8 Low-Risk Investments With High Returns

We have another edition of The Wealth Board™ . 👨‍🏫Today we are talking about investments that give us high return with little to no risk.

You have to figure out what does that mean, dollarwise. you just wanna put all your money into risky investments, all right so with that being said we’re gonna take a look at and once again, risk is relative and we’ll talk about that but right now, you can expect to make anywhere between 1.8, that’s paying, once again at the time of this recording well, compared to the

0.05% that some banks are paying, – they’re kinda boring but they can pay a little bit more, that were short-term, but it could’ve been government bonds, the more popular options that you are going to see nowadays. so those are the first two options that we’re looking at. so typically with these there are a few different ways i don’t think i’m doing that with a tip, i’m

Just saying. you know there’s some people like, no, that is not safe. so now we’re talking getting into the stock market, at dividend paying stocks so for those that aren’t familiar if a company reaches a point where they are cash solvent, so here are some examples of some dividend paying stocks so you’re putting money in the stocks and even if the stock so basically that

Is looking at stocks that have a history i think it was 15 or 16 stocks that have never decreased so their dividends are paying, johnson johnson is 2.6% now, i do have to say, cue the editor, put the disclaimer past performance does not guarantee future results. doesn’t mean their always going to, but nonetheless it still all right, moving on to number five, we do have

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Stocks again so with the preferred stock you don’t get any voting rights. you buy any of these stocks and you have voting rights, preferred stockholders are going to get paid first. than what you’re going to see with other common stock. so all you can hope to make money on is that appreciation. whatever you’re looking for a lot of people do like you’ll hear, fixed is

What we’re talking about here. in that you are guaranteeing a certain type of interest rate the only thing that you have to pay like your penalty and you are totally fine making 3.9% for five years. but currently right now, the 10 year annuity, fixed annuity, there are other, there’s so many different moving parts number seven, this is one that i’ve had my money in i have

A few other accounts that are greater than 7%. so keep that in mind, but i have talked to other people, i think the longest one i’ve had, it’s been a few years now is with rental income or also that appreciation as well. i know many of you have tested out fundrise, you’ve had if you found any value in this be sure to like, subscribe, how to accelerate your wealth here at wealth hacker labs.

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8 Low-Risk Investments With High Returns By Wealth Hacker – Jeff Rose