How to sell a car at auction MAKE MORE MONEY

how to sell a car at auction make more money

Have you ever been on these websites that instantly give you a quote to buy your car seems simple enough right and you get your money quick and hassle-free stop right there i’m gonna show you a way to get more money by putting it through the auction yourself and it’s actually far easier than you might think stay tuned so bright you might already know i bought

A honda s2000 at the end of last year i spent a bit of money on it fixed it up and i even put a full body wrap on it in a really nice satin gray but i’ve decided to sell it so i did what everyone else would do if you’re gonna sell your car i advertised it online but as soon as it or not sods lock him and slap me right across the face one day i took the car out to

Refuel and the eps light came on woody the dps light glad you asked now eps or electrical power steering is pretty much the norm now most modern cars have it it’s a lot easier to me and 10 it’s less messy it’s getting now but if something does go wrong then like any electrical device it will just turn off and that’s pretty much what happened to my ass mm it’s

Apparently a common fault who knew so that changed my plans a little bit i couldn’t exactly go and carry on selling it privately with this fault and i’m a busy guy i don’t have time to go and fix it i think it’s time for me to upgrade my car just don’t sell me to one of those online car buyers welcome to car buyers online where we karen t to buy your car please

Give me a moment while i evaluate your car for the most minor of issues now my first plan was to go through one of these buy your car sites i entered my regem mileage and got a value of five thousand eight hundred and thirteen pounds i’ve actually used one of these sites before and i know when i bring it down they’re gonna assess it for faulty parts and damage and

Take off quite a bit i know that one of the reasons i didn’t go down this path is because i knew that my honda s2000 wasn’t the cleanest and i had quite a lot of faults and a few bits of damage for example the radio didn’t work the aircon didn’t work the windowsill i had to cook right down the middle because some of the rubber was already perished the alloys was

Seriously corroded so using my experience of so so using my experience of my last visit i expect so using my so using the experience of my last visit i anticipated them to reduce the offer to about 5,000 pounds and that is only if the eps light didn’t come on during the assessment so is there another alternative well yes working in the trade i know that all the cars

They buy in they’ll just ship them all to a fair auction site i thought to myself i’ve dealt with car auctions before let’s just cut out the middleman and maybe make a little bit more money now i have a trade account with the auction site but don’t worry if you don’t have that because you don’t have to have a trade account to sell with an auction all you need to do

Is drive down to your nearest car auction site drop off your keys drop off your logbook signing a entry form set a reserve price and if you don’t know a reserve price just ask the auctioneer that’s behind the glass they have the valuation system and they’ll tell you what it’s valued up and that’s it leave the auction and once it sells you get paired normally sells

Within one to two weeks so once you’ve done that you’ll find that your car is advertised on the auction website now the good thing about the auction website is it gives you the trade values and if you catch struggles through the auction you can use these trade values to set a more realistic reserve we are now at the auction place but first of all an even taller

If you’ve never been to an auction before they don’t just do practice like this they also sell things like a bmw i8 searched everywhere for my car can’t find it anywhere i found it i can’t get to it i’m gonna be one of the last ones in the auction in it oh my word can’t get to it at all put it to them so far my car it’s right here but the only unfortunate thing

Is it’s outside and the auction is inside with another about five hundred cars in front of it so it looks like i’m here for a long wait so i’ve got a bit of time now cuz my car’s not gonna go through auctions for a bit and and i’ve just realised this might be the first time you’ve ever been to an auction so i thought i’ll go through a few tips like maccabi i’m

A range rover evoque i think 54 player it’s done a hundred and fifty three thousand miles and you i know exactly what you think you think bargain wow i’m gonna bid on that i’ve actually done a little mot check and it’s filled the last three amorites so doing simple reg checks online it’s free to do it might save you from a massive headache in the future –

Fine very high area accent accidentally bit higher great tip number two adorned appointed auctioneer whilst you are in the auction room because he just thought i made a bid for the st2 20 but i have been kicked out the option room because i was recording on my phone and you’re not allowed to do i’m just admiring in this audi a3 s line just look at those alloys

All the way around denting it that’s pretty difficult to do right so i’ve got tiny tiny bit of time so i thought i’ll give you another cat there for what to buy a volvo v70 levin that is already being crushed in to so if you’re the age of 18 you want to buy one of those no worries and here’s a fork here in lovely disgusting lime-green and there’s a bit of blood

There still on the handle probably from the last person it crushed into my cars nearly about up because i could hear a vtec engine so hopefully this car tip has helped like i said before you get three tries in a car auction and on my first attempt mike i didn’t sell he only got to about five thousand nine hundred pounds but on my second auction i got an offer of

Six thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds i accepted it and i got a check two days later if you take away the fees it worked out much better compared to the buy your car websites now i know i have a trade account so my fees are a little bit less the auction has a set fee of five hundred pound for private sales and the great thing about auctions is the vehicles

Asks all the seen so if you can’t see the false visually and there’s no warning lights on the dash then you are much more likely to get more money for your car than let’s say if you took it to a buyer car website and they accessed it well i hope you enjoyed today’s episode and i hope some of you out there get a little bit more money for your car now that you know

What the auctions are all about goodbye

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How to sell a car at auction MAKE MORE MONEY By XeRo