How Many Days To Spend At Disney World

This week on the Jamie Thomas show we talk all about how many days do you really need to spend on your 2021 vacation? We talk about how many tickets will you need, how many rest days, how many hotel days, how many days for each park, how many days are needed for disney springs, how many days are needed for the water park and ultimately how many days are needed on your next trip to walt disney world?

Hello friends and fellow disney fans welcome back to the jamie thomas show and today we are talking all about how long should you go to disney world for so like i just said we’re gonna be talking about how long should you stay at disney world on your next trip how many days is enough yeah but before we get into any of that i want to tell you a little more

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With me you can find all of my contact information in the description below so one of the questions i know you get a lot when you get uh just questions from people ultimately about disney world is how long should my trip be how long is enough days uh to do everything that i want to do yeah i think a lot of people don’t realize how big disney world is uh when

Walt was actually buying the the land size for disney world he purposely made it enough uh so that it would qualify as its own city really so it has its own fire station everything and it is actually the size of san francisco so imagine you know some people want to go for a day or two and they want to do it all which is totally not possible you can spend four

Weeks there and you can’t do it and so really the question comes back to what are your must dues what are you wanting to get out of your vacation and there are a lot of things that you just have to consider before we can even answer this question so a few things to consider is number one budget so if you can only afford a package that maybe has you visiting the

Park for two or three days you then i say go for it right you know it’s still gonna be a magical trip you are going to get a taste uh of disney really and so you’re gonna have fun and then you’ll just have more to come back to you later now another thing to consider is is this a once-in-a-lifetime trip you are probably only going to go to disney world once and

You aren’t going to go back you are probably going to want to stay longer and really make it a full experience and another thing to consider is do you want to have time to relax and rest in between or do you just want to do you just want to do the parks as much as you can and that’s your goal all these things have to be considered and with that in mind we have

A few recommendations so we have kind of divided that up by some different recommendations we we have our minimum amount of park time our ideal amount of park time and then the even better kind of ideal amount of park time the dream time so now minimum we would recommend at least four days at the park and even better would probably be to do five days at the

Park this way you are going to be able to do every single park at least once and if you do that fifth day then you’ll have an option to go back to a park you really enjoyed either i would recommend probably hollywood studios or magic kingdom because they just have the most to do right now um i i you won’t be able to do it all no but each park is unique enough

Different enough from really any other uh theme park in the world that it is worth if you’re going there spending at least one day in each park i would agree so now with that option you are not really gonna have any time for relaxing you’re probably just going to be up early staying late at the parks doing just parks and then going back to your resort to sleep

It’s a good trip it’s not our ideal no a trip because when we go to disney it’s like going to really like an all-inclusive kind of type of resort right so we like to take it easier my preference is not to come back from vacation tired where i feel like when you’re trying to cram as much into a short time and going morning to night you’re going to be exhausted

Right so i ideally would say doing seven days at the parks you know would be perfect seven days at the parks yeah that would be like the best yeah because this way you can go to the park um in the evening maybe during the day do you don’t feel like you have to go from rope drop to closing you can do it a little slower yeah and you can enjoy your resort you could

Go over to disney springs grab some food shopping there check out the lego store like there’s actually enjoy some some sit down dining in the parks which there’s so many options to do there and even go back and do some of the repeat rides right or even disney a lot of people don’t know um disney has the four main parks so they have magic kingdom epcot hollywood

Studios animal kingdom but then they also have two water parks they have typhoon lagoon and blizzard beach so you know if you are wanting to go to the water parks too and i highly recommend it if you’re going during you know summer when it’s that really hot time then you’re gonna want extra days and having seven days is gonna give you park time and water park

Time plus relaxation time yeah now if you also have little kids i think it’s important to schedule more days more days for more breaks yeah you’re gonna have time for afternoon naps if there’s a temper tantrum no big deal you just head back to your resort um because you have another day at the park so you don’t feel so pressured to like your you and your family

Are going to have a much better time if you add on extra days so now let’s talk about our ideal time we’re good four days is good yeah four days better seven days our best we’re talking 10 or more days and i’m not saying that you actually need 10 or more park days but 10 days on campus in the hotel that way you’re doing 5 6 7 days in the park but you’re getting

Multiple days spending time at your resort going to disney springs there is so much not only shopping but entertainment dining experiences to have there as jamie mentioned you’ve got your water parks but maybe you want to go golfing maybe you want to really enjoy the pool and what’s going on at the resort you’re saying there are so many options and when you stay

10 or more days you have full days of rest relaxation and to do what you just said stop and smell the roses yeah i don’t think anyone ever regrets going longer so i wouldn’t say like is there a maximum amount of time where you’re going to be like you know sick of disney i don’t think so because you can just have more date like it’s like going to an all-inclusive

Resort in mexico are you going to you know regret staying longer that all-inclusive no you know you don’t have to go to the park every single day of your trip but you can enjoy the pool dining you know shopping and again spas even well that was i was just about to say like right now things are a little weird because of covid but we’re heading out the restrictions are

Loosening not tightening and so yeah get yourself a massage go to that five-star uh dining resort if you have the funds to do it like there’s so much to to do and enjoy another little tip is um if you’re not sure about how long you should go for just book an extra day or two like just do it because by the time you get your flights you can actually like decrease

Days if you need to but sometimes it can be hard adding on additional days later on especially if your room category is sold out i’ve had so many times where a client’s like you know what we want to add on an extra night can we fly in a day early now and you know what the resorts all booked up now so i always recommend kind of going for the longer stay and then

You know you can always change it later and shorten it and again the addition to that as is even when it comes to park days the more park day tickets you have uh the cheaper the tickets actually get prevented oh yeah that’s a really good point so after like five days tickets it’s only like probably 15 to 20 bucks to add an additional date everyone always thinks

If they stay longer it’s going to be like double the money the only thing that stays the same is you’re going to be saying you’re paying the same with hotel but then like food obviously you’re not more on that but your tickets actually don’t go up that significantly when we go from say five days to seven days yeah so i think you know adding on those additional

Days like it’s a no-brainer to me yeah so thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video we really hope it helps as you consider wait how long of a stay how long of a trip do i want to do and like we said earlier uh if this content helped you we’re bringing this every single week so take a moment like subscribe and hit that bell button yeah make sure

To comment below let us know what your ideal amount of dazes because this is totally dependent on each person’s family so do you like to go for only like three days or are you maybe more of a long stay like us you know and if you are interested in planning a disney vacation then reach out to me i am a travel agent specializing in disney vacations and you can find

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