I bought a motorcycle…what now? | Motorcycle insurance breakdown

I know I know, a Daytona update has been overdue. After waiting way too long I finally get this bike on the road and take you guys along with the process. Here’s what you have to do AFTER you buy a motorcycle.

Oh before this video is over i’m riding this motorcycle what’s up guys so a lot of you guys know that i bought the daytona 675r from triumph and that’s kind of all you guys heard you heard that i bought it and then i haven’t really talked about it since well that’s because there’s a long process of once you buy a vehicle or a motorcycle you’ve got to get

It registered and get it insured and all that kind of stuff and i haven’t gone through all of that because there’s just been a lot of stuff going on so today’s the day i change all that and it has been a really long time since i’ve had to do that myself the last time i did it was with my 2009 r6 which i did in april of 2013 i think back then it was orange

And i called it holland now it’s red and i call it holly that’s kind of insane to think about it that the last time i had to do any of this stuff was four years ago with the r6 so you know i’m a little rusty with the whole situation so i figured this would be a good opportunity to bring you guys along with and show you the process of what it takes to get a

Motorcycle registered and what you got to do that way in the future if i forget i can watch my own video and also if you’re looking at doing this kind of stuff you’re welcome let’s go register a daytona 675r okay so triumph sends me this little package information after i sent them a check and this has my bill of sale my title and some registration information

The first thing i have to do is call my insurance company and get uh an inch like a get the bike added to my insurance policy currently right now i’ve already got t on an insurance policy and i’ve got holly over there so now i’m going to call my insurance company and be like hey add a vehicle onto that whole thing the cool thing about this whole situation is

With me giving holly away soon i’m basically just switching sport bikes on my motorcycle insurance stuff so i’m hoping the price will just kind of go up while holly and the daytona are still on and then once i give holloway and take her off it’ll go back down to normal so i’m hoping that happens i’m not sure what the insurance difference is between a daytoda

675r and r6 i guess we’ll find out all right so i’m going to call my insurance company hey i need to um add a vehicle to my insurance policy that i have with you guys that lady is smart because instead of me sitting here trying to say all these numbers i am just going to send her a photo of the vin number and all that kind of information and then i guess i’m

Going to call her back and get all that figured out because i need to know how much it’s going to cost nah okay so i just emailed them that information so we’re gonna get that figured out figure out how much it’s gonna cost get the insurance on it because you cannot register the motorcycle to ride on the road and get a tag and all that kind of stuff until you

Have insurance on the bike which kind of makes sense so you don’t go kill yourself and then somebody has to pay for it and after i get the insurance and i have some sort of proof of insurance i can then take the bike to get it registered so hopefully she’ll hopefully she’ll call me back relatively soon because you know i want to ride that thing hello so now

I’m going to wait for the rest of that phone call this is the not fun part actually this is not even the not fun part the not fun part is going to the dmv but this is this is also not fun i’ll see you after an hour i’ll check back in after i have that phone call yep yep thank you all right bye okay so i just got up from the insurance company they are adding

The triumph on and uh interestingly enough i talked to the like owner of the specific place we were talking about the r6 versus the triumph and surprising the insurance is very close uh in price the r6 is a 2009 with a 600cc engine and then the triumph is a 2017 with uh a 675 engine so it’s a little more engine and a much newer bike and the only difference is

A hundred dollars a year like a year just for reference the r6 says insurance i’m currently paying 1 119 per year for insurance and the daytona is going to be 1215 a year so it’s only like 10 it adds up like what some like nine 10 bucks a month difference so uh that’s pretty cool i’ve currently got the r6 still on the insurance because i’m gonna do like a

Couple more videos with it before i send it off to tyler but um for a month we’re gonna be we’re gonna be paying a lot of insurance money so there’s that uh they’re gonna get me my insurance like proof of insurance emailed to me and once i get that email i’m gonna then be able to go to the dmv and i’ll show them my bill of sale my title uh the insurance on the

Bike and we should be good regardless though now that we got insurance and i’ve got a temp tag i’m gonna get to ride that regardless if i go get it tagged today is happening this is a temp tag that moment that you actually realize that today is august 18th and this temp tag expires on the 13th welp i guess we’re just gonna hope to hell i can get a tag today

Because otherwise i won’t get to ride the daytona sonoma okay here’s the situation i’ve looked up on the website uh by the way if you’re watching this video and you’re trying to do this whole situation make sure to check your uh your state’s website for all this information because this varies state by state so if you’re not in georgia might not all work for

You but the thing on the website for george’s dmv says that if you have a temp tag you have to bring the temp tag up there to get it registered before the temp tag expires or you have to extend the tags time we’re about to go print out the insurance card so i can prove that i have insurance on the bike but i’m not really sure what’s going to happen with the

Whole temp tag thing uh there’s no way to find that out until unless we go so uh made the journey and the excitement of all of this begin all right ladies and gents we are coming up on the tag title registration all that kind of place uh i’m gonna run in here and see what’s up and i’ll update you shh lord help us all whoa success okay so i now have a tag for

The daytona woohoo it took a little longer so all i needed was the bill of sale i needed uh i got my insurance card not faxed but emailed to me but this place didn’t was they weren’t able to use the insurance card so i had to like call my insurance place and get them to send me some verification document so that took a little long time but i had my license i

Had my bill of sale i had my title and verification of insurance and that’s all you needed uh the website said all this other kind of you needed and i guess that was a lie long story short i have a tag for the uh daytona now and it’s uh insured so i can ride it i’m gonna go ride it now okay bye okay all right let’s go for a ride oh guys the moment i have

Been waiting for for so freaking long i can finally ride the daytona because it’s mine i can finally ride it in a way that i want to i don’t have to you know when a bike is not yours you can’t really ride it you you know it’s like the first rides and when trying to borrow bikes you can ride them and they want you to ride them but you know you hold back just

A little bit because at the end of the day you don’t want to wreck it and then i’ll be yours all that kind of stuff but finally this bike is registered it’s mine oh okay let us ride this beautiful freaking machine oh my goodness you hear it you hear the whistle oh i know some of you guys aren’t fans of the whistle i’m most definitely a fan of the whistle

Man you know the second you actually get a bike like get a bike your brain starts going so crazy about like oh what what can i do to modify it like what are the modifications i want to make on it literally have like this is the first day i’m back on this bike and i’m already thinking like what do i want to do to it that’s oh yeah you got you sir you were the

Coolest of cool that guy’s more got more weight in his one leg then cc is in that scooter and he’s got his lady on the back of it so hashtag engine strain i will tell you it’s been so long since i rode this bike i’m i’m already not used to the uh the clutch so you’re probably going to hear me doing like pulling the throttle way longer than i actually should

So you guys need to get used to seeing this bike because this is going to be the new sport bike of the channel you know when you want to see a fast riding session up the mountains this is probably what i’m going to be taking i keep telling you guys i got that long-term review i want to do of kind of like life with this bike for a while but after that the

Customizations will begin and there’s a cop behind me so i’m going to avoid getting on the highway increasing speed quickly because that would not be smart the good thing about this is there’s a cop behind me and i’m very well aware that all of my information is correct my tag is brand new my license and uh registration brand new it’s freaking awesome i can be

Like hey cop whatever man the power the power of this bike is so nice it’s like all of the freaking benefits i love that painting it’s like all of the benefits of a a naked bike with the instant power you don’t have to be way up in the rev range and it’s also all the benefits of a 600 where you can just kill it down the highway god i love this bike i had to

Get on the highway because it is so damn hot today i was going to ride around downtown on it but i need like airflow you can see that side of the road is terrible so i’m trying to stay in the path the least resistance right now i’m really curious how riding this in the mountains will be now because it’s the mountains where i’m always super freaking careful with

Bikes but now i can have a little bit more fun in the mountains especially on something as awesome as this i don’t know good times there ladies and gentlemen good times ahead this car is probably going to want to get over dude what if that is like a mobile garage for that person wouldn’t that be awesome to have like a car and then haul your garage around that

Would be awesome guys i’m gonna ride around the highway for a little longer and get some breeze and enjoy my brand new daytona 675r you guys are excited about seeing this bike way more on the channel make sure to hit that like button and uh you guys go out there and ride positive i’m gonna you know enjoy this damn bike i’ll see you guys in the next one later

It’s so nice to have a sport bike again i can go crazy oh i don’t ride like that anymore but i used to

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