How to buy Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA) Step-by-Step Tutorial [0.08% fees]

This video will explain you how to buy Alpha Finance Lab in a few simple steps.

In this video i will show you how to quickly and easily buy the cryptocurrency alpha finance lab to do that we will use the what i think is the best platform to trade cryptocurrencies and that is binance binance is the world’s largest exchange and you can deposit fiat and trade all relevant cryptocurrencies the fees are very low at 0.1 percent and if you use the

Link from the video description you will get the highest discount on the platform and you will receive another 20 discount on all trading fees so you’ll end up with only 0.08 fees as you can see right here to create an account simply enter your details right here and then you’re ready to go once you have created an account and you log in for the first time the

Page will look like this in our first step we now have to verify our profile so we’ll click on this profile icon right here on the top and then go to identification now we’ll have to make sure that here at personal details that we are verified for you this yellow button will be there so you just have to click on it then upload a picture of your id and yourself

And then you are verified and now we can deposit fiat to here to buy crypto we have two different options either we deposit money through a bank transfer first and then buy the crypto with that money or we can buy directly with our credit card i’ll first show you the first option so to deposit money we’re just going to click on wallet and then go to fiat and spot

Now we’ll get to this page it’s just an overview of all of our assets on the platform and to deposit money we’re just going to click on deposit right here now you can select your currency right here so you can choose the euro or pound or whichever other currency that you can see right here so let’s just go for euro and we are going to make a cpa bank transfer

And click on continue now we have to enter the amount we want to deposit so let’s just say for example 200 euro and click on confirm and then this small window will pop up where it’s just going to tell us that the receiver must be binance in the bank transfer and we must deposit from a bank account that has the same name that we registered on binance now we’re

Just going to click ok and now we get all the important details right here so the receiver name the ebon in this case and the reference code that we have to make sure to include around bank transfer all right once you’ve made the bank transfer you will have to wait one to two business days if your bank supports a real time transfer it will be there in about 15

Minutes you can easily check if the money is there if you just go back to your wallet and click on fiat and spot and then check if the balance has been credited to your account if you want to buy smaller coins we cannot do that directly with our fiat currency because there’s not always a trading pair with that specific coin and our fiat currency so what i would

Recommend you is to first transfer your fiat currency into us dollar tether and then with us dollar tether you can buy any cryptocurrency so to buy us dollar tether we’re just going to click on buy crypto right here and then go to cash balance now we’ll get to this page here on the right side we can select the coin we want to buy so i’m just going to click on it

And type in usdt and click on us.tether right here on top we can select the currency that we have deposited so choose whichever one you did and then type in the amount you want to transfer to usd so i’m just going to go for 200 euros and then click on buy usdt then i’ll get to this confirmation page where i can see exactly how much usd tether i’m getting and

Then all i have to do is click on confirm and then i have switched my fiat currency to us dollar tether if you want to use the second option and buy your crypto directly with your credit card you just have to go to buy crypto again and then instead of cash balance now go to credit slash debit card the page will look pretty similar now you just have to go here

And type in us dollar tether again and select the coin type in the amount you want to invest and then click on buy usdt and then you will have to enter your card details and you can make the purchase that way too once you’ve got the us dollar tether balance in your account right here you can now buy any cryptocurrency to buy any cryptocurrency we just have to

Click on markets right here on top there we can see all the different trading pairs on the platform we just have to make sure that we have spot market selected and then fiat markets because we’re trading with us dollar tether and then here on the right side we can search for our trading pair in this case we want to buy alpha finance lab so we’re going to go up

Here to the search bar and type in the symbol for that which is alpha and once we’re done with that just type in usdt and there we already have it that’s the one we need and if we click on it then this trading page will open up where we can see the price chart right here in the middle on the left side we can see the order book so all the selling orders up here

And all the buying orders down here and right here in the middle we can control all of our trades so in this case we want to buy let’s click on market up here because then we’re going to buy immediately at the current market price up here we can see our us dollar tether balance again and with the slide controller down here we can choose how much percent of that

We want to invest you could also type in the amount manually right here but um in this case i’m just going to take it and let’s put it for example to a hundred percent and now all i have to do is click on buy alpha down here then our order will be filled immediately and the purchase is completed don’t forget to register on finance using the link from the video

Description to save the 20 on all fees if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments

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How to buy Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA) ✅ Step-by-Step Tutorial [0.08% fees] By Crypto Guides