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Hi guys today we’re going to talk to you about how we got ourselves a 60% plus savings rate per month my name is chen and i may be of the humble penny loafers you join category and what we do in this channel is giving tips hats and insights for you to become financially dependent one day and live in life with money joy so i’m gonna jump straight in and kind of

Talk about our singles right right wish you saw that’s a good choice food right so we’ve got our mates here just to make sure we don’t forget these some of these savings but they keep them to make sure we mentioned though is there’s a stable money voting one part of the equations and your other part of the equation it’s actually making more money and so we’re going

To use this video to talk about the savings nment and then on a different video i’m going to talk about the various ways we make money to kind of help to boost that seems right and one of the things we do is we also determine against buy things in bulk from local shops such as rice policy lentils and keep costs low yeah we whi have a plant-based diet so you don’t

Worry about me do we buy a fish and that also helps keep costs low that’s my life some reason it’s not less than reasons but as a result it yeah i did a youtube video recently so we’ll link it down below and youtube video it was basically how we live well on 50 pounds a week food magic so do check it out for some content how much you save from doing that we make

Save not 240 pounds super right so on the food as well the other thing we do is when we cook food at night we tend to take them for pack lunches for work so four out of five times on average would take food from home to work and that typically saves us five pounds of days if i estimate mid mary 160 pounds per month on lunch sales to them talk cars because cars

Represent that big part of people’s expenses each month a lot of the time we’re talking about expenses that people really don’t notice ongoing expenses insurance and things like that so what do we do so we drive an electric cart and it’s only leave that we bought secondhand it’s a 2013 nissan leaf and that car has been possibly the best thing not investing we’ve

Ever bought the gears from went from spending around 160 pounds a month on only these old so now spending in total about 28 pounds per month and that car without coming over pa if any rotax has been how to do in the uk and we don’t pay anything a congestion charge of driving in central london and the car is such an amazing team i to drive and we absolutely enjoy

It for doing that we say a great deal about 250 pounds a month when you add up all the savings from phil savings to tax havens and so on okay so another thing that we do is that we negotiate and seek better deals so if things like car insurance home insurance me take annually as a person monthly and we also do a price comparison site we just bargain hunt for the

Cheapest deal and i’m gonna stop we usually saying around 100 pounds a month fantastic right so let’s now talk about the home right soon our home is probably the most expensive thing that we typically purchase in our lifetimes so that’s going to come up how we save money around the home we did a video recently which channeling below on how it became mortgage-free

In seven years and that has played a huge role in terms of our savings rate being so high as well to go talk about what we did to do that so one is that we started making over payments right from the very getgo sizzix about mortgage apple making over payment monthly and i think an 500 to a thousand pounds and every payments where the money’s were making from side

Hustles and things like that and i worked out that the interest we say from doing that ranged from anything between 400 pounds and 500 pounds on average which is huge saver for us so another thing guys if we had zero tv packages at homes you know skype you have netflix we save around what two hours a day you have spend sitting down watching tv and other results

We make saving of about 50 pounds per month yeah i think the thing about the tv saving as well is this it’s not just the money saving there’s such a good time saving yeah there’s also what it does when you’re kind of mindset and you’re kind of state of mind of being and stuff like that and say the fact that you’re spending a lot more time being more creative for

Us has had a huge impact in that we’re making a lot more money as a result of doing that rather than actually wasting time and wasting money from ever just watching tv okay so let’s talk experiences so things like gym memberships for example our friends typically pay on average between anything between 50 and 100 pounds a month for a gym membership some in fact i

Know people who paying a lot more than that for specialist gyms so we don’t we don’t have gym memberships anymore boy did and so what we do is do lots of walks we track our steps and things and that’s been fantastic for us for saving money for having gym memberships so typically would have expected to pay between 75 and 80 pounds each month that’s what we used

To pay but now we save around a hundred and fifty pounds for month by just not having to mention and it’s that going out there and exercising super strong and kind of only got to play when we thought you know what but we can do this yourself oh yeah just be a really nice take away even just go to the supermarket buy the food and make some stuff at home yeah and

Then once in a while go out to hell yes so we do go out and if we do that we discount codes online there are times when we stumbled to in a restaurant just because we we go there after the night out and we literally don’t have phones go online and see any discount codes we can find we tend to if we didn’t want to eat how we might just eat off-peak so they do a

Lot of deals on thursday and the place western friday and so we make reduce it back to you yeah and sometimes you do opportunities as well so rather than have dinners you can have lunches this tend to be quite cost-effective so mary might come in to central london for example and meet me for a lunch instead of dinner because attends we’re not cheaper than actually

Having dinners in terms of experiences so talk about events for example so we always look for free events where possible so websites such as timeout eventbrite you should have events that people tend to ignore most at a time but exist day after day it kind of the major cities around in london for example so we use those websites those search repents what we also

Do which is really handy as a family is we tend to drive our cars i’ve mentioned before the electric car into into central london we’ve part for free and we go to the museums in london which mason which are free pretty much all of them up in here for free and actually got new york many people but we will tend to go and enjoy those as fantastic a fantastic way to

Have a family day out as well as to save money really until we take sandwiches as well which is it’s herb spice which is just amazing he’s been driving to london park i just have some fun right so your holiday we started exploring the holidays in the uk now and such as a sense of partridge the last one yeah so definitely making more use of local nation abroad yeah

Think about uk holidays is that if you aren’t careful holidays in the uk could actually cost a lot more than holidays abroad so you really do have to choose what you’re doing and where you’re going but we found somewhere like centre parts for example with a big family was really really cost-effective for a short weekend away now yeah for long-haul type holiday

So what we tend to do is we do one uk holiday and took it in for one oddly aboard and then we’ve been there in the past but you blow in that cuz then kiss me love traveling but worried about holidays abroad it tends to do mostly europe and the hack bears that we do travel rewards sanders amex split points i’ll put a link below so you can see which one i’m using

And what we do with that is playing strong or you know pretty much everyone can see whether if their family members buying something really expensive or tend to just go through a corner then they just pay a card off if we’re buying significant thing playing forward is thinking on the card as well and we do refer also friends so lots and lots of our friends kind

Of doing a similar things we’re doing and we’ll refer these things we get a referral habeas planes that we also use for these long-haul flights and savings that come from traveling comes around a hundred and fifty pounds per month which has been fantastic alright guys so clothing so in with kids you know how quickly they grow up some clothes but it can be quite

Expensive very expensive just open them but what we found was that we have for example boys are blessed with so many cousins older cousins and they literally get very good quality clothes handed down to them as well its trainers shoes and likewise we hang down are those two other cousins friends and family yeah if then you find it’s a very simple good quality

Clothes and we’re talking things like ralph lauren okay they’ve got some cousins who just wear some really expensive clothes and when they pass these things on they look way better than you’d expect for secondhand clothing our kids actually think that we buy these things from the shops i know i’m not going to say that but it’s just amazing because the clothes are

In good condition and what have you and we really enjoy taking on we don’t like it be honest we they’re taking on second including and from being married you know it might look like you know we shop but really and truly retailer so you notice i wear lots of plain plain t-shirts and you know things like that that is super cheap by weather because most people don’t

Notice them really really kind of wearing the same things together which is fantastic for me because there are days and years gone by where my really expensive clothes such a list of most such a waste so well that which we reckon we spend i was safe around a hundred pounds a month on just taking second hands to half as well it’s just deferring the gratification just

Most landing on place basically say five hundred pounds a month or savings we close in just those examples we mentioned will save about seventeen to eighteen hundred pounds per month just from watching our expense is making sure we’re not spending where we don’t need to spend the other part to his savings great which is so critical is making more money and for us

That part is really the most exciting part big is we just love the idea of putting our creative skills to good use for example making these youtube videos as i hustle running to humble penny whether on youtube or on our blog is a side hustle and all you know the various activities would get up to to make extra money are all things that help to boost that savings

Rate so we don’t other not to make as videos you know i’m gonna just leave that bit and do it on a different video so you can get the full kind of detail on kind of how we make wonderful different other other different sources and how that helps us to boost our sales rate the guide then we have it we hope you enjoyed it yeah this is our first video together we’re

Really excited to have done it you’re on screen together they’re making the years-plus is really exciting we’d love to hear from you actually to know what how are you saving money how are you boosting your statement rate what is your savings rate actually like to know that please let us know in the comments below and what you currently saving what’s the percentage

On your disposable income and you save in each month and if you enjoyed that would love to know what tips you know you might need to implement in your life please make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already you might have a year and you please make sure you come back great and we look forward to seeing you in the next video yeah super take care guys bye people

We buy and still own breath okay this channel is to give you the tips hacks and insights for you to yeah yeah

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