HIDE your BELLY with these best dress styles! Spring 2022!

Don’t let your stubborn midsection stop you from wearing pretty and colorful dresses this spring or summer! The styles featured in this video will HIDE all. Long, short, fitted or flowy, there is a dress for EVERYONE. Happy dressing and thank-you for watching! 💕

You all know the story. once you hit a certain  age, it takes twice as much time to get the same   result as you did when you were in your 20 and  frankly most of us do not have that kind of time.   goal to slim down your stubborn midsection,   there to hide our problem area, like a tummy.   you can’t wait to get out of

Your sweats and   i really need to dance again to burn off my  belly fat, but you don’t have to know how to   dance to rock a swing dress and when you mix a  good swing style in a vintage or a retro vibe,   it is a whole new classic for me. swing dresses  are more fitted through the bust area, but flares   out over

The tummy and hips almost like an a-line  dress, but it is more flowy. as the name implies,   this is great for those with a tummy,  the free flow of the dress allows you to be  comfortable and still look flattering. swing   casual and can be worn in so many ways.   material to rock your southern belle charm. well,  

You don’t have to be a southern belle. just rock  it and be the envy of the party. i love history.   in 1930 and 1940, but it was reinvented by   diane von furstenberg in the 70s in the spirits  of enabling women to enjoy sexual freedom? how   about that? the wrap dress is not only classy,  but it’s also flattering on any body

Type.   whether you want to hide your pregnancy tummy or  your normal bulge, its style offers comfort, draws   the tension away from your middle with a side wrap  and at the same time accentuate your bust area.   even if you are a pear shape that is smaller on  top and wider on the bottom, the v-neck and wrap   combo

Provides a boost to your smaller chest size,  too. a wrap dress, if not already residing in your   closet should be now because it is considered  a classic and you will not regret buying it.   styling has a lot to do with tricking the eyes so  a pattern or print dress is perfect in the spring   through clothes, either with colors

Or designs.   camouflage your mid-section because everyone will   be busy admiring your interesting dress and not  focusing on the area you are so conscious about.   to choose smaller prints, smaller flowers,   for example, than big ones. also, we all know  vertical stripes are visually slimming but be   create an

Opposite effect by picking out   prisoner or wider. it is all about balance.   you all know i love ruffles. it is a subtle way to  show your girly side without having to wear floral   patterns, but i am talking about different kinds  of ruffles here. so if you are trying to hide your   tummy and look super cute while doing

It, ruffle  dresses are your friends. flaunt your collarbone   with an off shoulder style like this one or wear  the same style in muted color and draw attention   upward with a bold necklace or earrings. and if  someone wants to admire your cute dress instead,   let them! attention will be on the ruffles, the  layers,

The vertical folds and not your tummy.   benefits other than being comfortable and   versatile. its style also conveys easy elegance  and is the reason it is recommended in your   capsule wardrobe. a shirt dress not only hides  your upper arms, if you don’t like them, it helps   disguise your belly having a looser fit,

While  its long row of buttons draw your eyes up and down   as a swimsuit cover up if it’s loose enough.   you can’t go wrong with a shirt dress. a clean  line one can take you from work to parent teacher   conference to a lunch date with a quick change  of shoes. a scarf dress comes in many forms,   shapes, colors,

And sizes. it could look like  a kimono, beach cover up or just a fun, free,   flowing, cheerful dress. wow ,that is a mouthful!  they usually are made of thinner fabric and   are easier to wear in the spring or summer, by  itself, or under a jacket. they can also be used   as an additional layer to hide your mid-section 

Imperfection. one like this like the site states,   is the perfect look for the pool side at your  favorite resort. no one needs to know you are   relaxing on your vacation in your tropical looking  dress or just hiding your hibernating pooch.   you can have the best of both worlds  a tight fitting dress is usually a no-no

When  you want to hide your charm, but adding ruching   work. because of its textured layer of fabric,   tummy fat to settle without being noticeable,   way and the result is the illusion of an   ruching is ideal especially in jersey material  that is more comfortable and the ruching is almost   or move around to

Hide the approximate area,   being an upper or lower stomach fat. i do the same  thing with my swimsuit at j.crew and it does work.   dress is, it is a dress with fitted bodice   that drapes out under the bust rather than at  your natural waistline. and more than often,   it has a deep v-neck so together this style is 

Visually slimming and lengthening. because the   waist, giving the appearance of added height,   so it is great for shorter girls like myself,  while emphasizing the narrowest part of the   women’s body. the longer style works best if you  also want to hide thigh and leg areas because most   of us who have a tummy issue,

Also have thigh and  leg issues. since it has a form-fitting top half,   bust, shoulders, neck, and collarbones,   while the loose fitting bottom half will take  away unwanted attention from your tummy area.   i hope it goes without saying that body con or  tight dresses are the worst one for a body with   any problem,

Let alone a belly. it is going to  showcase every inch of your body, including any   physical flaws you feel you may have. it could be  a cellulite, but if you have one that you spent a   ton of money on when your body was great, then  there are many ways to get around it. obviously   if your dress has a darker color, you are in

Luck  since it will make your problem less obvious. a   more structured fabric will also help smoothing  out that tummy. drape over a bolero or something   with wider shoulders over the dress to balance out  the wider lower half, eventually making your waist   look smaller. something as simple as standing tall  and having

A proper posture will visually take a   size off the waist. regardless, if your dress  makes you feel like a million bucks, wear it!   tummy ruin how you show the world your best self.

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HIDE your BELLY with these best dress styles! Spring 2022! By Thi time