How to Achieve Financial Independence | Investing for Beginners

What is Financial Freedom? Why should you care? Simple steps to start your journey towards Financial Independence where you can retire early or work a job of your choosing. Life doesn’t have to be an endless rat race. Take control of your finances and of your life!

Five minutes to change the rest of your life in this video what is financial freedom why should you care and how can you get it bedlam in the aisles of some of the nation’s biggest retailers shoppers fighting over garments here for oxiclean the stain specialist powered by the all this for just 19.95 but the next 20 americans levels overall including credit cards

Student loans and mortgages are at the highest levels since 2008. these people are efficient professional compulsive consumers it’s their civic duty consumption it’s the new national pastime baseball it’s consumption the only true lasting american value that’s left buying things buying things people spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need money

They don’t have on things they don’t need so they can max out their credit cards and spend the rest of their lives paying 18 interest on something that cost 12.50 and they didn’t like it when they got it home anyway it’s kind of crazy but many of us find ourselves waking for work each morning dreading the day to come working a job we don’t fully enjoy too often

We stay working longer hours to satisfy some deadline or expectation at the same time we find ourselves buying we don’t need and pressured into life-changing decisions before we’re fully prepared to understand exactly what they mean we feel forced to take on auto and school loans to keep up with the rest of society even worse the public education system has

Completely failed in teaching us anything about personal finance or financial responsibility instead we are bombarded by relentless ads pushing us to buy the latest products screwing with our minds trying to convince us that spending money is going to make us happy and it seems to be working we’ve fallen into an endless cycle we’ve become prisoners of capitalism

Being a good citizen has somehow been conflated with spending money and helping stoke the economy people do this at the expense of their health and happiness they give away their time by giving away their money and many will live out the rest of their lives like this but you can break free from this cycle if you’re willing to make the necessary sacrifices in your

Life and willing to start implementing some of the steps i mentioned in this video you can get started on your path to financial freedom so what is financial freedom simply put it’s having enough savings to fund the kind of lifestyle you wish to live for the rest of your life it means having the financial backing to pursue your dreams whether that be starting a

Business of your own finding the perfect job climbing a mountain or retiring to explore your hobbies and passions it means escaping from this insane cycle of consumerism and the endless rat race and taking control of your finances and of your life you may be skeptical but it starts with throwing aside the excuses and changing your philosophy around money financial

Freedom is very much a long journey and it’s not easy it’ll start paying dividends long before you get to the destination i don’t know about you but there’s no way in hell i’m going to work a job for the rest of my life to make ends meet or to buy that doesn’t really make me happy i want to live each day where i can focus on my family and friends on my health

And building new skills and trying new things i want financial freedom so i can build a future business knowing i have the financial backing to be safe for the rest of my life i’m going to give you two simple steps to start your journey towards financial freedom in future videos we will cover in greater detail the strategies behind getting to financial independence

Faster and in-depth videos on investments in the stock crypto and real estate markets if you’re interested in getting future updates subscribe to join us on our journey we are all the ceo of our own lives and as any good ceo would we should each have a deep understanding of our own personal finances we need to be real with ourselves when it comes to understanding

How much we spend and how much we owe i recommend everyone sign up to a free website that allows you to safely monitor your daily expenses your savings and your debts doing this one step will empower you by giving you a clear understanding of the financial situation you are in this may be difficult for those in a tough spot but we need to overcome these

Fears to get started step two will be easier and something you can start doing right now we often have things that we buy that may be a drain on our finances and aren’t really bringing happiness to our lives all i want you to do is start thinking about what one of those things may be for you these steps will get us started on our path towards financial freedom

Allowing us to live a life where we can focus on the handful of things that truly make us happy the choice is up to you hey if you made it this far thanks for watching we’re just going to start on this channel and plan to have tons of future content coming your way if you’re interested please join the community peace you

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How to Achieve Financial Independence | Investing for Beginners By Matt Koz