How to Sell A Car on Craigslist NO HASSLE TIP #1 – Count The Money Before Touching the Title

This video will help someone who sees it. These are not vanilla tips on how to photograph your car in the right light or don’t forget an air freshener… No. This is real talk, based on my experiences, that can save you time and hassle.

My tips for selling a car on craigslist successfully with the least amount of hassle possible this is not going to be stuff like how to take pictures and make sure you vacuum out your car no this is going to be the stuff that’s gonna save you the time and the hassle at the dmv later on down the road real talk real world stuff let’s get right into it tip number

One when you go to sell the car you need to consider two separate events and tasks that need to be take place and they need to be separated those are counting the money and writing on the title with any form of ink or alteration on the title those two things need to be separate meaning they should not be happening at the same time they both deserve the independent

Attention of both but both parties buyer and seller while they take place separately from each other i’m sure it’s pretty much the same in all states but if you write something in the wrong place where you cross something out on the title it is a huge hassle to deal with at the dmv you’ve got to get a letter sometimes it has to be notarized from the but from the

Seller or the buyer depending on where the error is and what’s crossed off and better you’re gonna be able to prove that you’re not committing fraud if you if there’s any sort of scratch out or error or misplaced word written on the title for that reason counting the money should be done completely separately from writing on the title as the seller here’s what i

Recommend you do i recommend you look at the title before the transaction even before the meet up even happens so you know exactly where you need to write as the seller what lines you need to fill out and where you and the other party need to sign that way when you get there and you’re excited cuz a lot of cash is about to change hands you’re less likely to make

A mistake because you already have looked at it and you know what you need to do i recommend that you as the seller ask the buyer for their drivers license and fill out the entire portion of the form except for their signature including printing their name on the correct line before you even attempt to have them write anything on you on the title for your car and

When you go to get them to sign the title you should indicate and and instruct them on exactly which line they are supposed to sign on before you hand them a pen and the title so they and get them to acknowledge that they know what you what you are intending for them to do and where to do it because after you leave with this track transaction especially if it’s

Through craigslist optimally you never want to see this person again you don’t want to have to call them or them call you because the titles not right at the dmv and get some letter sign you don’t want that now naturally you would only write on the title after the sale has been completed and agreed upon and basically finalized because this is it you might think

This is a trivial detail but in essence writing on the title is the most important part of the entire transaction so this will be after you have the money so which brings me to my main point that counting the money is a separate issue from signing the title not i’ll count the money while you fill out the title uh uh alright so get the money counted at your price

That you’ve agreed upon count the money before you even attempt to have anyone put any alterations on the title that’s the point that’s tip number one both parties should be watching while the money is being counted and paying attention and both parties should be watching when the title is being altered and that’s tip number one state oonh for tip number two wait

A minute wait a minute i’m a reasonable guy but i’ve just experienced some very unreasonable things wait

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How to Sell A Car on Craigslist NO HASSLE TIP #1 – Count The Money Before Touching the Title By Red Pill Vegan