5 Potential Business Ideas to Watch in Africa in 2022#finance #investment

5 Potential Business Ideas to Watch in Africa in 2022

Five potential business ideas to watch in africa in 2022 with africa being the last frontier of untapped markets there are numerous business opportunities waiting to be discovered however as you enter this rapidly growing market it’s important that you learn what business models have proven successful and which ones haven’t worked yet so you don’t waste your time

And money trying to adapt outdated concepts to this market here are five potential business ideas to watch in africa in 2022 one the rise of african travelers a booming travel industry makes tourism one of the fastest growing markets in the world and one that’s desired by the africans that doesn’t mean african tourists are only exploring their local area in

Reality many african travelers have recently made excursions out of their homeland for both business and leisure purposes only a few years ago african americans were among the few non-africans on safariators or journeys down the nile river in this day and age one is up to find many ethnicities from various regions coming to visit africa more importantly they are

Injecting the african economy with capital from abroad and with employment and with opportunities back home two business opportunities around energy and power one africa has an immense renewable energy potential and is at the forefront of the global shift towards clean green power with access to abundant natural resources including wind solar jotamo and hydropower

Africa is uniquely positioned as a prime producer of these renewable energies 2. the african oil and gas industry is gradually branching out into gusto liquids technology if the transformation takes place it may become a major gas exporting region three in terms of electricity generation power generation from biomass such as sugar cane or crop waste like rice straw

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Can be a less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to coal for biofuels offer a great eco-friendly option for making fuel by using locally available resources three agricultural development agricultural development is one of the fastest growing industries in africa with the market estimated to be what two trillion dollars by 2020. with over 60

Percent of the population living on less than 1.25 cents per day and only one percent of that population owning land there are vast opportunities for growth in 2016 kenya’s agricultural exports increased by 15 percent which shows that this sector is on the rise and it’s still at an early stage of development one example is green silicon valley a kenyan agricultural

Technology company which provides free farming equipment as well as consulting services to farmers who can then lease or buy the equipment other companies like agri labs or african sun limited are also targeting this emerging market for blockchain technology blockchain is one of the most revolutionary technologies of our time it’s helping people who are too poor

To afford banks take control of their finances through bitcoin and its enabling companies in the music industry to sell their songs directly online without record labels taking a cut the technology has captured the attention of entrepreneurs and investors around the world with many predicting that blockchain will be a game-changing force for economic prosperity as

Demand increases prices should follow suit in fact consulting firm delights forecasts that global spending on blockchain could grow from 2 billion dollars in 2016 to 10 billion dollars by 2021. if you’re looking for an investment opportunity and you have some experience working with this new technology this may be an area worth exploring five diversified economies

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Africa is a continent with many different economies and this has led to the development of some unique business ventures diversification is important for any company and it’s no different for emerging businesses in africa the biggest challenge for small businesses on the continent is that there are not enough markets that can support growth this means that most

African companies must focus on export markets rather than domestic growth which limits their potential however by looking at existing successful companies like any base safaricom which has more than 15 million mobile phone customers entrepreneurs can learn how to develop and provide goods and services that people want the success of these established firms suggest

Other ways of doing business in africa one approach might be providing regional or national telecommunications coverage another might be developing affordable products for people who have limited incomes but high demand for necessities like food or medicine

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