Houston crime: Woman shares heartbreaking details of abuse teens endured at home

The boy and girl told investigators they were kept handcuffed and naked in a laundry room and forced to drink their own urine.

This evening horrifying new details after two teens escaped from their mother who was accused of handcuffing them and holding them captive in the laundry room now we want to warn you the following story does have some very graphic and upsetting images the 16 year old boy and girl twins went knocking on neighbors doors in their cypress neighborhood begging for help

Finally a woman answered the door and called police the teens told investigators they hadn’t lived here for long by the time police got to the house however the mother and her boyfriend were gone along with five other kids inside the house investigators say they later arrested them in baton rouge after an amber alert went out but when they were pulled over the

Couple only had one child with them they told investigators they dropped off the other kids at a relative’s house the woman who helped the kids is now speaking out anayeli ruiz joins us live on aylee what is she telling you well hey guys the woman told us that the teens are knocked for nearly 30 minutes before they got to her they started here in this neighborhood

And moved to her subdivision before they could call for help again we want to warn you the following images are very disturbing early tuesday morning two teens in cypress going door to door looking for help these teens seen on camera had just escaped after allegedly being held captive in the laundry room of their home through neighbor surveillance video you can

See the teens walking the neighborhood looking for someone to help them the kids are shivering no shoes and one is shirtless but after trying all of the homes down their street no luck the teens move on to a different subdivision you can see one girl leaning on the wall waiting for help the bones on the boy’s back visible the teens pleaded with that neighbor even

Showing the handcuffs the neighbor quickly opened the door not knowing what would come next she asked us to hide her identity they told me that their mom kept him locked in them laundry room naked zip tied from the ankles and handcuffed from the wrist and she’s had the injuries on the kids were very visible we would be in their naked handcuffed hand-tied they

Said we would pee and poop on ourselves and they said when we needed to bathe the mom would let them use the dirty mop water to bathe they didn’t get a bath they got dirty warm water and that’s how they were bathing this mother said she called police and gave them food and blankets all they waited for help they shared more horror stories she would only feed him

A sandwich and only if they were quiet the whole day if they made any type of noise they wouldn’t be fed his mother now hopes that teens are in a safe place and those responsible are brought to justice for once and for all you know a mother can do this to her kids and i feel like my tears are just out of frustration anger and just sadness and again many of the

Neighbors here said they called police they really didn’t know what was going on some of them weren’t even home and by the way those kids are now under cps custody they were taken to an area hospital to get checked out now the constables tell us the mother and her boyfriend will be transferred tomorrow from louisiana back here to harris county reporting live an

Ayali ruiz khou 11 news such troubling details aniela tonight thank you no child should have to endure abuse there is help called the texas abuse hotline at 1-800-252-5400 it is available 24 hours a day seven days a week right back after this

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Houston crime: Woman shares heartbreaking details of abuse teens endured at home By KHOU 11