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With 40 years of heritage to build upon the honda civic is one of the family hatchback segments most well-established models and it’s always been a more interesting choice for buyers in the c sector this is the 10th generation version which here has benefited from a mild package of updates introduced for the 2020 model year we’ve always liked this design’s

Spacious dynamic looking body its strong standards of safety its classy ride and its revvy petrol engines it all just needed a bit of extra polish which honda claims to provided here sounds quite promising okay if you’re not already familiar with this 10th generation honda civic there are three things that you need to know about it when it comes to the on the

Road experience first the mainstream petrol engines these days very bang up to date at last with this model line second the suspension’s much more sophisticated than that of the old pre-2015 series model and third the body it’s bolted to is impressively stiff and rigid as the brand has sought to create the kind of refinement and drive dynamics you’d expect in

A much larger car a promising set of headlines then let’s scratch a little beneath the surface now we have to start with the engines because if your experience of this model line relates to older civic designs you’ll find these current power plants so different to what went before most buyers will be choosing between a couple of vtec turbo units a three cylinder

One liter engine developing 129 ps which is what we’re trying here and the alternative four cylinder 1.5 litre 182 ps variant now both are a big improvement on the normally aspirated engines they replaced you’ll also be offered a cvt auto gearbox as an option but we’d want to stay with the lovely snickety precision of the standard six-speed stick shift as for the

Engine alternatives the 120 ps id tech 1.6 litre diesel unit used in the pre-2015 model was carried over into this one with only minor changes also pretty much unchanged was the two liter petrol engine used in the flagship type r hot hatch though these days this now puts out 320 ps you don’t need type r style power though to really enjoy driving this car thanks to

The particularly stiff body that improves traction and body control and that rigid structure also plays its part in contributing to the big car feel that we referenced earlier something further emphasized by this sophisticated rear multi-link suspension setup that was introduced into this 10th generation design that allows this model to cruise over potholes that

Older civic variants would have crashed through most of the changes to this updated version of the 10th generation model feature here at the front there’s now a more elegant symmetrical lower front grille around the fog lights with smoother surfaces and sleeker styling blades a simpler grille beam configuration and fresh air intake design aimed to give the front

Profile a cleaner more aerodynamic design plus buyers now get full led headlight clusters and redesigned led daytime running lights that follow the dynamic lines of the styling blades and in profile well there aren’t too many changes to the sleek and swept back shape just some revised 16 and 17 inch alloy wheel designs as before buyers get a choice of either the

Usual five-door hatch or a ford or saloon now let’s move inside honda’s realized that a step up in quality was needed here if this civic was to rival the cabin ambiance of more recently launched segment competitors so smarter textured interior panels have been added to this revised model plus the brand has enhanced usability by adding physical buttons and dials

For the infotainment and climate controls in response to customer demand the seven inch honda connect touch screen is much as before though lacking the size intuitive usability and classy appearance of many rival setups through the grippy three-spoke wheel you viewer relatively conventionally styled instrument vehicle well conventionally styled for a honda anyway

Though closer inspection reveals that the middle dial is actually a tft lcd screen flanked by stylized digital temperature and fuel gauges time to take a seat in the rear this mark 10 civic models relatively lower roof height it sits 20 millimeters lower than the pre-2015 version and coupe style rear c-pillar don’t prove to be as much of an impediment as we thought

Might be the case taller folk might fear the effect of that lowish roofline once inside though uh those over six foot will find their heads brushing against the ceiling in every other regard though aided by the 30 millimeter wheelbase increase enabled by the adoption of the unibody platform we mentioned earlier things are fine in here in fact there’s probably more

Room in the back than in any other focus segment contender bar skoda’s octavia we’ll finish by taking a look in the boot where first impressions are good the tailgates light to lift and opens to reveal a large aperture that’s complemented by a usefully low sill height the sloping rear glazing slightly reduces loading height in this 10th generation model it’s 770

Millimeters but despite that total load capacity measures in at an impressive 478 liter total in most models if you need ultimate carriage capacity pushing forward the 60 40 split folding rear seats reveals a flat cargo area with up to 1 267 liters of total capacity kaizen the japanese approach to continuous improvement characterizes every aspect of this revised

10th generation civic the styling won’t be to everyone’s taste but it’s certainly distinctive and has been nicely smartened up in this revised form there’s plenty else we’ve been impressed with too the huge boot a brilliantly slick manual gearbox and the sheer uncompromising purpose of the top type r hot hatch variant true despite this facelift model’s updates

Interior quality still isn’t quite a match for best-in-class rivals but the cabins now a lot easier to like and it’s certainly very spacious especially in the rear and in the boot plus of course this car’s built in britain for what that’s worth in short this model at long last has come of age finally a car was sensed on its side yet one that retains at least a

Little of the kind of honda charisma that every civic ought to have it makes it segment a more interesting place you

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