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Hey guys what’s up so we are back again with the new video welcome back to our channel guys so today this video is kind of all about buying your first car doesn’t matter used our new car so we’re gonna walk you through the process when you come to canada and not sure where to start from but you want to buy a car so we’re gonna talk all about cars in this video

So let’s get started yeah yeah let’s go again the first one the curse with the first that i want to be better than our worst man it hurts among the surf upwards and i put them all together racer cuz i wanna have worth looking at look hard so they put me in the dirt can i go farther listen to my words gonna be a star man i second player when you’re working this

Hard i’m taking a back seat nobody able to catch me there gasping that they cannot compare they can that’s me i’m an sp i got you laughing and dancing so guys there are three ways you can get a car which the first one is cash second is finance and third is leasing yeah so for example if you have enough cash on you and you’re looking for a used car let’s say

You want to buy a car around $8,000 or maybe $6,000 you simply just go to the dealership or you can just find a car on kijiji as well or you can go out of trade as well out of trade or ca the only thing you have to keep in mind especially in canada the winter is really tough in ottawa and even towards toronto and all this area so you want to buy something which

Basically survive in the winter you want to make sure that the car you’re getting if it’s a used car you are getting it with the good tires the car condition is a good and then if you have a mechanic with you some money your friend isn’t again here you can definitely smell it if you take them with you – yeah because let me tell you my experience so the first car

I went there it was a used car and it was my first car that time i just wanted to get at that time i only had about $4,000 and i i was just so eager that i just was about to buy something like shitbox and then later and find out that car had lots of problems so i denied that offer because you’re gonna make sure that you buy something and in venture it’s really

Important you get something which you’re gonna survive so try to get something which is not older than six to seven years and don’t try to buy anything very very cheap we all sometimes what we do we go for very cheap car let’s say for example we want to buy 2004-2005 model but then it’s gonna give you a lot of issues because i have experienced that i’m a first

Star in this country i bought as $3500 yeah i kept it for one year with me but i’m sure i have spent just to fix the problems that car had you know yeah so you have to be very careful what you are going for and how much money you want to spend if you buy a new car from a car dealership as soon as you come out of the dealership the price depreciate right over there

Is right over there so that’s why most of the people they usually go for used cars like not very very old for like two three years old cars because they don’t have a lot of mileage on them and they are still under warranty and they have also a good condition so guys if you’re getting a used car make sure you get a safety certificate with it which tells you cars

In a good condition it’s okay to go on the road also there is a maintenance paperwork which tells you that all was changed on time you know the brakes were changed on time which is an important part to see before you so guys you’re gonna show you the end ooh hydrant park as well in ottawa and rest of the financing and leasing you’re gonna go and talk there

Sir vice comment and like if you like this video if you like reaction so guys as we said we are on a different location right now which is wanna show you something financing you can find a car with 0% down payment or you can pay something as some money as a down payment then you can make rest as installing so basically let’s say you’re going to finance a new car

You can go to the dealership right now because of tobit 19 the dealerships are giving you really nice option to put no money down and also 0% interest rate which is like amazing because you’re not paying any interest on it oh if you are thinking about getting a used car usually for the used car and the interest rates are a bit higher which could be five to six

Percent usually even more than value so guys there’s another option let’s say you like this used car you go to the dealership but the interest rate is too much maybe 6% and 7% you have another option what you need to do is you need to go to your bank you need to apply for a line of credit usually if you have a nice credit score and you know a steady income you

Can get a line of credit fifteen twenty thousand on a lower interest rate maybe three percent two percent so what you can do is you can use that line of credit to pay for your car and instead of paying the payments to your car company now you’re paying the payment to your bank another option i’ll show you guys some water let’s see how cool the motor is so this

Park is divided so this part is called and you tighten park it is pretty close to my house but i still don’t come here it’s more of a bark option is you can lease a car lease is like renting a car you know when you don’t have a house here and house apartment or something it’s the same process and of the lease term which could be two years three years four years

You can asure in the car sometimes when you go for release you can basically lease a car without an in down payment and sometimes you have to make a down payment it depends from the company you are getting it leaves at financing both are similar in a way like you pay installments in both things but in leaves your monthly payments are bit higher and it depends

If you have a lease for two years or three years so basically i’d say if you have a list for two years then after two years it’s your decision if you want to keep that car if you want to keep that car you paid a full amount of the car whatever is left but if you wanna change a current different for a new lease in the new car then you basically return the car to

A dealership and you get a new lease on a new car think about people who really doing modifications to the car it’s good to go with the financing because when you’re on lease you can’t really change many things you know you can’t really change the sound and all that yeah you can’t do much stuff on a car when you leave because at the end you are going to return

This car to the dealership the lease term you have to take care of the maintenance if anything goes wrong you have to fix it before you turn the car because end of the lease they want to make sure the car is in a good condition thank you very much guys for watching this video till end and i hope you guys find something useful and we’ll see you guys in the next

Vlog until stay tuned love from canada make sure you hit the subscribe

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