Alpha Investments 6.9 Year Anniversary Set = POUND TOWN

Opening Rudy’s Alpha Investments 6.9 Year Anniversary Set Box!

Hey what’s up guys welcome back to tabletop tilt my name is matthew and i know it’s been more than a year since i’ve posted a video um what can i say the uh the flesh and blood market went to hell uh i bought rudy’s gem keeper card lost all my money so i moved out to a cabin in the woods that i built out of my monarch first edition booster boxes and i’ve been

Burning everfest paper packs for heat ever since um no seriously though um about a year ago my wife and i started some major renovations on our house uh it took months and months and i just never got back into making flesh and blood videos after that um but i have still i have not played the game since uh in about a year actually but i’ve been i’ve been still

Buying some singles some sealed product i still love the game i just have not gotten back around to making any videos but i wanted to make a video today because yes i am a giant timmy and i bought um two to actually of rudy’s alpha investment 6.9 year anniversary set and i know y’all are probably thinking why the hell would you do that what is wrong with you well

As i said i’m a timmy i even got my tim’s here with me today for opening i’ll probably should get that out of the way um reason i bought this couple reasons um i have been a fan of rudy’s for several years now i’ve been a patron for a few years since 2019. i do like rudy’s videos um i he does actually give a lot of good advice coming from a financial background

I do work for a big bank here in canada um a lot of the advice that he gives especially when it comes to personal finance and whatnot is actually really really good um and he is the reason that i got into flesh and blood and more recently collecting some of the metazoo stuff um and this set kinda the theme of this set anyway i guess the cards in it and whatnot

Um all are from the three games that i like the most the three tcg ccgs that i like the most they’ve got magic the gathering got some flesh and blood and even more recently i’ve been collecting um metazoo so this product has items from all three of those so i thought what the hell this seems seems pretty cool there’s some cool promo items there’s a chance to get a

Redemption pin for sealed product um so i thought what the hell so i bought two because i kind of wanted two kicks at the can um because really what i’m hoping to get most out of this i think is a couple things the metazoo promo cards uh so the 6.9 year um rudy card and the christmas card because i have actually so far collected one of every uh rudy promo cards

So i’d like to continue that and get the christmas card and the 6.9 your card um some of the flesh and blood promo stuff special special stuff is pretty cool um and i’m really hoping to find one of those uh magic the gathering beta alters too i think those are super gorgeous they’re beautiful they’re really well done so i wanted two kicks at the can um so we got

This one here this box is is a little more beat up it’s got some it’s got some wear on it so obviously rudy always opens the box that’s beat up uh that’s always the one that’s gonna have the money in it right so we’re gonna crack this one and uh and see what happens so let’s get into this let’s uh so you can see here it’s sealed on the bottom with the two alpha

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Investments stickers see if you guys can see that so let’s get into this we’re gonna crack the seal and uh and then there’s no turning back so well yeah like i said obviously i’m i’m hoping for i mean obviously one of those redemption pins that ends in 69 would be super cool highly unlikely though i think i mean there’s only one number 69 uh in one to a hundred

So your odds are like one percent basically of of getting one of those redemption pins that would be super cool though obviously um other than that like i said um hoping for some some of those uh metazoo promo cards um that’s cool be greedy when others are fearful and you got to see if you guys can see that there stay the course produced by alpha investments

Designed by lexus art lexitis art okay i’ll have to look that up so right on top here we got the uh the six pins got the flesh and blood dice flushing blood dice let’s see if we can pull one of those out it’s got a little bit of dust on it i thought it was a little worn out 6.9 those are huge yeah those really are really big blue and red pretty cool i like those

I’ll keep those for playing those will come in handy for magic oh look at that i can already see down to down to the third layer we got a metazoo card down there don’t know what it is but i like that so hopefully it’s one of those uh one of the christmas rudy santa claus promos because those are uh those are going for a lot so i want to see if i can get these pins

Out without looking at the layer underneath yet i wonder if i can pop these out let’s maybe use use my tool see if we can pop these out oh there we go so what do we got we got 1448 you guys can see that one four four eight so swinging a miss on the floppy taco maybe we’ll set the i don’t set the pins aside i don’t want to uh i don’t want to damage my play mat by

Putting pid side down but i don’t want to waste time sticking them back in here by the way i got the uh i got the rudy santa claus play mat because obviously we’re hoping for a rudy christmas here hoping to get some sealed product with one of these pins redeemed for some i don’t know some magic or metazoo so we got 1893 so i’m gonna miss there too like i said i’m

Not holding my breath though your odds are your odds are basically uh one one percent there’s uh 1512. on the alpha investments logo pin let’s see if we dumpster fire 2020 dumpster fire stay the course oh close close but no cigars 1762. all right serious video time serious video time let’s go another kick at the can oh this one’s serious video time having trouble

204 204 another swing and a miss all right last chance we’re gonna pop out the uh the bookcase here 1813 all right no redemption there these are nice pins like i don’t know what the hell i’m gonna do with these but they like they are heavy it’s seriously good quality uh you got the alpha investments logo on the back i don’t know what the hell i’m gonna do with

These like other than the chance at redemption they they look nice but i don’t know the pins didn’t really appeal to me um too much but they are really nice the quality is fantastic i i do have to say that so let’s get into layer number two i think as soon as i pull this out we’ll see what oh no i think they’re upside down i’ve watched a couple other videos and

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I believe okay what have we got what have we got here okay so we got a meta zoo we got a flesh and blood that has come out of place a little piece of foam stuck in there and we’ve got a booster pack it’s a magic the gathering booster pack i don’t quite know what it is yet might be double masters um so we’ll set we’ll set that top piece out of the way so we got

One of everything we got a metazoo flesh and blood and a magic the gathering booster pack all right well let’s pop out the meta zoo first rudy’s nice metal all right i was hoping for one of those those these are selling for like um i’m in i’m in canada and so in canadian dollars these are going for at least 150 bucks um i know i saw one sold last night it was an

Ebay auction so you could probably list it buy it now for probably 200 bucks i don’t really know i think about one one to 150 at least uh for rudy’s nice metal that’s sweet i’m hoping to round out the collection of rudy promos because i have one of each so far so let’s take a look at the flesh and blood card what do we got rudy the mechanic i will flush your oil

For 69 one of one um and it’s signed by rudy that’s that is hilarious um is it worth anything i have no idea but it’s super fun that i have a giant smile on my face that is hilarious rudy2022 rudy the mechanic sixty nine dollars rudy you can flush my oil anytime for 69 hell you can flush my wife’s soil for 69 anytime you want i’m okay with that and what do we

Got it was double masters all right a pack of double masters um draft yeah they didn’t have collector packs for the og double masters well i was hoping for i was really hoping for a beta altar but let’s crack this path let’s crack this back and see what we get hopefully we get like a i don’t know a jace or what else is in this set isn’t uh i don’t even remember

It’s been a while no time to look at commons riddle smith mirrorsmith esperzoa hey thoughtsies that’s actually pretty dope in the og art i mean if you’re gonna get a rare that’s not bad and swift blade vindicator i think we do have a foil common oh two foils right i forgot about that skin brand goblin defiant salvager hey not too shabby if you’re gonna get a rare

Thought sees i will take it okay so let’s get into this bottom layer i know we can i got another metazoo promo here so i think we got the six point or the uh the christmas card which is sweet that’s all we got in the bottom so those are the pin those are the pin backs stuck down here at the bottom so if this is wow it is it is the rudy claws promo card that’s

Pretty sweet so i really actually wanted both of those i said at the start of this video i wanted both of those promo cards and that’s what we got so um am i gonna open the second rudy 6.9 kit well i’m not gonna do it on in this video i might do a second video um but i got both the promo cards i wanted that being said i really did want one of the beta magic the

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Gathering altar cards that’s flipping cool though um i think this so all in all um probably did not quite get to the value of what i paid for this in like this basically cost me in canadian dollars because the exchange rate is so right now i had to pay in crypto but buying crypto and then essentially having an it converted to us dollars in an equivalent amount it

Was basically a thousand dollars canadian for one of these kits um the rudy’s nice or the rudy claws i know is selling for a lot i saw i saw one sold for like six hundred dollars canadians so that gets a lot of the way there if the rudy’s nice metal is another maybe 200 bucks then that makes up right there most of the value um not really much value i’d say in the

Double masters pack and the flesh and blood card though i don’t know there’s probably another solid 100 150 bucks i have seen some of these uh some of these 101s selling on ebay for 120 bucks plus so um so you’re probably you know eight to nine hundred dollar range at least not including the dice and the pins and whatnot so not bad not like a home run obviously i

Was hoping for one of the uh the 69 medals we got number 62 there got close but uh i’m still happy i’m still stoked about it because i got the two flesh and blood promos that i wanted and um the the rudy the mechanic that’s just fun and hilarious i love it it’s got the alpha investments uh uh holo sticker on the back i’m pretty excited about that because i do love

Flesh and blood like i said i love the i love flesh and blood i love the game and i love collecting the uh the meta zoo promos so all in all i’m pretty happy with this the values just about there i have no idea what these big dice are are selling for um but i’m gonna keep them i don’t really give a i think i’m gonna keep all this stuff i’m not i’m not planning to

Sell any of it i like all of it i like flesh and blood magic and metazoo nothing against any of them so that’s about it that’s about all i got guys i thank you so much for watching i am gonna try and make more videos in the near future keep it going um and rudy if you actually do watch this video like you always say thank you for the honor and privilege of giving

Us the opportunity to entertain you for a change this was a fun product i don’t care what anybody says this was a neat really cool unique fun product and i’m happy with it i don’t i don’t know what anyone else says i don’t care i’m happy with it um i do i’ll probably open the second one there’s not really much sense in keeping it sealed i think they are selling

For about the same price um that rudy sold them for on the secondary market so it’s not like i could sell the second one and double my money i don’t think so um so it’s probably probably just open it see if we get any uh see if we can snag any of the 69 redemption pins stay the course the 2020 stay the course dumpster fire that is a hilarious pin actually um

That’s it guys tabletop till thank you so much uh for watching appreciate it we’ll catch you soon later

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Alpha Investments 6.9 Year Anniversary Set = POUND TOWN By Tabletop Tilt