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Here is our Houses For Sale With Land Oregon video. Jesse Ivy takes you on a tour of this large spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with high ceilings, big garden, 37’x24′ barn/shop, fenced, irrigated lawns, cultivated garden & big beautiful trees. Private end of lane, 80 acre buffer on three sides for privacy. Like new home, open concept, pellet stove, three bedrooms, two large baths, formal dining, living room AND family room! Kitchen has two entries, lots of light & quality appliances. City water is cheap & not metered, but if increases, use your high output well. High quality. Very private property located in Christmas Valley Oregon.

Hi folks and welcome back to houses for sale with land i’m jesse ivey so today folks on houses for sale with land we are going to travel to the state of oregon in fact we’re going to go all the way out to lake county oregon and we’re going to be looking at this three bedroom two bath 2084 square foot home in christmas valley oregon if you look inside this house

Uh very modern they have done a really good job it’s been taken care of you know it’s very very lovely inside and it’s located like i said in lake county oregon and the housing prices out lake county are very affordable for the most part as you go through here you’ll notice that inside the house it’s very nice and it’s this house you know it’s got a full two

Thousand uh over two thousand square feet so you’re you’re not talking about a little house here for somebody and it looks like it has a lot of the modern conveniences that you would want this large spacious home with high ceilings big garden a 37 by 24 barn and shop fenced irrigated lawns cultivated garden and big beautiful trees it’s located on a private

End of the lane road and there’s an 80 acre buffer on three sides of the property for privacy so you know it may not be your property off to the sides there but there’s 80 acres between you and your neighbors which is pretty awesome in my book so as you go through this house like i said you will notice that the craftsmanship is very very nice it’s very it’s

Got a lot of modern uh conveniences you know i see a range i see a refrigerator the kitchen looks nice um you know the bathrooms the bedrooms you know they all look nice as well so if this home interests you invite you to look down in the youtube description of this video and in it you are going to see a zillow link just click that zillow link it’ll take you

Right to the property it’ll have all the details on the property i’ll have the price uh the realtor that you would need to contact the whole bit and then you’ll get to see all these neat pictures and an aerial view map and all kinds of good stuff but regardless uh this property all you need to do is click that zill link it’ll go right to it and you’ll have all

The details on this particular property outside it’s got a detached rv parking rv parking carport rv access parking and it’s got forced air heat pump and cooling heat pump and it’s on five acres i mean you can’t beat that you try to buy this house in bend oregon or someplace that’s more metro friendly you are going to be paying about a million dollars or

Pretty dang close to that so that’s one of the things i like about christmas valley affordable prices friendly people nice neighbors this property is going to sell i know it but it definitely has a lot of things going for it that is for sure okay folks let’s do a quick review on this property this is a three bedroom two bath house it’s 2084 square feet it’s on

Five full acres so i mean for somebody that’s coming out of the city you know you’re looking at from portland or seattle or san francisco or whatever and you’re looking at a piece of land like this i mean you’ve got icy areas where you can put cows horse stalls you’re looking at a beautiful garden area you’ve got an 80 acre buffer between you and your neighbors

You know it’s a beautiful house in my opinion and it’s all set up you even have a garden area for you if you are somebody who’s always thought you had a green thumb and you want to find out well check out those bluebird days out in christmas valley oregon you will be glad you did beautiful property out here anyway this property is still available if you are

Interested in i ask you to go to the description part of our youtube video down below you just click on the zillow link it’ll take you right to this property you talk to the realtor you can find out all the info on the price the terms the whole bit and go for it from there i hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of houses for sale with land and this is jesse ivey

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