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So in this video we’ll be discussing how much you should spend on facebook ads as a hair salon so um i’m going to basically draw this out on the whiteboard by the way if you’re new here and you want more content related to marketing your beauty brand go ahead and like subscribe and hit that notification bell for more content related to growing your beauty brand

Using digital marketing so um first thing we have to figure out is on average how much is someone spending uh when they sit in your chair right when they come to your salon so let’s imagine um on average a customer spends um 200 so we’ll call it aov average order value now um on average your customers come to you once per month so they come 12 times a year so

Their value to your business per year is twenty four hundred dollars so now that you have this number figured out you have to figure out what you were willing to spend to acquire this customer that is worth twenty four hundred dollars to your business so how much of your money are you willing to exchange to get twenty four hundred dollars worth of business

Into your salon so let’s say we’re willing to spend a hundred dollars to acquire a customer so i’m not saying that this is what you’re going to spend could be more could be less but let’s just say um we’re willing to spend 100 so that’s like the 24 x which is really good so what that looks like when you’re running ads most people are doing between five to

Ten dollars per day on ads so now that you know what you’re willing to spend to acquire customer and you know what the customer is worth to your business now we can kind of reverse engineer what we should spend per day depending on how many customers we’re trying to get so at a five dollar per day budget to reach a hundred dollars it would take you 20 days so

If you’re running ads at a five dollar per day you should expect one new customer per 20 days at a 10 per day budget you would have spent a hundred dollars total in 10 days excuse my drawing so you can expect one new customer every 10 days now if you want one new customer per day and it cost you on average a hundred dollars to acquire customer this means

We need to spend 100 per day on ads to net us that one customer so that hundred dollars will bring us in theoretically hundred 2400 in sales so you have to kind of figure out the numbers like your specific numbers because these numbers again could be more could be less depending on location uh population things of that nature also the prices of your services

So you know go through your your books and things like that see how much people are spending on average also see how long clients are typically staying with your business if a client is staying with their business on average three years and that client has a lot of value in your business so you may want to spend a little bit more money to get that person in your

Business because you know in a lifetime or on a back end they’re worth a whole lot of money to you but yeah that pretty much wraps up today’s video if you found this video helpful useful uh give me a thumbs up like comment subscribe also check out this playlist i created on pretty much everything that you need to know when it comes to facebook and our instagram ads thanks for watching

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