How to Prepare for Your Investment Banking Spring Week (Tips You NEED TO KNOW)

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It is wednesday 20th of march and in today’s video we are going to be talking about how to prepare for your spring weeks because spring weeks inside weeks are fast approaching many of you in the uk will be doing your spring weeks even next week or two weeks from now and so i thought it would be useful to do a video that will help you prepare before you start what

Is going on youtube welcome back to the channel for those of you that are new here my name is ourselves saying you can find out a bit more about me through the social media links below or you can check out my website which is a weekly videos every wednesday around four months ago and to hit 10,000 subscribers so soon it’s just mind boggling like i’m

Super happy i’m super grateful and more than anything it’s because of you giving up your time every week to watch the content that i produce or thank you in advance now in today’s video we are going to be talking about how to prepare for your spring weeks or your insight weeks and i’m always spring weeks inside weeks they’re more common in the uk if you’re not from

The uk i apologize in advance so you can skip this video if you want or you can watch it to see if you learn anything because you might be able to apply these tips to your internships okay if the term spring week or inside week is new to you you might want to check out this video which i released a few months ago and it basically gives you an overview of what a

Spring week is and what the purpose of it is long story short spring weeks are for first-year university students and it’s one week work experience at an investment bank most people that go onto spring leaks tend to convert them into offers for summer internships so it’s the easiest way to go on and get an offer to join a company full time so the usual route is

Spring week convert that into a summer internship and then convert that summer internship into a grad scheme now in today’s video we’re going to be talking about how to prepare for spring week and in a few days i’m gonna release a video that tells you how to convert your spring week into a summer internship so if you haven’t already do subscribe do turn on the

Post notification so the bell where it’s there or there turn that on so when i release that video you can see it it’s important to know what type of spring week you’re gonna be doing if you’ve got an offer for some spring weeks are generic and others are divisional now what i mean by that is some spring weeks the generic ones give you an insight into the company

And all of its different divisions so they tell you about the investment banking division the sales and trading division asset management finance operations they give you a holistic overview of the different divisions and how they do that is they get lots of people to come from the different divisions and present to you now those are the generic insight weeks and

Then you’ve got the divisional or the division specific insight weeks such as the ones at citigroup or goldman sachs so if you’re on a divisional spring week or inside week the term is interchangeable you need to i would advise you to make sure you do your research around that specific division so if you’re going into the markets division make sure you know what’s

Going on in the world of which have a sub sector or which have a asset class you might be working within so if you know you’re gonna be on the high-yield desk or on an equity desk on the trading floor make sure you know what’s going on in the markets around the news and the commercial aspects related to your desk specifically if you’re going into a spring week

That’s focused specifically on m&a or within the investment banking division make sure you’re up-to-date with all the recent deals that are going on in the market any developments in the market that are going on as well as being up to date on what’s going on in the news and what’s going on specifically to that division make sure you know what’s going on with

That company so make sure if you’re going to intern at citi or goldman’s make sure you do your google search see what new developments they’re working on to see if there’s any recent or new initiatives that the bank is implementing whether it’s division specific or not because these things will give you conversation starters or touch points to mention when you’re

On your spring week and it’s an easy way to create dialogue with analysts associates vp’s md’s rather than being there and not having anything to talk about okay is extremely important to know that as a first year university students companies don’t expect you to know anything so you can go into a spring week knowing that they don’t expect you to be an expert on

Any of the divisions on any of work that they do more than anything they just want to see a keen student who is genuinely interested in a career in the financial services sector so you need to show them you’re motivated and you’re enthusiastic and you’re actually interested in a career in finance now you might go on a spring week and this happens a lot and find

Out you know what this isn’t for me because it’s to a process the bank wants to see if you’re interesting and if they like you and you need to see if that bank if the culture is right for you if that bank is if the work that they do or if that division does what you’re interested in interests you or not and so it’s a two-way process in order to prepare for your

Spring week you need to one know everything there is to know about the company whether it’s researching the website news google searching them seeing what comes up seeing their social profiles not everything you can about the company to make sure your commercial awareness is up to scratch make sure you know what’s going on in the world make sure you know what’s

Going on not just politics but geopolitics financial markets anything and everything make sure you’re up to scratch because oftentimes these are conversation starters and when an employee is able to have a in-depth or good conversation about some commercial awareness some news something in the markets with an intern or a spring intern it really stands out and then

Before you know where you know one person or someone else who knows your manager and they put a good word in for you so that’s very important and last but not least the third point to be aware of is you want to come across as enthusiastic motivated willing to learn and literally just you’re there to gain an insight to learn and see if it is something that appeals

To you okay spring weeks are usually either one or two weeks and it’s important to see it as a one or two week interview i’ve mentioned already it’s a two-way process and so always keep that in mind so when you go to an interview what happens at the end you get to ask the interviewer or the interviewees questions right so make sure before you go into your spring

Week you have five or so go to questions that you can ask anyone and everyone that you meet that way you don’t introduce yourself to someone and then the conversation dies down make sure you have these five questions they could be like you know what’s your story how did you get to your current position where did you study what do you do in your role why have you

Joined this team as opposed to joining a team in a separate division why have you joined this team within this division all these questions they’re conversation starters obviously avoid any questions that prompt a yes or no answer so avoid closed-ended questions go for open-ended questions and just have a dialogue with these people more than anything i’ve learned

That when you’re just genuinely interested in learning about individuals and learning about their story learning about how they got to where they are why they do what they do and just being interested the conversation just flows for those of you that are introverts like i’m an introvert believe it or not a lot of people think i’m an extrovert but i’m quite oh i

Used to be quite reserved wasn’t really comfortable like approaching random people and asking them questions but the key i’ve learned what helps me or what helped me as an introvert was just ask lots of questions get them talking 99.9% of people love talking about themselves especially people in the world of banking big egos some of them some of them not so much

But people love talking about themselves so if you can ask them lots of interesting questions get them talking they’ll naturally be a dialog and then you’ll stand out more than some of the interns that aren’t doing good question asking perception is reality no matter what you do people will create a judgment about you given how you walk how you dress how you carry

Yourself and so it’s very important to know that going into an insight week or starting a new job before going into an internship and so it’s very important as one of your tips or one of the things that you should do to prepare for your spring week is pay attention to your wardrobe make sure the clothes that you wear to your spring week it’s only a week or two

Make sure they fit make sure they look good make sure they give off a very presentable vibe because it’s very important and people will pay attention now let’s say managers for example they don’t want to hire people who look scruffy and messy even if they’re bright because it gives them a bad reputation or it makes them look bad and when you’re joining the world

Of investment banking or financial markets it’s very client focused industry whether it’s external clients or internal clients and you need to be presentable most times and so don’t look don’t shoot yourself in the foot by not being presentable at all times remember it’s a one to two week interview so always have your tie up done all the way to the top always

Wear smart clean ironed clothes females don’t go extravagant with the bags and jewelry and the high heels play it safe always play it safe guys don’t go extravagant with the jewelry as well or just keep it safe don’t be too loud very important to know on your spring week there will be so the banks will put on socials for you bowling going for drinks whatever event

Is networking drinks some of these might require you to be dressed down always play it safe you don’t want to be that one intern who comes a bit too dressed down and then stands out for the wrong reasons on the topic of socials goal and had fun it’s very important but don’t get drunk don’t go over the top and create a bad name for you because you’re going to ruin

Your chances of securing an offer you’re gonna ruin your chances of you know making a positive impression and you’re just gonna shoot yourself in the foot so pay attention to what you’re gonna wear make sure before your insight week starts make sure you try and all your outfits and because sometimes when you buy clothes and you try it on it might not look good with

The combination of other clothes that you’re gonna put together so make sure you try it on look in front of a mirror get a second person’s opinion and make sure you’re happy with the way your outfits look and make sure you feel comfortable because when you look good you’re gonna feel good and when you feel good you perform good and you naturally have a more positive

Outlook and vibe and approach going into your interviews your spring weeks your internships and your jobs so that’s very very important now a lot of students like the other day one of the students at bath university asked me you know how can i prepare to stand out like all it should i be learning all the financial valuation techniques excel modeling all of that

To know all that would be great but the truth is on a spring week you’re not going to really be doing much work like a lot of your time is gonna be gone on like you’re gonna be sat down with all the other spring turns and or spring interns and you’re gonna be sitting there and watching presentations from different individuals within the division or from different

Divisions and you’re going to be learning now at the time that you do spend with your team you’re likely gonna be doing one of two things first thing is work shadowing so if you’re you’re not going to be given your own screen and trading and have money to trade and invest into the financial markets you’re going to be shadowing traders if you’re on the trading floor

Otherwise you’re going to be working on your presentations or your case studies or your projects because at the end and this we’re going to go into on the next video so make sure you turn on the notification bell to make sure you get notified when i published that in a few days you’re going to be working on your case studies and your presentation because at the end

Of the spring week you’re likely to present what you’ve been working on and that will be a large contributing factor in whether you get a return offer or not as well as an assessment center or an interview and i’ll touch on all of that on the next video so make sure you check out treat it like an interview so as you would go prepared for an interview that’s how you

Should prepare for your spring week and last but not least honestly just be chilled out don’t stress it’s normal to be a bit nervous but just be yourself the most important or the best piece of advice i’ve got was just be yourself and that’s what helped me get my office at the various banks and all these companies is because often times i realize that when you’re

Unapologetically yourself you just you’re more comfortable in your own skin and you’re not really trying to be something you’re not and then naturally if it works it works amazing it’s meant to be if it’s not then it’s not your fault nothing you can do and that bank or that company isn’t the right place for you there’s so many other institutions to go and explore so

Just be yourself be eager to learn go in there with the open mindset with the growth mindset where i’m gonna go and spend a week at this great institution i’m trying to learn as much as i can my game plan is to network meet lots of people take their business cards follow up with an email thank them for their time grab a coffee grab another coffee towards the end

Of the spring week just meet lots of people have a good conversation and just learn learn learn because see as this you’re gonna spend one or two weeks in this large investment bank this global institution and you’ve got a past that gives you access to all of that go in with that path and just try and get as much info as you can learn as much as you can because

Later on you’re gonna be applying to internships whether you get an offer or not it’s good to think about applying to internships and when you’ve got all of this information that this great pass has given you your id card i’m talking about that will help you with regards to your summer internships so keep that in mind hopefully this video has been useful for you

The honest truth is there’s only so much preparation you can do ahead of a spring week most of it is just turning up being yourself being enthusiastic networking and just trying to be a sponge and learn as much as possible if you’ve got spring leak coming up leave a comment below let us know which division or which firm or any concerns or questions you’ve got and

If you found this video useful do give it a thumbs up if you haven’t already do consider subscribing to the channel and i will be releasing a new video in the next few days with tips on how to convert your spring week into a summer internship thank you and i’ll see you then peace it is wednesday 20th of march i was at both university university of bath on monday

As part of my uk university tour so this is something that i started in september 2018 travelling the uk going to different universities and different university societies and talking to them about talking to the students about how to secure insight weeks internships acing the application process creating strong cvs cover letters anything and everything to help

Students across the uk get into top tier banks consulting firms businesses organizations startups fintech companies whatever it was now my uk university tour took me all over the uk if you’d like me to come and speak to you or your university or your society do drop me an email at info at after the saying calm and we’ll see if we can make something happen i’ve done

The uk university tour and i’m gonna keep doing that but i’m open to you know travelling across the world speaking at universities colleges in other countries wherever across the globe always happy to with the aim of helping young people students and graduates kind of get to where they want to be i’m all about helping up so yeah before i just share that

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How to Prepare for Your Investment Banking Spring Week (Tips You NEED TO KNOW) By Afzal Hussein