How to Pay for College in the US as an International Student (100% Financial Aid) | Ep. 4

Want to study at a US university but worried you can’t pay?💰✏️ Today we feature international students who’ve successfully received scholarships and financial aid to study abroad for FREE.

This is by far the most popular question filipino students and parents ask me is it possible to get financial aid or scholarship get ready? because today we are explaining everything about step two financing your studies hi i’m katie a student at cornell university and i’m phillippe a student at wesleyan university today we’ll be featuring current and incoming filipino

Students studying at u.s universities yes, the answer is yes financial aid is awarded based on need after you provide your financial statements and is calculated by the institution what you think you need may not be what the college thinks you need? it is important to consider need aware versus need blind schools need aware schools are schools that consider an applicant’s

Ability to pay a higher financial need means lower chances of admission in certain schools need blind schools on the other hand are schools that don’t consider an applicant’s ability to pay they usually meet an applicant’s full financial need by evaluating their profile you should still apply to need aware institutions, even though a greater financial need puts you at a

Bit of a disadvantage you never know merit-based scholarships are awarded to students even if there is no demonstrated need because a student has shown distinction in academics athletics or another area examples of merit scholarships are dartmouth college’s king scholarship wesleyan university’s freeman asian scholarship and duke university’s robertson scholarship you just

Have to research i’m janna and i received the scholarship under the college of arts and sciences from new york university my tip for you is to maximize all the available online resources there’s so many websites that can connect you to scholarships from different organizations and it only takes a few minutes to apply for most of them i am tj an incoming freshman at dartmouth

College and my advice would be to look at the financial aid options that each school offers and research on the percentage of admitted students they give financial aid to you should also check the average amount of financial aid they provide i’m christine attendant scholar from new york university my tip for you is to apply early and to be aware of the different financial aid

Policies of schools my name is philip bongabang and i was a 2018 filipino recipient of the freeman asian scholarship of wesleyan university that you would use your scholarship to give back to the filipino people in the future make sure that these intentions are authentic and that you emphasize them throughout your application the application process is financially accessible

With the right resources check with the us university you’re applying to to see if they can waive application fees standardized test fees or other fees some local schools here in the philippines also give fee waivers so don’t hesitate to reach out to your guidance counselor and see if these are available contact our education usa advisors to learn more about financial aid

And scholarships also, if you want to learn how to make the best application check out my youtube channel where i did a video on how to study abroad. i interview students who’ve successfully gone financial aid link down below new videos will be uploaded every wednesday and friday. so make sure to subscribe to my youtube and facebook channel also follow education usa cause

Philippines and me katie tracy on social media so you don’t miss out got any questions connect with education usa advisors for free mentorship about the five steps to us study and cause philippines to talk to current students studying abroad all these helpful resources will be linked down below standardized test exams at act and sat as well as how to study and prepare to

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How to Pay for College in the US as an International Student (100% Financial Aid) | Ep. 4 By Katie Tracy