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And you can see right here another paypal payment another paypal payment another paypal payment another one and the cool thing about this is it’s not actually hard to do at all in fact it’s actually super easy to do you don’t need any previous skill you can do this from anywhere in the world literally all you need is an internet connection and if you’re watching

This right now you probably have an internet connection and so if you want to take advantage of one of the absolute best ways that i’ve found recently to make money online from anywhere in the world then make sure you watch this video all the way until the end because there are a couple of steps and if you miss one of them you’re not going to be able to make any

Paypal money whatsoever so the website that we’re actually going to be talking about to do this today is called validately now validately is one of the coolest websites that i’ve come across recently and if you’ve ever heard of user testing i can promise you you haven’t heard of what we’re going to be showing you in this video but it’s one of the best ways i’ve

Ever found to make money literally even from your phone or from your laptop from anywhere in the world and so the first thing that we’re going to actually do is head over to and we are actually going to click on get paid to test and i’m actually going to be walking you through exactly how to sign up for this website because one of the hardest parts

About getting paid using this method is actually signing up and inputting the exact correct information because if you actually make a mistake during the sign up process you won’t be able to actually complete your sign up which means you won’t be able to earn a paypal money from anywhere in the world so make sure you do stick around throughout the whole video

Watch carefully because this is going to be a super good one and for any of you guys who are new here first of all welcome to the strongest family on youtube and do me two quick favors if you like making money if you don’t like making money you don’t have to do it but if you do like making money online then do me two quick favors make sure you tap on the like

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The first person down below who actually gets the answer to the riddle correct will be the winner of a brand new thousand dollar course all right guys welcome into my computer so you can see right here that the site that we’re actually on is called you can see that they actually have some crazy customers um who actually use their service like google

Amazon you know allstate microsoft twilio massive massive customers so you obviously know that what they’re doing is 100 legit i mean that you will get paid for what you actually do so basically the problem that validately is solving and ultimately why you are going to be making money is there’s thousands and thousands of businesses software companies mobile apps

Startups that actually need what’s called user testing they need real people who are not part of their company to actually test their product services software apps and things like that and that’s where you are going to come in but this is actually a brand new way to do this with a little twist and so the first thing that we’re going to do is actually click on

Get paid to test up here at the top you can see that they work again with all these amazing companies salesforce so you can see it’s literally a three-step process sign up start taking tests and most importantly get paid right so really the only things that you actually have to do to be able to take advantage of this is you do have to have a paypal account you

Have to be 18 years old um you have to have an internet connection and that’s basically it right but you guys can see right here that they have tests sometimes that take five minutes 10 minutes and things like that and you can see that generally they pay 10 to 70 dollars per test so if you take you know a 10 minute test a 30 minute test and they’re paying you

70 dollars that means that you’re making you know over a hundred dollars an hour now is that going to happen 100 of the time not necessarily but it is possible right and the better that you get at doing this and if you sign up using the exact strategy that i’m about to show you um in just a few seconds um then you’ll have the highest possible chance of actually

Being successful leveraging the strategy so what we’re going to do is we are going to actually go to start making money on this little button right here um what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to create an account right now these questions the reason that they’re asking them is for a specific purpose right obviously if you live in certain countries you’re

Going to make more money if you have certain education you’re going to make more money if you have certain devices you’re going to make more money right and so you want to be as truthful as possible for some of these right like if you don’t have an iphone right you’re not going to want to say that you have an iphone because the tests they give you are going to be

On an iphone um but for some questions we do want to select answers that are going to give us a significant amount of additional money so what we’re going to do is we’re going to select iphone here but if you have an android you can choose that too what type of computer do you own right you can select as many as you like i have both a mac a chrome and a windows pc

But you know you can put whatever the ones you have are what version of windows you use the oldest one what are you from a gender perspective mail what year were you born oh man i don’t even want to film this one so i’m going to actually show it because i’m old what is your level of education now this is an important one right because they obviously want people who

Are more educated and they’re going to give the jobs that have you know the actual larger amounts of payouts to people who are more educated so the answer that i’m going to put here is college graduate which is the answer that you know i recommend what is your employment status right obviously you probably don’t want to be full-time because they want people who

Can actually work for them so we’re going to put part-time right because it shows that you actually do have some sort of job versus you know being unemployed or something like that what industry are you working in for this one we’re going to put information technology because that is you know obviously what this is really concerned with what is your job title

We’re just going to put a sales manager here what is your household annual income you know we don’t want it to be super low but we don’t want it to be super high either because if it’s too low then they might not think that we’re educated and if it’s too high they might not think that it’s worth it for us to actually do the work so we’re going to put this one

Right here what is your full name uh we’re gonna put our full name here what is your email uh we’re gonna put one of our emails here we’re gonna put support at um we’re gonna put i’m not a robot and we’re gonna click next uh the last thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put our paypal email here we’re gonna click i’m not a robot again and

Then we’re gonna click next again so we’re just gonna set up a quick password here and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna actually click detect my location but what we wanna do here is we wanna make sure that they actually show us being inside of the usa right so there’s a lot of different free vpns out there a virtual private network right i actually have a

Vpn here called nord um that i use for you know a variety of other things you know you can connect quickly into the united states i don’t think nord is a free one but you can just google search free i’m actually obviously in the united states right now so i don’t need to do this but if you’re outside of the usa and you want to have access to higher paying actual

Gigs because it really doesn’t make sense for them to pay you less if you’re in other countries if you’re doing the same exact work right so we’re going to detect my location here we’re going to allow this and then we are going to actually go to next once it does detect my location in america new york so what we’re going to do is we’re going to click on yes i

Agree to their terms of service and then ultimately and finally we are going to sign up now the last thing that we have to do is actually what’s called a screener test right to be able to actually be paid for the test that you’re taking you have to take something called a screener test now the point of a screener test is to make sure that you’re actually going

To be able to do the tasks that they send you which is how you’re ultimately going to get paid if you can’t do the screener test you won’t be able to do the paid test so this is a way that they can actually make sure that you’re going to be able to do what they need you to do to get paid you can see right here that they do have some requirements for the screening

Test you have to have a chrome browser which is free you have to have a recent operating system uh you have to have a microphone of some kind which you know phones and computers have obviously um and then basically you just speak your thoughts aloud answer the follow-up questions um and you know handle it that way so what it’s gonna do is redirect us to this site

Right here we’re gonna see we’re gonna take a one minute test um we’re gonna click on that little uh tutorial here what we’re gonna do is just follow along these super easy instructions you can see that it just shows you exactly what to do select the circle to open and close the task instructions try it when you know how to view the instructions click next right

We’re going to click next here drag the circle and move it to another corner if it’s in your way it’s kind of cool put it over here when you’re ready to start the task click ok i’m ready to begin the test so we’re going to begin the test and we’re going to install the validately extension um you can see that there’s a bunch of people who’ve you know actually

Installed it which is kind of cool 70 000 people and only 37 reviews which is you know whatever uh so we’re gonna click okay here and now what we’re gonna do is click allow um and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start the test we’re gonna say i am ready to begin this session and then we’re gonna click next right on the next step please select your screen and

Then click share so what we’re going to do is okay i’ll select share here we go and we are going to start this task right and so what we have to do basically is um do exactly what the task is telling us right remember to think out loud add a note to the notepad um so what we’re going to do is we are going to add a note to the notepad and the point of this is to

See if it’s intuitive right and so like do i know how to add a note to the notepad well this says notepad so i’m going to click notepad here and i’m still talking about my particular instructions and we’re going to say hey this is the note i’m adding to the notepad and then we’re going to click add note right and so i just completed that task and it was very easy

Was it intuitive to include to complete this task absolutely or would you any suggestions to make this app easier no it was easy to find the notepad add the note and click next uh or and submit and we’re gonna click next here um and that’s it right now you can close this tab and we just finished the actual um test there and we are now officially um on our way to

Start getting a task from validately once they actually you know look at our screener test and make sure that it was in fact good enough for their standards then what happens is they’re going to start actually sending you tasks straight to your email very similar to that right you’ll be going through actual apps you’re going to be going through mobile websites

You’re going to be going through software and you’re going to basically just be thinking and speaking out loud as you use the app product or service and when you’re doing that that actually gives the designers and the creators of those software applications websites valuable feedback they can use to make their actual applications and services more intuitive which

Ultimately makes them more money and which is why they’re actually willing to pay you to give your feedback and actually use their software services or applications now guys is this going to make you rich probably not but this is a great way that you can actually use to start building money that you can then invest into a more scalable full-time source of online

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