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I Got a Job as a Detective in Wobbly Life update | The Frustrated Gamer Wobbly Life gameplay is back and today I’ll be playing the new Wobbly Life Detective job! Let’s play Wobbly Life Gameplay with The Frustrated Gamer!

Wobbly life just got a big new update and today i get to become a crime fighting detective what is going on tfg squad my name is brandon and welcome back to wobbly life so like i said the game just got a massive new update there’s a bunch of new tasks there’s a bunch of new skins and also they added a lot of cool things like i think there’s a checklist so if i go

To the menu yeah there’s like a to-do list now so you can see all of the tasks that i’ve completed and all the tasks that i need to do so the first thing you guys told me to do was go over to the police station and i could actually become a detective and fight crime now i always steal this box truck i don’t really know why because it’s always a pain to drive i’m

Gonna steal my grandma’s car at least i think this is my grandma’s car if you guys want to see more wobbly life on the channel hit that like button and subscribe right now i still haven’t played a ton of like the old oh i was not paying attention oh no oh i’m definitely not gonna get a job as a detective now could you imagine you’re showing up for a job interview

And you just crash into the side of the building and then destroy the fire hydrant and then you ask for a job well luckily that was in the back so maybe they won’t know it’s me some dude just crashed it to the side of your your building it was actually it was grandma yep that’s her car so it had to be grandma okay hey you uh-oh maybe he’s mad at me for crashing

Into the side of the building i’m detective buck i’m in charge here you’ve come at a good time i could really use an extra pair of hands i seem to have misplaced my magnifying glass i would find it myself but i’ve got so much paperwork to do and all our other detectives are on holiday i swear i had it when i left the house this morning but i didn’t have it with me

When i arrived at the station really this detective made this entire case board for a lost magnifying glass as the this police station business you can use the black undercover police car parked outside good luck wobbly so i need to find his missing magnifying glass black car the detective said he had it when he left the house so i need to find the detective’s

House but had lost it when he arrived to the station makes sense to start looking here so i guess i have to go back to the neighborhood and i need to find the detective’s house i’m just excited to hop into that undercover police car actually the regular police cars kind of look cooler but fine i guess i’ll do i’ll use the car that he told me to use wait let me

Go back to the map so if i zoom out i don’t know exactly which oh maybe it’s the one with the star lost magnifying glass all right if i click on that the gps should take me there awesome the last thing i should do is crash the detectives undercover police car but i’m totally gonna do that oh i didn’t even do it on purpose that time by the end of today i am going

To crash this car on purpose but there’s also a pretty good chance that i crash it accidentally alright i’m pretty sure that’s the detective’s house so i’m just gonna i’m just gonna you know park it in his backyard i’m sure he won’t mind all right so this is his house did he just leave the magnifying glass in his house probably not how do i get in here do i have

To go through the garage so one thing you guys were telling me i saw it in the comments i think the detective has a bunch of different tasks and basically every day he gives you a new task and some of them are probably gonna be pretty good oh his his magnifying glass is literally right here dude never even left the house wait this is just like the world’s biggest

Magnifying glass in the world how does he see anything with this thing dude must have like some serious upper body strength can i put it in the back is there any way that i can open up the back trunk would have f to interact no that’s not what i wanted to do brandon how exactly am i gonna get this in the car f to interact then it leaves it outside what if i put

It on the front of the car jump wobbly man jump for your life alright so let’s put it right there and then we’re just gonna drive real slowly which you got oh geez okay you guys know i always drive slowly i’m the safest driver east side of the mississippi although i’m pretty sure we’re not on the east side of the mississippi right now so clearly i’m not the safest

Driver all right i’m going nice and slow oh my gosh this is gonna take forever okay i’m literally uh moving the magnifying glass by driving over it it is a it’s a wonderful method that seems to not really be working very well how am i gonna get this over the bridge well i definitely can’t go over the bridge when it’s uh when it’s up so i’m gonna have to drive over

The bridge when it’s when it’s down like it is right now brandon don’t go in the subway oh my gosh i lost it can i just walk to the police station i mean yes it’s probably gonna take a long time and yes i’m gonna leave the undercover police car parked somewhere random but i mean this is just taking forever man hello ma’am how are we doing today just transporting

An undercover cops magnifying glass that’s the size of my entire body all right here we go the bridge is finally going down you know what if i if i lose the magnifying glass at this point i’m just gonna walk it the rest of the way imagine the detective just looking out the window and seeing me running over his lost magnifying glass with the car that he let me

Borrow i would be fired in a minute also wait a second why is there another undercover cop car there now did they replace it i i literally ran into you know what that’s fine that is fine hello sir i have your glass for you ah my magnifying glass great job why don’t you fill in for our detectives while they’re on holiday i grant you the rank beginner detective you

Can take my old detective clothes so you look the part come back here tomorrow for your next briefing oh i am officially a detective okay i gotta change my clothes now i want to find out what the next mission is i gotta do it today yeah i have to wait until tomorrow now how do i get changed no i don’t want to go to jail brandon let me get changed into my detective

Clothes and i’ll come back again tomorrow for my next mission i came back to grandma’s house because i’m pretty sure this is where i can get changed into my clothes i’ve also never gone to sleep in this game before so i look forward to night time so i can sleep all right here we go f to interact oh yo dude i am officially a detective all right i’ve got my entire

Detective outfit well i don’t have any pants but you know what that’s fine i’m gonna be the pantsless detective okay so i am no longer a mad scientist i am now a mad detective with a a fake pipe blowing bubbles all right it’s 605 can i go to sleep oh i actually can i actually can oh my gosh why do i sleep so weird i’m literally dreaming okay i’ve never seen this

Before in wobbly life i’ve slept in minecraft before i’ve definitely never done it here bouncing on this bed is way more fun than being a detective but we have a job to do i have what was his name detector detective buzz or detective jimmy i don’t remember his name all right let’s go back to stealing our taxi i think it’s kind of funny that i’ve become a detective

And now all i’m doing is stealing cars all right let’s go back to the police station and let’s do our next detective job well at this point it’s just tradition so might as well run into the fire hydrant oh i think his name was detective buck hey detective give me a real good one last time it was too easy actually don’t make it too hard because then i’ll just never

Figure it out all right here we go mission number two hey detective hey now he actually calls me a detective that’s nice we have a new case for you cheese has been going missing from the grocery store really i’m a big respected detective and you had me find a missing magnifying glass that was in your house and now missing jeez we need to find out who’s responsible

I think the case will involve some good old-fashioned detective work check out the case board for more details wow dude just rip down the entire case board and built a new one overnight that’s that’s impressive work mr detective all right my next mission is about missing cheese the grocery store is where the cheese went missing a picture of the missing cheese you

Know what maybe the grocery store just has a mouse problem is that possible the cashier who’s reported the theft you know what she’s my top suspect i think it was that cashier that’s my guess talking to her would be a good place to start all right detective i am on the job all right where’s the grocery store if i go to the map they usually give me a star all right

So that’s where i’m supposed to go missing cheese hello old bag i’m here to solve a murder and by murder i mean missing cheese oh thank goodness finally someone has come to help a giant it’s a mouse it’s like i was joking when i said it was a mouse problem a giant mouse burst in here and took all our cheese then ran out the back door it was stuffing cheese into

Its mouth the whole time i’ve never seen anything like it okay ma’am call the exterminator this is not a job for the police but fine i guess i’ll look for a giant mouse ran out the back doors oh i can see little breadcrumbs or i guess it’s cheese crumbs i’m gonna wait is that is that it i’m gonna follow the crumbs of cheese don’t worry detective dummy is on the

Case all right so i’m walking in some random guy’s house excuse me sir i am on hot pursuit help it took all my best cheddar then charged out the front door oh my gosh all right i’m just gonna keep chasing this mouse what if it’s not actually a mouse what if it is a a a a murderer that is that also likes stealing cheese that’s that’s what it’s gonna be i definitely

Think that’s what it’s gonna be i mean how far could this thing go oh pizza wait a second i am a detective i put it together that guy the pizza delivery guy dressed as a giant mouse and stole the cheese to put on his pizza because they didn’t have enough money i’m gonna talk to this sky over here either that or the mouse stole his cheese too a giant mouse took all

Our cheese okay never mind this mouse is just stealing all the cheese in wobbly land it was so scary then it just jumped into the car out front and drove off i didn’t know that mice could drive there’s been reports of a giant mouse sighting at the wobbly mall go and investigate detective all right thank you detective buck so now i have stolen two police cars uh a

Taxi my grandma’s car and a pizza delivery car oh i see more cheese i see another cheese trail oh my gosh this is like the last one took me five seconds to solve this is gonna be like an entire day i saw it go into that room it had big pointy cheesy teeth okay do i need like a weapon here i’m actually kind of getting scared now oh gosh am i gonna be fighting this

Mouse i’m gonna get myself killed here aren’t i oh maybe it is actually a mouse hey buddy you’re not allowed to just go around stealing cheese squeak squeak oh you got me i’m not a real mouse i thought i could get away with it if i was just dressed up like one that i could have all the cheese i wanted no one would mind but i guess i ended up looking quite scary

I’ll head to the station and turn myself in i do not trust this guy report back to the station detective all right apparently this is a mouse that’s gonna turn himself in detective i am back and i ran into the fire hydrant again because that’s the thing that i keep doing they have fixed that fire hydrant like like five times in the last day is this the end of the

Mission or is the mouse gonna still be on the loose good work detective the suspect turned himself in before you arrived okay we’ve confiscated his mouse costume and he’s promised not to steal cheese anymore so the cheese wobbly island is safe thanks to you come back here tomorrow for your next case let me know if you want to see more wobbly life also check out my

Other youtube channel it’s called tfg vlogs and i will see all of you in the next video

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