I Cant Pay My Credit Card Bills

I Can’t Pay My Credit Card Bills

Sara is with us in las vegas nevada hi sarah how are you hi i’m doing well good what’s up well i have always been someone to pay my credit cards and if not be paying them off be paying the minimums and now i’m at a point where i need to decide how to approach the fact that i can’t pay them do i just let them sit do i call my creditors do i what do i do what can’t

You pay them i am recently separated and buncher the credit card that we had to pay old unquote cash to a rehab center for my husband and then he came back and things were not better and so now i’m paying rent for a house for my kiddos well my name is still on a mortgage and i was back to work and my take home is 550 twice a month i’m sorry so what’s he addicted

To a little bit of everything he was the one that got me started on the debt free thing but he went to rehab when i found him sneaking out in the middle of a tactical gambling mm-hmm and this is going on quite a while obviously yeah i didn’t know about it for a little while he kind of muddied up our finances to know i mean his his addictive behaviors have gone

On yeah in the last couple of years yeah how old are your kids ten six five four okay and the vote the vast majority of addicts are broke or on their way to broke so i’m assuming you all have no money yeah his job a week after he said i was moving out and i’m he’s making seventy two hundred there went my health insurance so by the grace of god i got a job i have

Health insurance but it’s costing me 963 every weeks which is why my take-home is 550 we get a i get a little bit of supplemental income because they adopted the little one we adopted other ones they were substance exposed so i get 1700 a month to assist in caring for them because they have special needs but my rent is a thousand and our mortgage is a thousand so

Kicked around the ideas at home on the market you know it is not weird that it will not be sold i just checked the mortgage and he swears a lot of the things it needs to be sold yeah well so far he stayed up to date on it until he doesn’t have a job no i know okay we’re not gonna be in denial anymore okay this guy is not reliable he’s not got a bad heart but he’s

An addict you know hundred percent the time they don’t pay their bills eventually eventually that’s why you left yeah you can’t make a life with him until he until he gets cleaned up and gets healed and so it’s why you made this hard harsh economic decision for you and these kiddos i’m sorry you guys need to you need to be very forceful and get this mess cleaned

Up because it’s gonna come down on your head you’ve got the your name on that mortgage is there any equity in the house i talk to the banker a few weeks ago and she said she thinks there’s about thirty thousand equity in it bankers don’t know anything okay their bankers you need to talk to a real estate agent and get this thing on the market jump online at dave

Ramsey comm and get an elp real estate agent let’s get this house on the market and call him and tell him he’s getting ready to sign a listing agreement and cleaned that house up and get it ready to show because your kids need $30,000 you’re barely making it here how much credit card debt is there my guess is between 60 and 70 thousand your guess so you’ve not

Added back because i know that we paid fifty seven thousand just for the rehab and then i know that since i moved out he’s been living on his credit cards and i you have my name on all of these cards what that is your name on all these cards no my name is only on two of them which is about forty thousand okay that’s all that’s your problem okay and call those

People right now and close those accounts to further charges okay does he’s got his name on there too he can use them right no i they’re gone he has no access to them okay good that’s what i want all right and so we’re limiting the amount of damage if he runs up a bunch of cards in his name that’s his problem right okay i’m not happy for him i wish good things

For him but i’m trying to protect you in these kids right now right that’s why i got the legal separation paperwork so 40,000 bucks is going to come down on your head and you can’t pay it today oh no okay so there’s not anything you can do about that today you’re doing all you can do you’ve got your plate full with the numbers you gave me you feed those kids you

Keep the lights on you keep the wolf away from the door and that’s that’s a full-time job for you right now you’re barely making that yeah you know there’s no chance you pay these guys right now so here’s what’s gonna happen it’s gonna mess up your credit oh well least of your problems right right so you just call them up and tell them if you want to but it doesn’t

Matter whether you tell them or not they don’t care they’re turkeys and they’re gonna be butts to deal with get ready for them to go crazy get ready to hang up on them a whole bunch but it doesn’t matter your job is to protect these kids and you first we’ll get to the credit card debt later i’m gonna help you we’re gonna put you through financial peace university

So you’re in a community where we can help you this hold on gabi’s gonna pick up this is the dave ramsey show

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