How to get a Car for FREE ./ in Jamaica

How to get a Car for FREE $0 in Jamaica

Hey guys alex here so today i’m gonna tell you how you can get a car for free 100% free this is not pick bit real talk in jamaica 20 19 you can get a car for free but before material just you know hit the subscribe button there and we’ll get into the details first thing you need to get is cash flow you need to prove to the bank that you can pay for the car if you

Can’t pay for the car the bank will finance the car a hundred percent 100 percent like i live in jamaica so basically n cb static or jamaica national v nbs all the major credit unions they’ll give you a car loan for a hundred percent financing of the car give you up to five seven some give you even up to ten years to repay so some even help you to pay the insurance

And all the setup fees all the fees that come along with the car so you can get you on the road they waive a couple months so you can drive the car for up to three months for free before you start making payments and this is how you can get a car for free and you’re gonna say what i still have to pay for the loan that is true you have to pay back your loan you

Have to pay back your loan paid on time or paid in advance if you can this is not free money the bank is just helping you to make free money now you need to insure it before you decide that you’re gonna take or that car one that you can afford to make the payments which the banks will always ensure that you have a means to pay for the car besides anything else that

You’re gonna do with a car now personally i don’t recommend that you take this method unless you have clear steps clear guidelines as to how you’re going to use this car to generate income to pay for the loan plus give you interest if you can’t if you don’t have that in mind stop now before you move any step and decided hey alright it’s easy to get the car i have

The income i have the cash flow so let me go get a car before you decide to go out and take this is not free money you have to pay back your loan and you have to ensure that you have a clear path i know you’re gonna pay back this loan right so ensure that if you’re in a job that gives you incentives for driving you could use that money to pay back to the car loan

That’s one if you have a business that’s highly dependent dependent on transportation that’s another method or you could take your car license it as a public transport and use it as a taxi right in jamaica and average taxi drivers report to their owners they give them an average of five four or five thousand dollars per day and that’s five days per week says five

Times five thousand dollars as twenty five thousand dollars per week that’s a hundred thousand dollars per month 90% of the common vehicles if your vehicle is like within one point five to three million dollars in price range you’re gonna pay back let’s say about 25,000 to 50,000 dollars depending on the time period that you get to pay back for this vehicle if

You’re earning $100,000 you know have 50 tolls not as you can pay to the car and $50,000 you can say or you can invest $25,000 peace and $5,000 back on the car you can see if $25,000 pay $50,000 on the car and you can just work the math on how you wanna invest this money but this is how we can get a car for free i’m stopping at public transportation because i like

The idea of whole you can earn passive income while still paying for the car and this is like zero money or the pocket absolutely zero so if the bank finances the car a hundred percent gets you all the road license and all the fields gets you running on the road gives you three months to repay you get a driver that brings you twenty five thousand dollars per week

Per hundred thousand dollars per month you pay 50 thousand dollars towards a car and you have $50,000 left to save or invest for whatever reason skills i mean it’s a public transport anything can happen you need to have that money put there one of the things that i find a lot that happens in jamaica right now you ask a lot of cab drivers is this your vehicle no

They have a boss do you have to report someone i’m looking at it because they don’t have to turn over the money until the end of the week know if they know in turn take that money and put it in their bank account and put it out at the end of the week with a little letter saving and pull the boss’s money give it to the boss at the end of the week the bank will in

Return in about six months will offer you a car loan that they can now own their own car and technically pay for it themselves i don’t see why taxi drivers in jamaica right now don’t own their own car no alright so now you’ve seen all of that but all of this depends on a couple of things as i said before you need to have the cash flow that the bank can see like

Hey even if i don’t care what you’re gonna do the car can you afford the payments for a car you can’t have any bad credit because if your credit is bad then you’re automatically denied and once you’re paying your loan straight i mean it’s easy you have one car it’s easy for you to get another car because you’ll have equity in that car once you’re a certain way

Through and the bank will already see that you’re paying back for the car and you’re good customer you can take out another loan to get another car now you have two cars and it just continues and continues and continues and your income flow will just go up and up and up so don’t say i didn’t tell you this is how you can earn a free car in jamaica but don’t go take

Another car getting that free car loan and then say hey you know what i heard a guy could get a free car because the bank could is gonna pay a hundred percent financing and i like that don’t don’t do that if you can’t afford to pay for it don’t just think through think it through think about how you’re going to use that vehicle to create some form of passive income

That can both pay for the loan and also put some additional income in your pocket alright guys we made it to the end of the video and in the description below i’ve linked several institutions in jamaica that can give you a 100% financing on your car loan and you can check those out and do your own research see what which one works best for you with the best interest

Rates and before you go ahead and take this out ensure that you have a clear plan on how you’re going to use this to provide a passive income that can both pay for the loan and actually put some money and additional in your pocket so you can have this car for free so remember to like and subscribe share with a friend leave your comments below tell me what you think

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