How to add a Custom Token on Ref Finance (Register, Create Pool, Add Liquidity)

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We just created our own token the avb token dust me using token farm it costed us just under 2.38 near if you’d like to know how to do that it is super simple go to our previous video now we’ll be adding our own unique custom token to ref finance so i’ll it’s the first time i do it so we’ll just follow the instructions because near user experience is so simple

And so good anyone should be able to do things the first time they try so it’s been registered to ref finance just by signing that transaction next step we will be depositing avb onto ref finance okay avp has been deposited next step is to create an avb pool so this is a liquidity pool so anyone wanting to buy or sell avb there will be orders there on both sides

Next step is to add liquidity so we’ve registered added abb and created the pool all from the token farm interface which is really nice and neat actually all you have to do is click and approve now we’ve been taken to the ref finance application so we can add some liquidity so i’ll connect my near wallet first so we can see that this is the new pool that we just

Created it’s going to be wrapped near and avb which is a new token i need to add some raptneer first so there is an upgrade on the way to so we’re going to deposit some near into ref finance so we can create the pool then testic so now we can see that we’ve got 20 near and 420 thousand avb go back to le pool let’s find our pool at liquidity if i add 20

Near and 20 000 avb just keep it simple we approve the transaction do note that we’ve done multiple transactions and they all cost a fraction of a fraction of a cent and it’s super fast and easy and pretty that’s it see that the underlying liquidity we’ve got 20 near and 20 000 avb total shares is my percentage of the pool so i’m the only one now i’ve got one

I guess 100 and i will collect a 0.3 fee for providing liquidity to the pool which is very exciting yeah we can see we can easily find the liquidity that we are providing on ref on the your liquidity section and the creation of the liquidity of the pool was handled on the token farm interface but it’s very easy to create new pools on refinance and one of the cool

Features actually is you can change the fee basis for the pool disease so this is just to acknowledge that some pairs have higher risk than others so it’s a way of incentivizing people to provide liquidity to higher risk pools so they can charge a higher fee percentage fantastic now cheeky bonus we are going to go on a buying spree just to give some use to these

Tokens just check okay now i got it i got it so i can see from my own token that a token’s address is the token name dot tkn which is the application.near so i can add vlad.tkn.near see if that worked he’s asking for authorization yay vlad has now been added i need to deposit more near so as we said we’re going a shopping spree we’re going to buy a bunch of

Tokens from our buddies in the ecosystem this is fun for me for sure but i’m also thinking of the user experience of when people create a new token and they go through all the steps of adding liquidity to ref finance and whatnot i’m guessing it would be really exciting when somebody buys your token so i want to spend some money so we’re gonna buy two near worth

Of vlad which turns out to be 26.97 vlad we select our slippage swap rate yes to everything we authorize the transaction cheaper to swap coins on ref islands than on a centralized exchange true story swap successful click to view so we can see that my new vlad balance is 26.97 it won’t show in my near wallet yet because it is still within ref let’s just continue

Our shopping spree and so this is not luck here but he hasn’t added liquidity let’s see who else yeah sasha let’s buy sasha’s token symbol sasha oh he hasn’t registered either mate you’re missing out peter it hasn’t registered come on guys what the crass oh yeah kitty let’s buy kitty kitty so we’ll do the same it’s not the the easiest but it will do for now so

We click token kt dot tkn.near see if that works reauthorize i’m gonna find kitty now yeah kitty has now been added let’s do one here wow kitty is expensive i only get point 22 kitty impressive swap allow i feel like that was a really bad deal shout out to kitty kitty is the founder of plum and knight i believe it’s the name of the exchange plumbavite plumbing

Night so another active member of the near community biden token people get very creative with this so you’re gonna be really careful you can see that there are some people that register a coin called bitcoin they claim the coin name btc but it’s obviously not real bitcoin you know they even claimed only 21 million coins but everyone trying to scam oh that was

So easy i could have just filtered by liquidity okay well let’s buy some marge mar authorized yes sir oh yeah we’re gonna buy let’s give it two bloody love marmadge she is very expensive too okay so mama only created 21 000 coins which is why i bought so little she’s added heaps of liquidity wow i’m wondering what her coin does actually blaze is a good

Old friend let’s buy some slushie as well correct i know what i’m doing not token does that work something happened slushy maybe have made a mistake and it’s not picking it up of course it’s slush all right well that’s that’s really good ux ui still if the token does not exist so if you make an error adding it it just doesn’t compute i i think that is a nice

Feature to have because in other block chains i would have paid for the transaction and they would have just failed it would have thrown an error on the cost of transacting on other blockchains such as ethereum can be quite high so when you do make those small mistakes it can turn out to be quite expensive so we select slush blaze is another very active member

Of the community these are people that i don’t actually know i just see the names pop up on the chats and i believe blaze is sitting with me in the ref dao community yeah ref community dell so whatever the slush token does i want some good still got some near left we’ve bought some vlad beer token oh abb that me vandal is oh he also issued 420 000 hilarious

He is doing some great work work with crypto music so let’s buy some of that as well just just for fun i have no idea what the token’s going to do r v ndl token r v ndl oh of course not yeah i tk and i should know how to do this but now shouldn’t i but once again just to showcase this feature again that if you misspell the token address it won’t compute allow

Awesome let’s do two why not 698. yes please it’s a really interesting observation like behavioral design and heuristics buying 698 our vandal seems like a way better deal than buying point 22 marmadge even though i mean i have no idea what either token does most likely they’re both worthless but there’s something about numbers and digits and more being better

A lot of us just translate that to magic money this is the one that i was looking for good old friend pock another very active community member that’s p 0 k mate you need a token name that people can bloody find that’s all right p 0 k dot t k n near add token approve could not have chosen any other way to spend my fifth lockdown buying my friend’s attention

Online let’s give to poc jesus mate i am buying seven million poc damn well another interesting heuristics large numbers better than small numbers but two large numbers this kind of feels worthless awesome so thanks for hanging around this is what a product demo slash tutorial slash user testing looks like if you’re ever using a near application and you come

Across any interesting observations like this one price differential paths that may seem broken so for instance from today i’ll be passing two bits of feedback to the ref finance team and the token farm team the first one is that when you click their buy token button nothing happens it just goes through the standard swap pool you have to add the token manually

And there is no indication on the token standard even in the token farm website it doesn’t tell you what the token is the only way that i figured it out was by going to my own wallet seeing what the address for the token that i had issued previously was maurice and then just replicating that so if mine is avb that token.near i just went with kt.token.near easyfix

But not something that we can expect every user to know the other bit of feedback that i shall be passing to the team is the price differential when people try to withdraw directly from ref it is 0.1 if the token has not been added to the wallet yet but if the token has been added to the wallet from the token farm page it is way way way way cheaper if you have

Any questions let me know please leave in the comment section if you do make a token a reminder that i still have nine near left in my ref token account and i’m pretty trigger happy buying random tokens issued by random people so leave a comment in the comment section if you do issue your token you’re able to create a pool you’re able to add liquidity and who

Knows maybe i shall be the first person to own it that would be dope i’d love to be that guy so let me know take care bye

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