How to begin investing in Malaysia? or How do i invest with little money or with just RM100?

Here are some investments that you can start with just 100 ring it or less what’s up welcome back to mr. money tv every week we will upload a new video about money management so do subscribe to our channel to learn about money 100 ringgit what can you do with this most of you will agree that you can’t do much with 100 ringgit today what more when we talk about

Investing with 100 other as i say the 8th wonder of the world she’s compounding interest if you can save 100 ring it every month 30 years with 7 percent return every year you will get back hundred and twenty thousand ringgit so don’t look down at 100 ringgit here are some options they can kick start your investment with just one hundred ring it or less let’s dive

Into it right now the stock bucket yes you didn’t hear it wrongly the stock market’s the minimum investment in the stock market is actually 100 units of stock you can find a stock or the kaos stock exchange there is one ringgit per unit times 100 units that will be only a hundred ring it and yes on cal stock exchange there is actually a wide selection of stocks

That are less than one ringgit you did all you need to do is look to find out i’ve attached a link in the description to a list of the complete stocks they are available on the kl stock exchange do check it out you can look through the list find out which stocks is affordable for you to invest one reminder investing in the stock market requires a little bit more

Financial knowledge so you need to do your homework before you start investing in the stock if you’re gonna simply invest without doing any study on it it is no different from gambling so if you want to invest in the stock market you spend some time learning how to invest in the stock market first now if you don’t have the time or patience to learn enough about

Stock investment you prefer someone who’s a professional to manage your investment for you like a financial advisor you can try out saturate it is online investment platform the investing etf exchange-traded fund basically it’s a fun the tracks a performance of its underlying asset such as a collection of thoughts if you want to know more about it here you

Can check out my video about what is etf with robo advisor stan will provide you with life investment portfolio that is tailored to your needs with up the expensive feel of a financial advisor with no minimum deposit or balance you can open an account and start investing we just keep key ring it yes that’s less than 100 we get even receiving it you can start

Investing with – away and for those of you who want to invest consistently on a monthly basis you can even set up an auto deduction anyway i’ve attached a link in the description as well for you to find out more also there’s prs g private retirement schemes it is a long-term saving scheme for you to accumulate more money for your retirement as low as 100 ring it

You can start api’s haha one of the major benefit of prs is this you get a personal tax relief of up to three thousand we get a beer and because of this some people actually save in trs just for the sake of the tax relief they are a prs provider in the market again you can check them out in the link attached in the description amana’s aha while most private unique

Trust company will need you to have at least five hundred ringing it to start an account with them the government unit trust amana tom only requires you to start with can even get there are two types of fun in habana for the fixed price one and the variable price but fixed price fun it simply means that the price of the unit will never change it will always be one

Widget it is capital guarantee and the yearly return is around 6% to 9% there are six funds in total for the fixed price five three four booby patras and tree open to all religions there’s also the very prize fund basically the unit pricing will change based on day to day valuation it is not too different from the private entry trust there’s no capital guarantee

And the returns is based on the basketball but so where can you body vanessa you can buy it in the post office or even online these days to a local back finally for some of you who enjoy a little bit more risk you can try p2p lending investors p2p lending investment is you invest your money by lending it to a business to expand its operations for this you get a

High return interest rate you can do this to a p2p platform such as fun society quick cash and fantastic the platform will review these companies and rank them according to the risk of them defaulting their pain which is the risk of them back pain back the higher the risk of defaulting the higher interest rate you get but it is all good you can even earn up to 20%

Ehlinger there are a few platforms for p2p lending in malaysia among them quick cash and fantastic offer the lowest initial investment we’ve just missed even gets a campaign you can start investing with them well p2p lending can be a very rewarding pestilent however there is also the chance of defaulting and you don’t get back any money so do spread out the reason

And invest wisely guys if you have been saying that you have no money to invest these are some of the options that you can start with just 100 million or less so if your friends who say the same thing as well do share this video with them so that they can start their investment right now thank you very much for watching do share of us if you have any questions or

What are some other reasons that you haven’t stopped investing yeah so sheriff as in the comments below and i’ll see you next week

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