How do I Find Seller Financing Buyers? Buyers Side Training

Finding Buyers for Lease Options, Wraps, Owner Financing, etc.

This is brian gibbons and i want to talk a little bit about today this is from rei skills about the overview on the buyer side now as you can see it says at the top overview buyers for rt 0 and 0 f now the rto means rent to own and that’s most states in the united states and canada and it means lease with an option to purchase the 0 f means owner financing now in

Texas you can’t really do certain things with lease options easily so we use wraparound mortgages and a few other tools in texas but the bottom line is we we’re helping the buyers by on terms now one of the first things that we study in our plan is a ca a says study word patterns what to say how to say it and when how to deal with objections things of that nature

Like for instance when we hang a sign we’re going to hang a sign that says rent to own home three-bedroom two-bath lowdown phone number so what do you say when they call people to oh what do i say what do i say well it’s simple you tell them the following since thank you very much for calling are you calling about for yourself and your family are you calling about

For someone else and so forth so we teach you the word patterns when the phone rings and how to what to do from there another example is when you knock on the door and you look at mr mrs seller what do you say when you first come in what do you say to get them to walk through the house what do you say when you sit down the kitchen table how do you talk to these fires

So it’s very important that you get the training on the first step which is a study the word patterns what to say how and when now the paperwork every state is different when you’re dealing with rent to own and owner financing depending on where you’re at what’s important is that you get legal advice and you have an attorney now let’s say oh i don’t know where i

Can find a creative attorney well one of the things that you can do is simple you can call your rei a the president of your rei a has lots of small business attorneys that help real estate investors and what you want to do is to learn about what can you do to help a buyer by on terms what kind of seller carry backs what kind of leases with options what kind of wrap

Around mortgages contracts for deed agreements for deed what is available in your state so is it smart to get legal advice yes it is then you need organize files we’re going to talk about organizing your files but everybody knows what hanging files look like hanging files and files are just files that are in a like a crate and they have hanging files that you can

Put your papers in okay it’s important that they organize if they’re not organized you can forget it okay just forget it you got to know where stuff is and i would keep it in your trunk and i would have enough on the buyer side on organize files for ten deals and then i would pull it in every other day and go through your papers and make sure that you have enough

Files to be able to do at least ten deals and this is a paper business that’s your product your product is paper so make sure you have enough paper in your organize files the next part is a plan of action and i call that plan of action baby steps baby steps then you have to implement the baby steps what are the baby steps on the plan of action it’s not really that

Difficult step one is you’re going to hang signs to get buyers remember this is the buyer side not the seller sign and then step two is you’re going to answer the phone you’re going to get name address phone number and email in step 3 what we’re going to do is we’re going to deliver a packet deliver a packet to the buyer and we’re going to say thank you very much

Please look this packet over and i’ll call you in the next couple of days so that four is once we hand that package to them we call them back after about three days and we said we need to sit down with you and help you find your drink your dream home and then you go through a presentation and then you finish up some paperwork for that particular buyer and then you

Get to work looking for their dream home and then they usually takes about two weeks for you to find their house and then once you’ve found their house then you invite them over with other people to compete for that house and once you compete for that house you get the largest down payment possible and then whatever gets the largest down payment that deals with the

Credit credit check then you’re then you’re fine so that’s how we find buyers but you’ve got to do it in the right order so again you’re overdue you’ve got buyers for rent to own and owner fine in you’ve got to study the word patterns as far as what’s of what to say and when to say it and how to say it you need to get your paperwork in order you need legal advice

For your state you need a good a person that understands owner financing and lease options then you need to organize files will give you every form that you could possibly need and then you need to develop a plan of interaction with your coach abcde and you need your baby steps and you need to implement the baby steps so in the next video we’re going to talk about

Is how can we do the overview for the seller side pieces for buyers for rental home and on our finance okay remember if you’re in texas we’re going to use something special with wraps so this is bryan givens with rei skills hoping you and your family have a wonderful 2010 and 11 because it’s never been a better time to help buyers by and help seller sell on terms

Bye for now thanks for you time

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How do I Find Seller Financing Buyers? Buyers Side Training By LeaseOptionCoach