How To Find Your Property On A County Website.

How to find your property on a county website? How do you do research on land online? How do you use a county website? What is an APN number? How do you find GPS coordinates online? What is the assessors office? These and many other questions are answered in this video. Video hosted by Jesse Ivy.

Hi folks and welcome back to start-up land investing i’m jesse ivey today we are going to be talking about how to find your property or a property that you’re interested in on a county website and so after this video you will know how to do it you’ll know how to go to a county website and find your property or a property that you’re interested in so why don’t

We get started so i randomly selected apache county to do our little exercise here on so i’m going into google as you can see and then i’m going to type in apache county assessor’s office in arizona so and you’ll see that that’s going to come up so that’s what you do first this is just like i said you could type in any assessor’s office anywhere not all

Counties are online so this is a county that is online but not all of them are so you may not be able to do this with some of the property you own or some of the property you’re doing research with anyway as you see i’m in there and i’m basically going inside the assessors part of the website clicking on there and going in there and as you can see there’s

A count number and then there’s a parcel identification number that’s what we’re going to use which is the assessors parcels number and i’m typing that in for our exercise so i’m typing that in you don’t use dashes on a lot of these websites some of them you do but some of them you don’t so for this one in apache county there it is there’s our lot and i’m

Going to click on that and go inside and once i do that you’re going to be able to see information that you can find on any property that you do your homework on you know as you can see there’s like a mini plot map of it off to the side over there you can you can do lots of homework you can see past sales you can check to see how large the property is you

Can check to see if property taxes have been paid if the property taxes are current and then also you can review past sales how much does somebody else sell it four years ago and stuff like that so that’s something that you definitely want to check out you can also check out the size of the property you know the zoning of the property and things like that

As well by going into maybe the treasurer’s office or the zoning department but in this exercise we’re just pretty much sticking to the assessors part of it and as you see there’s a lot of information there the i mean like i said before you can check to see what the taxes are on a property and you know see what if they’ve been paid or not been paid you can

Check out the size of the property you know maybe you’re validating it with the county says the property is and what your seller says it is now i’m going into the gs g is part of the website you usually have to get past a disclaimer which is right there but you know once you click that usually just go on inside and and in for this exercise now once again i’m

Going to use the apn number so you find the search the search button there which you can see and then you will type in and this this exercise you can actually use the spaces they will want you to use the spaces for the parcel search so you kind of just have to you know check it out and see which one they prefer some like dashes some don’t then i will click on

That c and as you can see there it has found the parcel i click on it again and there you see the parcel that’s the parcel now some of these will show you parcels and maybe it appears like there’s not a road by it or something like that and in some cases that’s the case but a lot of times what i’ll do is i’ll go onto google google maps and i’ll double check

This to make sure off to the corner there in the lower left hand side you will see the gps coordinates for this lot as i move the cursor around check that out because basically it will move as i move and so you can see that and as i go around and move different things you can see that basically i’m letting you see the gps coordinates which are over there and

Now if you inputted those coordinates onto google and did an aerial map you’ll probably see that there’s some roads right by that parcel or another parcel that you might be looking at so just because the map on the county it doesn’t appear because the only road you see is kind of north west of that but you know that’s not the case a lot of times there’s dirt

Roads to those properties so you want to make sure you go onto google get an aerial view of that and make sure about it now as i’m scrolling down here off to the side on the left-hand side you can see i’m inputting you know like townships you know parcels so it’s going to show us you know other parcels other roads there’s a lot of choices that you actually

Have over here so you can choose to you know show yourself what is in the vicinity you can you know show towns you can show other parcels which i just did there you see a bunch of apn numbers you know if you clicked around on there like you know moving next to the next one you could see who owns that one and that type of thing but regardless today you’ve

Learned how to find your property on a county website anyway this is jesse and we will be back again very soon with another video for you to watch have a great day

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