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In this video, I’ll show you exactly how to make an Instagram business page, step by step. Whether you are a brick and mortar shop, and online store, a personal brand, or just someone looking to take IG to the next level, this is a critical step. In this video, I will show you everything you need to know to start seeing analytics and insights about your posts, optimize your bio and links, and more. By configuring a professional Insta account, you can improve your conversions and traffic which in turn will generate you more money.

Hey guys in this video we’re going to talk about how to make a professional instagram account to make sure that your business or personal brand is growing as effectively as possible because i know a lot of people are out there and they want to get on instagram they want to grow their business and start utilizing one of the biggest social medias in the world right

Now and people don’t always know the best way to do that so in this video we’re going to talk about how to set it up and actually how to optimize it as well to make sure that you’re maximizing conversions and you’re maximizing the efficiency of it to really make sure that it’s doing what you wanted to do and like i said there’s really two categories of this you

Can do this as a business or you can do this as a personal brand which is technically also a business but slightly different motives there and so we’re going to talk about both of those in this video but first i want to say some of the reasons that you might want to do this in the first place so the obvious reason is that it makes it look more legitimate so when

You have a creator account or a business account you can have a little label below your name that’ll say like if it’s michael bryan shoe repair it’ll say like shoe repairman and that’s what it’s going to say in your bio or like right above the bio in gray text and it’s something that makes you look more legitimate the second reason is so you can start to promote

Your post if you want to have things run as ads or if you want to start selling stuff or a bunch of other features that are really geared towards businesses and creators are going to be unlocked when you create either a business or creator professional account another reason you might want to do this is to actually to see insights which is extremely powerful

And i’ll spend a good portion of this video talking about insights it’s a great way to see how well different posts are performing besides just likes but who’s engaging where your audience is from and just really better understand the demographics that are engaging with different content you make and of course the last one i want to talk about is actually just

Being able to eventually post links on your story so if you’re a creator there’s a great way to put your merchandise on your story or put affiliate links on there or maybe put you know links to your new videos on there and if you are a business again it could be a great way to link to any pages on your website new blog articles new product releases all kinds

Of stuff like that once your account gets big enough that’s definitely a really big feature to have so clearly a lot of features and a lot of functionality you get with a professional account and all of that can really help you to find more success on instagram for your business or or creator account and so with that being said guys let’s get started on my phone

I’m going to start off by creating an account from scratch and then we’re going to convert it into a business account in this video and you can see right here first of all an example if we just go over to my brother so if we go to nate there we go you’ll see right here nate’s is obviously a creator profile so he has you can follow him you can message him or you

Can email him and that’s what makes the most sense for him because a lot of businesses want to get in contact with nate and so instead of sending dms and his dms get flooded then email makes a lot more sense for a brand to do that of course if you go down you’ll also see that he can have links in his stories i don’t think he has a link in his story right now but

There’s a lot of other things that you can do with this okay so i think by now you guys probably have a pretty good understanding of why you’d want a professional instagram account so the next steps are of course to set it up and then to start optimizing it because it’s not enough just to click the button and make a professional account you actually want to make

Sure you optimize it so you have the best conversions so you understand your insights and are really ready to go to make a successful professional instagram because like i said it’s getting more and more competitive out there you can’t just make an account and hope to get followers now you have to be a little bit more proactive and we’re going to talk about that

Throughout this video so what i’m going to do right now is first just create an instagram account so if you don’t have one for your business download instagram it takes like 15 seconds to go to sign up uh we are going to sign up by email so i’m going to do that right now so then it’s going to ask for your name right now instagram doesn’t know if you’re a business

Or a individual person so we’re going to use the brand name right here so we’re just going to say that my name is like mike’s shoe repair so we’re going to say next create a password and then ask for your birthday and of course on the last page you just say yes you do want to sign up with that instagram handle so i’m going to skip connecting to facebook for now

We can do that in a second but i’m going to skip that for now we’re going to skip adding contacts and i am going to skip the profile photo of course adding a profile photo very important for your business but i’m going to skip that for now so we really want to do is from instagram if you go down to the bottom right and tap on your icon to get to your profile let’s

Close out of that so tap on your profile we can go up to the top right the little three bars there and we can go down to settings so once we select settings you should see somewhere it says account tap on account and at the very bottom of this you’ll see switch to professional account so we’re going to switch this one to a professional account obviously it’s

Free to do as it says right here it’s going to give you some more insights allow you to reach more people because you can promote posts and of course you have a lot of other contact options like the buttons i was talking about before so we can say continue and it’s going to ask us to choose a category being that i’m shoe repair i’m just going to try like shoe

See if shoe has anything shoe repair shop there we go so that’s one of the beauties of using uh instagram or facebook they have so many different options here that you can really find specifically almost exactly what you’re doing so you can display this on your profile or not i am actually going to do this if you’re like a personal brand sometimes i would say

Don’t do this because a lot of personal brand stuff you just say like public figure or something and i don’t know that just kind of feels conceited so i end up never doing that we’ll say done and then we can actually go to the next page it’s going to take a second here but it prompts us if we want to be a business or a creator and so of course you’ll see right

Here that there’s really not a lot of major differences here other than how it’s going to be displayed so for a business it’s going to tell you like what type of business is there and they’re going to give you a couple other options with that but really it’s going to be very very similar for either one of these i’m going to leave it for business right now and

Say next and then for business you want to have some contact information here so we can have a phone number we can have an address and we can have an email right now i’m going to be fine with just the email so i’m going to say next and again it wants us to connect to facebook i’m not going to do that just yet and of course it wants us to finish our profile i’m

Not going to do that just yet either but i can tap on the little x on the top right and now you’ll see that we are a professional account so now it says like shoe repair below that it says shoe repair shop and of course you see those three buttons there so the three buttons the insights one is just for us right now but we can actually go and edit the profile so

If we tap on edit profile it does want a profile photo so i’m just going to add a photo right now to kind of start to build this out so let’s choose from library and within here you want to make sure that you have a good name a good username that both makes sense so mike’s shoe repair and and mike shoe repair for the handle that makes sense if that’s the name of

My business we want to add a website so here i’m going to say and in the bio you can add like some other information here so you could say we repair shoes and a lot of people like to use emojis in their bio you could do whatever you want so i’m just going to leave it as it is right now so i’m going to say done and it says we repair your shoes

Or whatever so now we have our website we have the username we have a bio and then down here uh we can choose if we want to have a public page that we are connected to so a facebook business page is something that i have a full tutorial on how to set up and connect a facebook business page and i’ll link that down below or actually up at the top of this video as

Well so i highly recommend you guys do that after this video of course you can change the category here the contact options is the next thing so contact right now we only have email so that when somebody visits our page they will be able to contact us by our email and of course you can go to profile display we do want to show contact info so they can email us

With a little email banner on the bottom and we can say done so that’s going to be essentially what you want to do to get better conversions on your profile in the first place but the next thing you want to do is start looking at the insights and so to find insights is essentially the analytics of how many people engage with your posts how many people saw it what

They did when they saw your posts and to do this you can actually go up to the three bars on the top right again and just go right down to insights and within insights right now you won’t see anything so i’m going to switch over to a different account and you guys will see what i’m talking about okay so here we are on my personal instagram uh it’s in dark mode so

It looks a little different here but you can see that we have uh some a couple things showing up here so the average person visiting this won’t see promotions insights saved that’s all stuff that only i see but i believe i do have an email banner on there if people go to my account and they want to do that but like i said let’s go over and check out the insights

So if we tap on the three bars in the top right go to insights you’re gonna see a lot of stuff here so they show you in the overview first of all how many accounts you reached and i believe that’s in a seven day period so you can go down here and see how many impressions you had how many people web like visited your website so 90 people went over to my youtube

Channel because that’s the link in my website or in my bio we also have profile visits so how many people saw a post and went over to my profile or or the other way around they just end up in my profile from maybe from youtube or something like that we can go down to see content interactions what the audience size is and how many people followed each day as well

As how many people you lost each day because honestly people are going to unfollow you over time you can see the location of people the age the gender or sex of them all kinds of different stuff here a lot of information about whoever is going to be visiting your profile so it’s all very powerful when you go into these insights honestly i wish it was a little bit

More in depth it’s harder to get really into things but i mean if you start looking at them like you can definitely learn quite a bit really where i go to learn more stuff though is actually in the individual posts so if i go to like this post here i can either promote it which is one benefit of having a business profile or creator profile and that’s going to be

Great if it’s like a new product you can promote the post i generally don’t do that for personal brands i wouldn’t recommend that but what we can do is go to view insights and the insights here are actually pretty powerful and people are surprised by this it tells you not only how many people liked it and commented but also how many people shared it or sent it to

Somebody else and how many people saved it onto some collection whether it’s like the collection called jackets i like or whatever it might be people save things into collections as we go if i swipe up from the bottom we can see how many people visited my profile from that from that post how many people it reached how many people interacted with it and all kinds

Of different stuff and so this is gonna be great when you start to have more instagram posts and start to grow your audience you can see which posted better and why so likes are a great metric for sure but looking at how many people actually went and clicked on your website when they saw the post is going to ultimately help you decide which posts convert the best

Which ones are going to drive the most traffic and really be worth your time whether you are a creator driving affiliate traffic a creator driving traffic to your own sponsors or or your own merchandise or on the flip side if you’re a business what actually gets people to go to your website and so those are very powerful things that i highly recommend you guys

Spend a lot of time working with as you start to grow your instagram profile and as i said growing it and getting followers now is going to be harder than it was in the past in the past people would frequently just go and start following other accounts and hope they follow back i really don’t recommend doing that now because you’re going to end up getting a lot of

Followers that just are not going to be engaged it’s really important on instagram that you have engaged followers and the way to do that is to create valuable content stuff that actually people want to see every day that want to engage with and it’s not even enough anymore if you want to grow quickly at least it’s not enough to just make that content on instagram

I highly recommend you start making content on other platforms as well go on tick tock go on youtube go on facebook whatever you’re doing make content in other slightly less saturated industries so tick tock’s a great example where you can get a lot more exposure and drive traffic over to instagram instagram is a great way to interact with an audience but it’s a little

Trickier now to grow than it was a couple years ago which is why a lot of people if you ask them how to grow their instagram they’ll tell you you go other places like like tick tock where you can get thousands of views with no followers at all very very easily and then you drive those people over to your instagram so guys that’s my recommendation for you guys on

How to set up your instagram business or creator profile i hope you found this video helpful and the next steps are not only to make this but head on over and make a facebook business page i have a link down to that in the description below if you guys enjoyed this video consider liking and subscribing i’m mike o’brien from central media thanks for watching guys i’ll see you next time

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How to Create an Instagram Business 2022 [Step by Step Tutorial] – Make Money on Instagram By Santrel Media