how much youtube paid me for my 1,000,000 viewed video *SPILLING EVERYTHING*

Telling you what you’ve always wanted to know… How much money does YouTube pay for 1,000,000 views?

Hey guys it’s kate welcome back to my channel and welcome if you’re new i’m really bad at interests so today i’m gonna be doing a video inspired by shelby church and it’s gonna be how much money i made off of a 1 million viewed youtube video so i’m sure a lot of you guys are curious i’ve gotten a lot of questions the first thing that comes out of people’s mouths when

I say that i make youtube videos is how many subscribers you have and how much money do you make so today i’m answering partially of one of those questions i’m not gonna like shrimp show you’re like this is how much i made cause like i don’t know it’s like a super awkward like i hate it when people ask me how much money i make so even if you’ve asked me before like

It’s okay i don’t feel bad it’s just that it’s a little bit awkward like i don’t know because people kind of like judge you a certain way like they perceive that you make this much so they like they perceive you to be a certain way and that’s honestly like not that true a lot of times okay so anyways today i’m going to show you guys how much i make for a million

Views though so i just had dinner and i got interrupted literally like 30 seconds into this but oh my goodness okay nevermind we’re just gonna keep it here and you are going to have to do it you’re gonna have to deal with that coloring i apologize it looks a little bit grainy now but it’s fine you guys are not here for the visuals hopefully so the video that hit

1 million on my channel was i did a three minute workout for 30 days with shocking results and it just hit a million last tuesday i believe and so i waited for today for the money to all add up i guess because for some reason youtube doesn’t show like how much money you made like on that day that happens it’s a little bit laggy so i waited till today it shows a

Very accurate picture of exactly when i hit a million and how much money i made so i started my channel last july i got monetized in december literally like a week before this video was posted so the reason why i bring that up is because if you get if your account gets monetized after you post the video then all the ad revenue that youtube made before that they’re

Not going to give it to you and you basically make zero dollars so let’s say like the first video i ever posted was doing alexis rants about work out it has like about 300k views and sure like 400 right now and i don’t think i got monetized until i hit like 200k so all of that money from the two hundred thousand viewers that i made on that video is it mine because

I wasn’t monetized so youtube takes it from me so just in case you were wondering like if you’re a creator like a smaller youtuber who hasn’t gotten lana’s times yet but your video is blowing up you’re not gonna get money until you hit a thousand subscribers and 240,000 minutes follow my instagram by the way if you know it’s at kk glee so you can participate in

Future videos so right now the highest once in winston was two hundred thousand dollars the common ones are like one to ten thousand and the lowest is a hundred dollars so i also did an example to see how much money you guys think i make because i thought i’d be interesting and that’s also what shall be cherished into her video so i thought it might be cool for

You guys to see i guess by the way you can follow me on instagram at kate kate leave right here in case you want to participate in future videos so it looks like the lowest amount that someone said was a hundred bucks so once it’s $0 because it was copyrighted that’s funny good thing this one was it someone thinks i make $200,000 okay i definitely know it because

If i did then i would not be going to school right now probably okay so i feel like the average is about like five thousand you guys think or somewhere in like the one to ten thousand let’s just get right into how much money i made for a million views okay so right here and now drumroll please this is what you’ve all been waiting for while you have had to listen

To me drone on and on this is how much money i made for a million views one thousand five hundred eighty eight dollars and thirty-six cents yeah there it is please don’t click off yet okay listen to what i have to say let’s break this down because i feel like look at the analytics is pretty interesting so basically for videos if you want to make money it literally

Depends nothing on your views because it’s all about how much people watch and how many like ads they watch because obviously more ads is more money so if your video is more than ten minutes then you’re allowed to like place ads where ever you want them they’re called mid-roll ads i basically they’ll like show up while the person is watching they watch through it

Then you get money but if they don’t watch the ad and they skip it then you don’t get any money which is why i always tell you guys not to skip the ad if you want to support your favorite youtubers then i would turn off like add vlog and just watch the ads and something i wanted to show you guys was the cpm of the videos and basically cpm stands for cost per mille

Millie being a thousand and then you can like break it down for each video so i just sorted for all time my highest cpm so my number one video right now is my friend’s own boyfriend dresses me for a week to school she’s the one with ethan and i just released that one like last week so i’m kind of surprised that the cpm is so high right now it’s like my highest

Correction so the reason why the cpm is so high is because i just posted it so it has racked up like a ton of news yet so for each view it’s like more money because it’s not like as popular and the people who are watching it or watching it for longer because they’re like more like dedicated people so for the video with ethan it has $10 39 cents for the cpm and for

My 1 million video the cpm on there is for 95 which is about half of my highest so it’s pretty low but not like the lowest it could be so the main reason why i think is because as people more people are watching your video obviously the number of people who don’t care about you increases as well so they’ll just skip your ads not wash through it and then they’ll

Probably like skip through your video because they don’t actually care what you have to say like as much and they just want to like get to the results or something which i am like not shading anyone for doing that because i do that too i’m just saying like that’s just facts you know like no shade no tea just facts like i love that saying because it’s very truth

So basically the video with ethan with the highest cpm is at ten dollars and thirty nine cents youtube actually takes half of that so i’m making like five dollars and 20 cents and that’s per thousand views right so if i have six thousand views then i’ll divide it by a thousand so that’s six you take the six and you times it by half of your cpm because youtube took

The other half obviously so it’s around six times five dollars and 20 which is thirty one dollars and 20 cents so that’s how much money i made on that video but of course it like changes a lot sometimes your cpm will literally be a dollar so you technically only make fifty cents so it really depends a lot and actually sometimes my videos with less views have made

More money than my videos with more views just because the watch time was longer i guess and there are more views so the cpm was higher so the video where i made the most money was actually i asked my crush to prom and here’s what happened i think because this title is very catchy like no one ever does this type of stuff like i’ve never really seen a girl ask a

Guy to prom that much and people were more interested in seeing like everything that happened because it’s like a vlog and not just like a results video where you would just like skip through you know so this video actually made a thousand 890 and 33 cents and the other one was a thousand 588 so that’s about three hundred dollars more and this one only has 630

7k wow that’s a lot less views oh my goodness 400,000 less views but for the prom video it has the cpm is 658 and then for my workout video it’s only 495 so you can see that even though like it’s like a dollar ish difference it makes a really really big difference because each thousand views adds up to a lot more money so if you look at the average view duration

As well for the prom video i got 4 minutes and 10 seconds of view time and then the workout one only had 3 minutes and 10 seconds so obviously people watched the prom one more so actually a less viewed video made me more money so if we look at my cpm based on geography like the different countries they actually vary most of my views came from the us and the cpm

Was 697 but what dragged down the overall cpm to be 495 is because the reviewers from the uk germany canada the you guys so much for making it to the end of my video i hope you guys learn something new and i’ll be linking shelby church’s video down below if you want to see it because she explains things a lot better than i do i think because i’m just all over the

Place i kind of black organization and her videos are so like professional and nice to look at but i hope you guys enjoyed this nonetheless i thought it’d be cool to see as many perspectives of different people because a lot of people make different amounts based on like how much people are watching don’t forget to subscribe if you want don’t skip the ads if you’re

Watching more videos from my channel make sure you give it a like and okay that’s enough ram link thank you for watching hope you guys enjoyed don’t forget don’t forget to follow me on instagram @ k caitli if you want to see my face even more so yeah bye guys i’ll see you guys in the next video

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how much youtube paid me for my 1,000,000 viewed video *SPILLING EVERYTHING* By Kate Li