How to stay in shape as an Investment Banker working 80 hours a week

In this video, I talk about the secrets of staying in shape whilst working up to 100 hours per week as an investment banker.

You need a 24-hour gym that’s one of the leaderships i definitely recommend just because sometimes you need your schedule gets busy today it’s a little bit of work working on the business meeting and catching up with friends it’s with me having two gym memberships and 24 hours and these are coming and still getting my workout around my schedule um yeah probably

Going to start with some foam rolling really really important i’ve noticed is i’ve trained over the years to avoid injury thankfully touch wood i haven’t had any injuries but yeah does foam runs good avoids you kind of going to physio every so often but i still do it just gets the blood flowing through the muscles gets me warmed up and ready to hit big sessions

Foreign tournament i had for work and i think a lot of people knew that i was from my left later background but they didn’t assume they assumed that i wasn’t um agile which i mean but i was agile before i got big so uh i was banging the goals top goal scorer 70 of the team’s goals it’s a shame because uh no one was able to record it but now that was a good

Tournament and yeah how i tried to do it was that tournament with sorry who was the tournament with work in it yeah it was like an investment bankers lawyers and some accountants or charities it’s really good because it was given back to underprivileged schools and what the cool thing about this tournament is that they had uh representatives in the underprivileged

Background so people from where i grew up so uh burmanzee southeast london and peckham and they were just asking questions and the good fingers it was just people like me and i was able to um communicate with them effectively because you came in the same situation and said listen it’s a dream or whatever you want to do you just got to be intentional about your

Path so that was really cool to give back yeah okay back to the this is raven world so that last one i like to do is the cables this just allows me to really really squeeze the muscle get the trash from sewing and yeah just end the workout let’s go this is raven beats thanks for watching everyone this is a quick workout quick hour still going to go out

So we’re going to have a good time but yeah quick back pump make sure you get your compounds in it’s really really important to expand on then you do a few things such as the cables we’ve just done such as the preacher curls and such as the barbell rows in order to intensify that muscle and do more reps and it’s your boy banker aka life of soul and we are out peace

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How to stay in shape as an Investment Banker working 80 hours a week By LifeofSol