Hey guys welcome to the Channel. My name is Justin but you can call me that or jkoolii. This Channel is just me making videos about the thing i love, and thats fast, loud, and custom whips.

Uh what’s the deal y’all it’s your boy jay cooley back with another video as you can see i finally got the scat back yes sir well today’s video is gonna be on how you can afford this car or any other type of car any dream car that you have it’s possible to do at a young age people think it’s so impossible because you’re young or whatever just got out of high

School can’t have nice things if you think like that it’s going to hold you back so i’ll start off with a cold start then we’re going to get into it and we are now in the car so let’s get into it so basically you want to know maybe you’re 18 19 20 21 22 you’re young okay and you you see a car that you like whether it be a bmw a porsche a lamborghini you feel me

Whatever it’s not impossible to obtain you’re gonna have to work for it don’t get me wrong but it’s not impossible now if you have a cheaper dream car like a scat pack hellcat 01 anything under 100 grand it’s going to be a lot easier to you know obtain than say a lambo a mclaren you know all those 150 000 plus cars you know um it’s just gonna take you a little

Longer if that’s your dream goal or whatever but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it before you’re 30 you can’t do it before you’re 25 or whatever um like i said it’s a lot of people out here a lot of young people that are getting their dream cards because they’re working for it they uh strategize for it you feel me and they prepare for it it’s three things you

Gotta do you gotta prepare for it you gotta strategize and then you gotta go through until plans so basically i may be explaining what those three things are so uh if this is your first time watching like comment subscribe all that good stuff share with your friends feel me like i say if you rock with me i’m a rock with y’all and do me a favor y’all please

Watch those ads for me man it helps me out greatly i don’t care if it’s just a 30-second ad just watch it for me if i get it if it’s five minutes you feel me go ahead do what you gotta do for me but if you if you rock with me for real you know you’ll watch that jump all right now let’s get into the video so basically um the first thing you’re going to want to

Do is strategize find out what you want find out how much it costs find out what is the best deal you can get for what you want that is the most important thing and that’s a mistake people make people look at like um say a hellcat hellcat brand new could be up to 85 grand now that’s that’s a that’s a big chunk of change for most people but you can also obtain

A hellcat for 45 grand if you do the studying you see you cut that the work you have to do and have just by studying you know what you want figuring out the best price point you can get it you may not want a forty five thousand one because it may have like fifty thousand miles it will not be beat up or whatever but you feel me you get what i’m trying to say

Try to get the best possible price you know for what you want um even if you to go out of state you know it might be far whatever you might just have to bite that ill you feel me so that’s one thing now another thing is you have to work for it now um i’m not dissing nobody for working uh nine to five or whatever and i i get i work nine to fives and stuff like

That um i’m gonna continue to work nine to fives you know eventually uh just just for extra cheese but you have to create more than one source of income people who um depend on one source of income are the people who aren’t happy they’re wondering like why is all these people have all these things and i’m working so hard it’s because you’re working harder and

Not smarter this is 20 20 this isn’t your parents 1970s go work at a factory for me for 60 hours like you won’t even have time to enjoy you know your money at that point and so most people that make them happy and that’s cool as long as whatever you do in life as long as it’s making you happy you feel me can’t nobody tell you you’ve been me i i’m just sad like

That but if you can add more money on top of that by sleeping by doing nothing you know passive income that’s what it’s called passive income when you sleep you’re making money if you can find a way to do that you go golden it could be uh a business like you you get an atm i’m just i’m gonna just shoot off some ideas just because y’all wondering exactly you

Can rent out your car um you could cut hair on the side that’s not really passive income but it’s just extra income you could you uh you know do uh reselling like shoes or expensive clothes and stuff like that um you know you got to research what you like you feel me what what you can you know uh sustain you know whatever you know something that you you you’ll

Enjoy doing basically something you won’t be like dang this is too hard and you just give up and quit or whatever that’s not that’s not the way to do it you want to find something you that you love and also find something that makes you money while you sleep i know it sounds hard but once you figure out what it is it’ll become so much easier like you so you

Can do youtube make a youtube channel like it’s nothing stopping you from doing these things i’m a regular person just like you’re a regular person even me these youtube stars there’s millionaires and stuff like that they’re regular people and they started off the same point that we all started off from nothing i mean unless they like a celebrity already but

You know most youtube stars weren’t born celebrities you know what i mean so it’s not impossible to do it can we just find more than one source of income uh you know do your research and stuff like that to get the best possible price and you’re gonna have the car like it it’s as simple as that like people try to make stuff seem so far-fetched and um you know

Unobtainable and stuff like that and it’s really not that deep like this car cost me i’m not even okay i could cost me about 900 to a thousand a month now for most people they think like wow what the hell but this car is actually making me more money than you know i’m paying for it so i have a free car right now you know why because of passive income because

I’m grinding to you know you know do what i got to do to pay for this car i can stop working right now and i wouldn’t have to worry about this car like the payment is good you feel me um so yeah like just just focus on that um figure out what you want to do you know find a way to get some passive income whatever and you can have your car too you don’t even

Honestly if your dream car is like 30 40 50 all you simply have to do is work like if you go to work every day and you don’t have like a stupid big house or stupid big house payment or whatever or you live with your parents if you live with your parents that is the smartest thing you can do like as a young person if you have parents that are cool enough to let

You stay with them then do it stack up your cheese you feel me it’s just more money for you who cares what other people think most people are so worried about what other people think like oh they don’t think i’m a bum i got a car but i’m staying with my parents like it’s not even like that bro like don’t worry about them they just mad because they can’t do it

You hear me do what you got to do to get what you want um you only get one life so you know make the best of it man chase your dreams do all that good stuff yeah but yeah this is the end of the video like comment subscribe all the good stuff share with your friends um if you’ve got any comments or questions leave a comment below for me if you feel like talking

Leave a comment below i’ma start making more content uh more frequently for you guys because i know i’ve been slacking but i’m back on it y’all i promise um keep rocking with me i’ma keep rocking with y’all i’m out this thing peace bad

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