How To Make Money Online In 2022 & GET RICH! (MY SECRET FORMULA) E-Commerce

Today I’m going to be teaching you my secret formula to how I make money online with e-commerce and how you can incorporate your online business (store) and social media monetization to get rich in 2022 ! There are so many ways you can develop side hustles which can then become your FULL TIME INCOME like it did mine!

Hey buddy and business family my name is isabella i’m the owner of two six figure earning online businesses today i’m gonna be breaking down my formula of how you can make money in 2022. as long as you have a phone in your hand and access to the internet you have every single way you can make money in 2022. and yes you guys know how i teach it on my youtube channel

You guys can start doing this with zero dollars not only is this just gonna show you like how you can make money online but this is gonna show you guys how you guys can build something that can last you potentially a lifetime for example my dad he works a full-time job for the city but he loves photography that’s like his hobby but he’s not sure how he can turn that

Hobby into a full-time income in the world that we live in today we are able to turn our hobbies and the talents that god gives us into our full-time income and i made this video to show you guys how you guys can actually do that and there’s so many things you can do without showing your face so you don’t have to be good on camera if you’re camera shy or you don’t

Want to show your face you absolutely do not have to so not only will i be incorporating how i’ve built two six figure earning online businesses to throughout this video and utilizing my own personal experiences to help guide you but i will also be helping you guys figure out what you can start so hopefully by the end of this video you will learn how you guys can

Start making money online as well and maybe even making it your full-time income like it did mine of course make sure you guys give this video a huge thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel so i can continue to make videos like this for you guys i came across this quote the other day and i had to read this to you guys scarcity of capital leads to abundance of

Creativity abundance of capital leads to a scarcity of creativity so this quote right here is exactly how i’ve been able to build these online businesses so fast and generate so much money in the short period of time if you guys have not already seen how i turned 100 into 400 000 this year make sure you guys go check that video out i’ll leave the links somewhere

On the screen and in the description box below the true meaning behind this quote is that if you start off with little to no money you’re going to be more creative and find more creative ways and think outside the box rather than somebody that may be throwing a bunch of money you know they have had you know their parents give them loans to use for business they have

All this money so they think like oh i’ll pay this person this i’ll pay this person this instead of getting creative and building a community around their business now let’s get straight into this video the first step in this formula is you want to pick a niche when picking this niche you do have to think how profitable is this niche and if you guys are unaware and

You guys haven’t already watched my channel i have not showed my face and nearly any of the videos that i make to make money online it’s mostly completely faceless so if you’re somebody that you don’t want to show your face online or you’re not somebody that’s comfortable in front of the camera you do not have to be for example if you are someone that you’re into

Health and fitness if you wanted to make videos about that were more educational based these videos are going to make more money for you long term rather than something that is based for kids such as animal videos or opening toys or unboxing things so after you have something in mind or you’ve done some soul searching or you just want to try something that you’ve

Always been interested in now is the time that you are going to make a tick tock now a lot of people say well you can’t make that much money with tick tock alone and that’s true even though you can make a lot of money with tick tock live streams and even views is it really substantial long term what’s so great about tick tock is that tick tock has so much influence

Over so many other social media websites if you’re starting out with zero followers on tick tock you can still have a video that goes viral which means that you can build a following nearly overnight there’s no other social media quite like this which is why we’re so lucky to live in the time where we have tick tock to utilize it if you’re in a country that ticktock

Is not available if you have instagram reels you can also do this as well so i actually know people on tiktok with millions of followers but they still have to have an actual real-life job because they’re just their tik-tok account alone does not produce enough income the reason for that is because they are not funneling their tick tock following to another platform

For example with my business account i am constantly funneling any viewers that i have from my business account to my website to my e-commerce store so i’ve created a business and all i do is i post tick tock and they just shop the link in my bio and they shop with me through there but if i was just relying on tick tock just to get the views and just get make money

Off the views i would not make enough to be able to do this full-time but you don’t necessarily have to get into e-commerce in order to make money online with my dog’s tick tock account even though i did make an e-commerce store for her we funnel all of our following to our youtube channel the youtube channel produces a source of income for my dog’s account so even

Though we make most of our money for my dog’s account through youtube we have funneled all of that following from tiktok if you can use tick tock as a system to bridge a following over to another platform that is the key to making money in 2022 so whether that’s an e-commerce store or your own personal blog or a youtube channel etc that’s up to you and what you

Choose to do like i said before the first thing is to pick a niche and a topic and i also recommend that your niche or topic has some sort of value personal vlogs were very popular five years ago but i just feel as though now it’s a little bit harder to gain a solid following on vlog accounts instead i would dive deeper and try to find a certain niche that you can

Grow off of instead of one account just being like throughout random things like me personally i used to do like hair makeup clothing i didn’t have like a solid knee it was just like my personal stuff but i was never able to make that a full-time job other than like me getting free clothes me getting brand sponsorships because my niche was not solid enough and i

Feel as though i didn’t have enough value with that now of course there’s instagram models out here making bank after fashion nova promotions every month and that’s still a great source of income but for somebody that’s just now trying to get into the game in 2022 i would focus on if you’re trying to get into fashion for example to just focus on just fashion but

To make videos on tick tock and funnel your tick tock following into your instagram account or youtube account the key here is to focus on short video content so when you create your tick tock account focus on mastering tic toc content and i have so many videos on my youtube channel of you know how to make tick tocks how i edit my tick tocks etc but focus on video

Content you’re not going to learn it overnight just by me scrolling through tik tok and watching tick tock this is another way that i’ve been able to learn but if you are able to master short video content creation that is really the all the key that you need to be able to be successful online if you ever need ideas to figure out whether or not the niche that you’re

Picking is good or that it gets views you can always just do a simple youtube search just go through their youtube videos see what goes viral and then you can go from there i definitely think social media in 2022 it worries less about how pretty something is on the exterior and more about how much value something has so if you keep that in mind as well i think that

Will help you go in the right direction and just remember that a lot of times you might think that something’s not interesting but to someone else that might be making their day things that you do in your personal daily life even though you don’t think it’s anything that special can have a very special impact on people around the world i kind of think of tick tock

As a portal to the rest of the world and because we can go viral and everyone has an equal chance of going viral this is why i recommend anyone starts with just mastering the tick tock algorithm in order to funnel their following to other social media networks that you can fully monetize on or if you’re somebody that’s getting into ecommerce you can pick the niche

That you’re in build a following or that niche that you’re in and then start selling your own products in your own store as long as you are funneling people from your tick tock or your main social media to other social media accounts or to other ways that you can sell them things or monetize that is the key to making money in 2022. and i know everybody thinks well

I don’t have a following how can i do that i started with zero followers two last year you will gain followers through tick tock you just have to be consistent and the number one thing is that you have to believe in yourself tik tok once they figure out what kind of account you are and like what you’re posting they are much more likely to show your posts to people

That are interested so for example if you’re doing fishing videos they’re going to pick up on that like okay this user is doing fishing videos they’re going to show you to people that are interested in fishing videos therefore you gain an audience with the fishing videos that you can direct you could sell your own fishing product you could start your own e-commerce

Store based on fishing supplies you could direct those viewers to a fishing channel on youtube there’s just so many possibilities with like even the most basic type of thing and if this is already something that you’re doing in your daily life or that you’re wanting to start as a hobby if you already have everything then that means you can literally start doing

This with zero dollars and you guys can do this at any age only advantage that younger people have over older people is that they were more exposed to technology for a longer amount of time so they were studying it more when the older generation maybe wasn’t as on it as much they weren’t exposed to as much as they were growing up but anybody can learn this as long

As your mind is open if you’re spending hours on social media every single day imagine if you could be spending the same time or less and actually making money and it could be your full-time job all it takes is some faith and open minds and hard work to actually get there and i think the hardest thing is working towards it without getting paid people in your life

Are gonna tell you well you’re not making money how much are you making off of that how much can you really make after that even people to this day don’t believe me when i say how much money i make from these online social media platforms but again that’s why you don’t listen to people that aren’t doing what you want to do in life there’s so many possibilities

Online as long as you have some sort of passion for something or even if there’s something in your life that you want to share with others whatever the case is just go for it and always try to look for opportunities to stand out amongst the others as well so basically with any type of niche even if there’s other people doing it you can do it better than anybody

Else doing it and you can do it different than anybody else doing it when we started my dog’s account there was already so many other dogs making youtube videos making tick tocks but there was something about our videos that stood out to others that touched others and even though we never thought that you know making videos with our dog was something that could

Actually be profitable or that was something that other people liked it was something that we just kind of went forward and started posting and this would snowballed into today and even with my ecommerce store i just started it if you guys have seen my videos of how i grew my ecommerce store i literally just started it i had no idea where it was gonna go i started

Selling something completely different that i’m selling now as long as you believe in yourself and you work towards it and you continue to be consistent it will snowball into more and more thank you guys so much for watching i hope this video helped you to inspire you in some way and that you learned something new if you have not already hit that subscribe button

And like this video so i can continue to make videos like this for you guys and of course if you have any comments just comment down below i love to read you guys’s comments and i try to answer as many as i can make sure you guys follow me on instagram as well i’m always posting business tips and inspiration on my instagram stories hold me closer

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