How To Make 50 A DAY & Make Money Online For FREE With NO Website!

Use this to make money online for free with no website. No fancy website needed!

What’s going on guys in today’s video i’m going to show you how to make money online even if you’re a beginner even if you’re broke and you have no money yes that’s right you don’t need any money to do this method and if you’ve been trying to make money online this is one of the best methods to start if you have never done this stuff before now i’ve been making

Money online for a very long time now and i make money every single day and it is possible to make money online in fact my last two videos on my channel one of them i show my subscribers how i made forty five thousand dollars in three days and i also have a video showing my subscribers how i make three thousand dollars per day on line so if you want more videos

Like this and you wanna know how you can start your own online business and make money online make sure you hit that subscribe button and tap that notification bell so you know my next video gets released and smash that like button if you want to know how to make money now as i mentioned guys in this video this is completely free for you to do and you won’t need

A website so you won’t need to go and create a complicated website or blog or funnel or landing page or anything like that you can do this without having a website and it’s free for you to do now in this video we’re going to follow a few simple steps that are going to take you through this and show you how to start and grow wealth online and by the end of this

Video i’ll take you from a complete beginner to an expert and you understand how you can make money online and you understand how this make money online concept actually works so let’s get started and i’m going to show you exactly how to do this but first for my subscribers and for anyone that’s new to this we are doing a giveaway for one of my courses or for cash

All you need to do is find the emoji in this video somewhere and then comment below emoji plus cash or emoji plus course and then smash that like button now you don’t have to be on mobile if you’re on desktop just type the emojis like smiley face or tiger or monkey or something like that whatever the emoji is just type it or on your mobile phone put the emoji and

You could be picked for the next winner in the next video i’ll put the winners from the last video up on the screen we’re gonna do two again so how do you actually make money with this guys for free without a website we need to follow a few simple steps so you can get this started so make sure you pay attention watch this all the way to the end otherwise you won’t

Understand the steps and you won’t know what to do this is very important because if you don’t watch everything how are you going to actually go and implement this and make money so the first step is simple we need to actually find a network and a product to promote and you might be thinking how do i do this like how do i actually make money online without having

Something to promote without having my own product you don’t actually need your own product to make money online what you can actually do is go to a website called clickbank or there are other ones as well if you want to find other ones just go into google and put in clickbank alternatives and you can find some alternatives to this platform now what clickbank is

It’s an affiliate marketing marketplace so you can find products where you get a commission more on that in a minute what you want to do is you want to go sign up and you want to sign up an account it’s very simple to do the next step is you want to actually log in and click on marketplace and you’ll be taken to a place that looks like this and you can actually

Go down and you can find particular products to promote so for example if we clicked on e-business and e-marketing i would make a hundred dollars if i promoted this i would make 200 if i promoted this so this is what you actually make and to promote a product all you do is you click promote and you’ll get what we call a link and i’ll click generate hop links

And there’s a link right here okay now i’ve actually been making quite a bit of money with this this week let me just show you uh not not with this particular method that i’m showing you but this is kind of to show you that it is possible to make money online so we’re 17 000 40 000 so we’ve done like um over 50 000 in this account in the last two weeks now what i

Want to actually talk to you about is if we go back to the marketplace you’ve got all of these industries that you can find products to promote now for this particular method i recommend you find a product to promote that’s in like a hobby or something that you have a little bit of knowledge in or you actually have an interest in so for this example we’re going to

Actually go to games and we’re going to go into the gaming niche and these are the types of products that we can promote so this one here is the is the i guess that says the doogee world of um warcraft guides we will get 93 dollars per sale so two or three of those per day and that’s 200 per day we’ve got this one here which is 217 dollars in the fifa game if we

Go down we have more this one here is um world of warcraft gold guide 245 dollars per sale we would only need one sale of this to make 200 per day so this is where you actually find the products to promote now what i could actually do is i could open this up this is the gold one and i could go to here and here we go so people can literally buy this product and

They can get more gold in world of warcraft okay and all i would need to do is click promote and i would get this link generate link and i send people to this link here and if someone makes a purchase this is how it works if someone makes a purchase on the gold on the course or whatever it is you get money and the person that owns the product also gets money as

Well this is called affiliate marketing but the problem most people have is how do you actually get people to purchase how do you get the traffic okay that’s really the big thing like there’s lots of products you can promote but what i recommend you do is pick an industry or a product that you have a little bit of knowledge on for this traffic method that we’re

Going to be using how do we go out and how do we get traffic to these links so you can make some money now this is the next step so step number two is we need to get traffic to your link so let’s say in clickbank you’ve found an industry and a product that you’re interested in by the way if you actually click so sorry if you click on the affiliate page here they

Actually give you resources that you could use depending on the particular product that you promote some don’t have resources and some do have resources this one does have a resource they’ve got banners they’ve got videos you can use they’ve got free trials you can use you could literally go and send people to a free trial page you can do um cpc campaigns so i

Sorry ppc campaign so pay-per-click campaigns advertising uh they’ve got pre-made articles and blogs and all sorts of things that you can use to get people to purchase this particular product this is called affiliate marketing material but what you want to do is you want to go and get some traffic so if we actually go up to facebook and this is free traffic we go

To facebook here and on your facebook page what you want to do is you want to go down to groups and you want to basically just put in so search groups i’m going to put in world of warcraft now you can actually do like general gaming and stuff like that it doesn’t really like matter like general gaming but if you do warcraft it’s really really specific now usually

Most gurus online will tell you to go into these groups and spam your link but you don’t want to do that because it’s not really going to work in the long term okay you’re not going to make money consistently doing that method but what you want to do is take advantage of something that facebook’s doing right now so facebook is really pushing groups we are growing

Groups really really quickly now here’s one of my groups that has 37 000 members and i haven’t done anything to promote this i’ve just let facebook do the work for me so what you actually want to do is you want to go and create your own group based on world of warcraft or whatever product you’re trying to promote okay create your own group it’s very simple to create

A group you just go up to here and you go to group okay and you can create a group but what you want to do is you want to have the keyword in your group name so i might say something like world of warcraft tips and you’re going to start a group on world of warcraft tips now the thing about having a facebook group is you can make a lot of money from them i’ve i

Make well over six figures for seven figures per year with my groups and my other kind of organic channels but what you want to be doing is you don’t have to have your face in the group or anything like that what you want to be doing is you want to be providing value in the group so there’s a few ways you can do this the thing with facebook and to grow groups right

Now is you need to keep engagement going get people engaged there’s a few ways you can do that you can run polls you can ask people questions say look we need to get rid of the spam right here this is um some spam from someone that’s spamming don’t do that because you’ll just get banned but what you want to do is you want to provide value so here is my moderator

And he’s basically got a whole article here on value right and then loads of people comment 65 comments what facebook does is they actually go and push your group to a lot of places so first of all they will um actually push it in the search bar but when people are actually in groups they can see your group on the sidebar as a suggested group that’s how you grow

These groups because facebook is pushing groups more and more if i go to groups right here and i take out world of warcraft real quick what’s going to happen is um nothing but what happens is you can go back to people can go to the to the discover page and all of these groups get suggested to them okay these groups get suggested and we’ve got um categories we’ve

Got all sorts of things and here’s a group here 105 102 000 members 85 000 members you basically want to go and build up your own community and you want to keep it engaged because if you keep it engaged facebook is going to push it in the algorithm they’re pushing groups a lot now now a little bit of a trick if you don’t know where to get like tips and tricks on

This topic you can actually go into google and you can find world cra world of warcraft tips and you can actually go to these websites right and you can rewrite your own content based off this type of stuff just go and rewrite it into your groups like this guy’s done a really really good article here and people are getting engaged you want to go and write really

Good engaging content and grow that group then once you grow that group you can actually start to monetize your group so i post my youtube videos in here and i make money from this i also at the top i have this pinned post here and i make money on all of my products okay so this is what happens is people come in they see these links and they make money from that so

You could go and put in your affiliate link from clickbank in this group but the most important thing and this is the next step is to grow your group and don’t try and make money straight away so here’s kind of like the tips that you could like replicate all of these tips you could put in your group but you want to go and grow this group and then once you start

To get a lot of members then you want to actually monetize if you start trying to monetize straight away and start spamming links in your group facebook will pick up on that and your group will die it’s happened to lots of my groups and they have to start new groups okay so you want to just keep it like a really nice balance do a bunch of value get engagement and

Then maybe once a week post a link to the product okay don’t do it every single day now the best thing about facebook and their group structure now they have things on the side so they’ve got growth stuff they’ve got engagement stats so you can actually see how your group’s growing and you can keep growing it and keep growing it by putting in the effort to provide

Value then what happens is your group shows up on the suggested feed in facebook and i’m telling you right now like groups are massive groups are growing really really big in facebook so this one here twenty eight thousand we’ve got seven thousand here twenty one thousand four thousand forty nine thousand seventy one 000 so you’ve got all of these people that you

Can promote these products to and because you’re in the world of let’s say world of warcraft for example there’s actually two products that you can promote from clickbank in the world of warcraft niche this one is two four five so you simply go and promote this product that’s all you do you go and do a post once you’ve built up your group and you go and post it

In here but you need to provide value first to grow that group if you don’t you’re not going to make any money online now if you want to know how to make some more money online guys i will leave some links up on the screen that will take you through step by step on how to make money online don’t forget to smash that like button tap that notification bell leave a

Comment below and i’ll see on one of the videos on the right

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