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Smart Watch is catching everybody’s attention. A small device is not only equipped to tell you just the time but also tracks how much calories you burnt, attend calls, check notifications and some even allow you send text messages on it. On the other hand, a fitness watch only tracks your health. Therefore, it is obvious that depending on the need you can pick and choose the wearable – a wholistic smart watch or just fitness tracker. There are wide variety of smart watches available for Android phone users in budget, iPhone users too have their own set of wrist werables availale at a price which is considered as normal for that fan base, however – which one should you pick? Today’s episode of Tech Tuesday on The ET Money Show we get you the expert advice from Dhruv Bhutani, Editor of Android Authority

Watching the eti money show and it’s time for tech tuesday we’re going to talk about wearables today and how it can up your fitness game join me to talk about everything related to this particular segment that is burgeoning is drew bhutani who is the editor at android authority thank you so much roo for taking the time as always good evening to you and i think a lot

Of people turn this conversation into the apple watch versus everything else so i’m going to start with a conversation for the android users first what stands out is the best wearable to buy right now for an android user that’s that’s actually an interesting question so uh as as an all-around smart watch i would say it’s actually just the samsung uh the galaxy

Watch that’s the only real option for android users uh around the world like no matter what phone you’re using uh as long as it’s running android that’s the only real option if you want a smart watch but um google is expected to come out with a pixel watch later this year no idea if that’s going to be making its way to india but that is definitely one to watch

Out for as well okay but what stands out with regard to the samsung offering why is it better than everybody else so here’s the thing uh all the android smart watches they run where os which is google’s smartwatch operating system now over the last year it’s been going through a major upgrade and google decided to go back to the drawing board they’re working

With samsung directly to bring this huge upgrade and as it turns out the galaxy watch is the only option on the market which is running the latest version of the operating system uh so everything else is running on an older version of the operating system nor is it guaranteed to get any of the upgrades uh which in my books makes it the only real option for for

Any prospective buyer okay now there are a few uh very specific uh watches that are meant for uh activities like running for example because i’ve heard the garmin being talked about as a specialist running watch is that not something to consider so i’m glad you brought that up alex because uh this is a common misconception you know there’s a bit of a difference

Between uh fitness watches with smart capabilities and smart watches a smartwatch will for example let you install apps you know you can download say music from spotify uh the garmin can do that but not every fitness watch can do that a fitness watch is predominantly designed for fitness you know for example garmin watches are incredible for running and we’ve

Got some options over there you know if you’re not looking at the absolute high end uh anything um you know for example the garmin instinct which is sub 20 000 rupees uh that’s a fantastic option and you can even go you know uh even more down the budget you know xiaomi’s knee band now that’s technically a fitness watch as well fitness smartwatch because you can

Get notifications but you can’t really do that much with the notifications now when you get to the smartwatch side of things for example with the galaxy watch you can call up google assistant you can use onboard uh smarts to you know uh say control your smart home um and you know make payments etc etc like it opens up a whole lot of options and opportunities for

Things to do which are not possible with watches which are direct which are predominantly geared towards fitness that’s a very fair point the final question relates to apple users is it a no-brainer for an apple user to just simply buy the apple watch is there nothing better in the market i mean let me put it like this as far as smart watches go i wish apple

Would support the apple watch on android as well it is an incredible piece of engineering and uh it costs a lot but it’s it’s worth it uh my only word of advice you know for prospective buyers uh don’t buy the third generation apple watch that’s practically on its way out apple is not even going to upgrade it with the next operating system um the next update

Uh so don’t look at the price tag for that just give it a skip the apple watch se is a phenomenal deal for 30 000 rupees and um you know if you really want to upgrade to the jeep to the cellular version you can do that but uh unless you really want to go all dictate see you know like making phone calls on the go just from your watch it doesn’t necessarily make

A lot of sense for most buyers um and of course there’s the apple watch cd7 which has all the bells and whistles um it goes across price categories but the predominant difference is just the just the kind of watch strap that you’re going to get with it and the and the materials used you know you could have titanium or you can have stainless steel uh so you pay

A little bit more for the privilege of having a watch in titanium uh but other than that on the inside it’s all the same across the board your only two real options are just gps or gps and cellular um i would say save the money just get this gps variant and you’re good for practically whatever you want to do with it i think this has been a short but very useful

And insightful conversation thank you so much for taking taking the time yeah i mean it helps that you only have two real options on the market then that is true but but i think a lot of people will benefit from the advice that you gave with regard to the apple watch and of course smart watches in general thank you so much once again for taking the time

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