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My name is abraham gray and in this video i’m going to show you how i buy a house every day no get out of here those are my houses a lot of people ask how do you buy a house every single day well i buy about 30 houses a month for the last couple years i have many ways of buying all these different houses i’m gonna go through every single one of them right now

Before i show you all the different ways i buy all these houses or how i find them i want you to know i pay cash for every single house besides the ones that i buy in creative deals owner financing sub 2 that i keep long term so the first and the main way i buy houses is from wholesalers wholesalers are people that go out and cold call and get all kinds of homes

Locked up and then they send them to me to see if i want them sometimes they drive for dollars sometimes they door knock and just knock on people’s doors to see what they have they’ll get foreclosure lists they’ll get all kinds of lists and then they post it in all these different boards they reach out to me and i get probably over half my deals from wholesalers

The second way i get a ton of homes every single month is from my in-house acquisition teams so i have an office in atlanta and i have a ton of people that work there they’re always looking to find houses for me and see your in-house acquisition you’re too young get out of here wait till you grow up i was just asking i pay for a list we send them to va’s overseas

They cold call and then all the hot leads go to my acquisition team my acquisition team will now call every single one of them and try to work a deal i probably get 20 of my deals every single month for my in-house acquisition team so wholesalers make up about 50 of the properties i buy every single month another way i get a lot of deals every single month is from

Social media boards my personal social media craigslist and facebook marketplace i probably get about 10 of my deals every single month just from those four places boy did you buy one off my tick tock because that’s my house no that’s my house get out of here i if you want to see more about how i get a lot of deals on social media i made a whole video about it

Check up here or is it there somewhere anyhow check over there check that video out and you’ll see how i do it have you ever seen this or this or that billboard well guess what another way i get a lot of properties every single month is from the home vester franchise i own yes i own a home vester franchise and i get about 10 of my deals from home investors every

Single month and the last 10 percent of deals that i get every single month are from closing attorneys the mls loan officer on market properties anyhow if you add all that stuff together and all the other miscellaneous stuff that’s the last 10 of how i get deals every single month and friends and family i am family can i have one of those houses no i already told

You those are my houses get out of here a lot of you are thinking well 30 deals a month that’s unobtainable that’s way too many how do you do it well guess what when i first started i bought like one deal a month and i went to three deals a month and 10 deals a month and 20. and i built it all the way up to 30 deals a month what i did was i got my pipe flow going i

Had just a funnel of ways to get deals in the beginning i only had one way or two ways and i got four ways now as you see i’ve got dozens of ways to buy deals so by having a bigger funnel and more people giving me deals i’m able to get so many more so if you guys want to start buying a deal every single day you gotta keep networking build your funnel like subscribe

And comment on other videos you want to see me make and don’t forget to watch all my videos because i’m going to show you in different videos different ways to do it my dad said if if if what if we get a house on this video it’s gonna be mine we got to like subscribe and comment i did not say that get out of here we already went through this already oh my gosh she really wants a house

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