How to Invest 00 in the Stock Market (for Beginners)

How to invest in the stock market with little money.

Bought six shares for $1 apiece and he was so excited that he got started and much money but then the second thing i thought was you know what he should be everything and that’s why i’m making this video today so in this video i’m because as we know right now the stock market has come down a lot and so i know good time to start doing that and a hundred bucks is a great way

To start i am just some guy on the internet so take this advice for entertainment the stock market with just a little bit of money so one of the biggest things much money do you need to start with and the reason that i’m going with $100.00 stock market and you lost everything it’s gonna be okay because it’s only a dollars that’s fine i don’t mind you starting with that much

Money but i have high interest debt meaning credit cards or personal loans anything like however if you only have a hundred bucks that’s okay i’m gonna break the rule on money so that you can start learning how to invest plus the other good thing are gonna allow you to start investing with them with just a hundred bucks as a if you just had a dollar you could technically

Start investing with them that hard to get started with all of those different brokerages now before i main con when it comes to investing in the stock market with just a hundred gonna get out of just a hundred bucks so the one good thing about investing in you got started because there’s a lot of people out there that want to get trying to get you to do i’m trying to get

You to get off the couch get on your shares and be really excited about it and hopefully that enthusiasm drives you doing i want you to learn more about investing all because you got started gonna help you start investing the way that you really should be now i got to with just a hundred bucks the true fact of the matter is that you are not gonna stock market then you are

Gonna make a lousy ten bucks over an entire 365 day that’s the truth of the matter is that you are not going to be making very much the point is is that i want you guys to start learning how to invest because bit of money so the main point there is that you’re never gonna get rich by how to invest and that is worth a lot of money because trust me once you get then you will

Start making more money and just to be clear there is no just going off the averages over the years so if the averages prove that you but you never know because it is always a risk so just keep that in mind now if to do is find a brokerage account and what a brokerage account is is it’s different companies on the stock market and a lot of them have different pros account

That’s going to work for the type of investing that you want to be they all have different pros and cons but what i would recommend you guys this means is that whenever you buy a share or you sell a share you have to brokerages out there that don’t charge that fee and so that’s what i would best investing apps that i prefer to use so i’ll link that up here if you guys point

Of this video but you can watch that if you want to learn more about the next thing you want to decide is the type of investing that you’re going to long term investing or short term investing so just think do you want to much all there is to it i always recommend long-term investing about only a hundred bucks and you just buy a few shares it really is okay if and that’s the

Point here i want you to learn how to invest and if you’re just learn very much and so that’s the point is that if you just have a hundred bucks better and the best route that you can be choosing now if you’re just getting invest in and that gets pretty techie but really there’s just a couple things coca-cola that have been around for a long time and they’re gonna usually

Pay of their profits which is really handy for you as a shareholder but typically considered growth stocks have growth stocks these are the big ones these are really really fast in the upward trend now there is risk associated with that they’re generally pretty stable and a little slower moving so it’s really just just up to you now eventually you’re gonna have to make the

Decision on which you do is just stick with the companies that you’re familiar with so for just stick with those as your first investments because you at least know companies that you know nothing about because you don’t know how they operate based on different statistics but i would just recommend you stick with and then if you’re really not sure who you want to invest

With but you want to and these are exchange-traded funds and basically what these are is they’re just states and they can all be jumbled up into one etf and then you can invest in different outlets and different companies and that can be a safer route individual companies you can just base it off of the etf knowing that you want whatever the different type of etf is and

That is a good route to go so for me individual companies but this all depends on what’s happening in the individual company so if i have the money right then and there then i’m what’s happening in the current market because right now if you guys are paying across the entire stock market so whether you’re looking at different etfs and that is the best strategy that i can

When the bottom is we don’t know if this low is even going to go lower or it’s it’s always a risk but that’s okay because as long as you have a long-term you find a company out there that sells their shares for let’s say seven bucks apiece that doesn’t mean that the $7 is a better value than the company at 130 the last few years because just generally speaking if you look

At the going high just based on their track record and that’s all you have to be price per share does not indicate whether or not the share is a good value because you can actually afford them you want to buy shares that are a good term so when it comes to investing it can get really complicated really fast do your research out there and find different resources to start

To learn youtube videos a lot of different resources that can help you learn how to start investing learn how to do it and get more enthusiastic so that you can something you never even got started in now if you just found this channel i’m will give your life and your finances more value so if you do have an interest the video on the three best investing apps that you guys

Can watch that way watching have a great day

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How to Invest $100 in the Stock Market (for Beginners) By Honest Finance