon all right babe all right babe i need your help to find trey and keisha okay

I have no idea where they are but they got to be up here somewhere on camera i i caught for a run i caught camaro i caught callie and i caught you okay they’re the only ones left hi guys have you guys seen have you guys seen anyone i’m not allowed to tell okay cool fair enough oh my god this is so beautiful what if i stay here we stay here longer huh what if

We stay here longer no focus we live here focus on the mission uh where could they be no um yeah i don’t see trey i don’t see trey cause trey’s a good hider man i don’t think i’m gonna catch him i don’t think i’m gonna catch trey right now because that guy is impossible to find bro he’s so hard to find bro what’s going on bro how are you i was gonna hop in the

Water to be honest but you should have jumped in the water if i was you hopped in the water wait you found everyone except yo keisha your wife yo your wife is the only one missing right now that’s still my team though no not really bro no we gotta go we gotta keep going almost fell sorry i almost fell hi sorry your wife could you imagine you guys pushed me now

All right let’s look around guys where can she be okay uh clearly she’s not up here okay can i just say something your outfit didn’t help you out whatsoever all right let’s go check the bag he went downstairs i went downstairs i checked it out pretty good yeah i think but keisha’s gotta be somewhere where could she be guys bro you know where she’s at i told you

She’s a good hider have fun you know what i really checked these four rooms let’s go outside i’m going to the top i think she’s upstairs she’s got to be upstairs ah she’s got to be here somewhere wow i found i’m sorry but i have to do this no don’t show them where’s the restoration where is she where is it where’s she where’s your brush oh my gosh what’s up

Keisha a good high spot you’re the last one out what you won you won thanks to you thanks to you bro honestly i won’t get a prize honestly i wasn’t gonna find her you want us to win congratulations thank you sir good hiding spot oh that was a good spot that was a really good spot all right guys we hope you guys enjoyed that video we hope you guys had fun we had

A great video was amazing guys something different something exciting exactly and uh we’re trying to take you guys through as many adventures as we possibly can as many and uh don’t forget to subscribe hit that subscribe button if you’re not subscribed turn on the post notification like this video we love you so much all the way from miami one last thing that my

Amazing son would like to say stay royalty we out peace

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