How to Pay for College

Need help paying for College? At San Jac we are here to help – this video will give you important information about applying for financial aid. To find out more visit or call 281.998.6150.

So you’re thinking about coming to san jac what you wondering how you’re going to pay for it right well first off it’s cool that you’re looking at san jac this is a great place and i can tell you from my own experience that you absolutely can’t afford to come here whoa hold on now how do you know everyone can maybe you’re just mr money back hardly i just went down to

The financial aid office got some help yeah me too but uh my parents had to bug me a lot before i’d go i mean the cost to go here is already way lower than a lot of other schools so i thought why bother i’m guessing your parents thought about it differently oh yeah they did and you know i found out that there’s all this financial help out there a ton of it and it’s

So easy to apply for yeah it’s really no big deal did you know that six out of ten college students get financial aid i’m talking about students all over the country including those ivy league schools hey if they’re getting it you definitely should be gettin some too right wow you’re pretty smart for a non ivy leaguer so maybe you can answer this stuff question

Why are we sitting in front of this green thing it lets you perform money magic check it out for it that’s that’s pretty cool now can you make some cash magically appear oh well i can show you all the types of financial aid you can get fine go ahead and press me well first of all there are grants and scholarships which you never have to pay back it’s like a gift i

Call this free money my favorite kind yeah no kidding my parents favorite too there are all kinds that you can apply for but you can also look into student loans which have low interest rates ton of options here too oh and don’t forget those work study programs i’m doing one of those you mean you have a job yes a job through the school it’s better than having my

Parents working two jobs what are you opposed to earning your own money no it’s just that i spent all my time studying oh oh i see was that studying you were doing at the student center yesterday actually yes a few of the girls in class asked me to tutor hey can we get back to the financial aid please if we must okay well there’s lots available it’s easy to apply

For in a play get this it’s free yeah i thought it was gonna be kind of a pain but the people in the financial aid office are so helpful yeah you think they might be able to help me out with my organic chemistry homework you know they probably could but i’m thinking they will ya hey but they will help you with your fafsa ah fafsa the free application for federal

Student financial aid very good and remembering what the name stands for is the hardest thing about it yeah it’s definitely easy with this one form you can pretty much apply for all types of aid at once seriously even if you don’t think you’ll qualify for aid you should fill it out yeah you might be surprised at what’s available to you’ve got nothing to lose and a

Lot to gain it’s easy it’s free and if he can do it you sure can don’t you have a job you need to get to look go ahead and take the first step fill out the fafsa you don’t even have to be admitted to send jack yet to begin the process you can do it online right here and remember the people at the sanjak financial aid office can help you out with anything you need

They’re great yep here’s a number give them a call i want to try this thing goes for me

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How to Pay for College By SanJacCollege