Hometown Heroes Toy Drive Event Kickoff at Phoenix Zoo

Brad Perry and AZTV Channel 7 Owner, Lynn Londen, are kicking off our 2021 Hometown Heroes Arizona Daily Mix special at Phoenix Zoo with our friends from Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company! aztv.com/hometownheroes

And welcome to the arizona daily mix holiday for hometown hero special coming to you today from the phoenix zoo and welcome to our desert financial credit union hometown heroes toy drive in partnership with valley of sunny highway presented by lincoln heritage life insurance company where we have some of the volunteers with us and i’m here with lynn london our

Ceo and of course our boss i can say that of aztv7 and i’ve got to tell you lin this is so great to be out here and we are here at helping hands for freedom’s christmas event and it’s the first time we’re allowed to come in here but we’re going to start back a little bit about how this all got started because it started back with lincoln heritage life insurance

Company with a very small group and then it grew and it all came down to of course serving the community right yeah um i’d say maybe in the 90s jack london and tom london were growing an insurance company had about 50 people then five just a short time before that 50 by the 90s and they knew that the people at lincoln heritage needed an outlet they wanted a

Way to give back and working together we can do so much more than separately and so they started working with organizations with the company now lincoln heritage has 400 people and we’re working with aztv and it’s all just um bigger than ever it is the sixth annual one and we’re very excited for all our viewers out there and our sponsors for bringing holiday

Cheer to our military families in need along with the community families in need um but let’s talk about how we’ve been going about this process to get to this final time of of course the celebration because it starts literally well let’s see we’re celebrating now so we’ll probably start again uh january 3rd to go because it takes a lot to do this doesn’t it

Pretty much and it’s a lot of planning and preparation there are so many people involved that are not here tonight but there’s pieces everybody has their piece and then together we really make something happen that’s special um and then there’s the planning but then there’s the people that just show up because they hear you talk about it on tv and then um the

Unplanned things are sometimes the best of all yeah so this toy drive when we kicked it off fully for everybody was in november uh we carried it all the way until uh pretty much december we’re still carrying on with it because there’s still family in need but it was great because we did it online so people at home were able to donate very easily either through

A cash donation or buying a toy but then we got our sponsors involved we got people out there who were starting to have toy drives at their businesses and people can pick up and that’s what this is all about it just started to grow more and more into the community coming together for these families yeah it’s really special when one of our sponsors is a plumbing

Company and when a plumber goes to the door of somebody and says i’m here to fix you or whatever and the person says oh i saw you all were collecting toys for kids i have a toy for you you know the community here in arizona just really wants to help and they need it you know they need to know how yeah and again this is such a great way that we are able to give

Back to those families because you know firsthand about the holidays and not being able to celebrate christmas the way you wanted to you were one of those kids that mom said we might not have christmas because we need to do food we need to pay a rent or something like that and that’s why this is important to you i grew up in omaha and i was the fifth child of

A single mom and so there were years that we needed our community and our community did come alongside of us and i’m so grateful for that and this that makes this really extra meaningful it does yeah it is and it’s so great that tonight we’re here at the phoenix zoo for the helping hands for freedom’s christmas event but they’re not the only ones we helped we

Also helped uh hope’s women’s center and we helped up north and prescott and we helped a lot of great families so you’ll be hearing about their stories and what’s going on but we’re so excited because we have some special guests here we have some very special people we talking with we have some awesome volunteers like lincoln heritage life insurance company um

And so we’re just excited to bring you holiday cheer out there especially this time and lynn i got to say thank you for letting me be a part thank you for making sure that we do carry this on and we can’t wait to see the faces of those kids and families to lighten up for the holidays thank you brad thank you guys all right sit back relax and enjoy some holiday

Cheer with our aztv 7 big holiday cheer to our hometown heroes

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Hometown Heroes Toy Drive Event Kickoff at Phoenix Zoo By AZTV7