Beone, the most authentic, dynamic and high return on investment part-time platform in 2022.

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Hello friends welcome to my youtube channel here we come to share an amazing project it is b1 dot vip amazing website if you want to join this website you need to be registering this application first of all you need to provide your username in this box after that you need to enter your password your login password and the your withdrawal password with all password

Can be changed from your login password and you need to enter your log withdrawal password again so here is an invitation code the invitation link will be provided in the description box of the videos you can directly click on this link and you can join by my link to this application so it is a amazing interface application you need to enter your email address

Your verified email address after that you need to enter it capture in this box the captcha will be changed according to registration so when you complete to fills up the farm you need to click on the register and you will be directly on the main interface of the application application so i’ll let you go on the main page of the application here is the big one

Main interface of the application b1 registration user before 18 october it is the scrolling banner 18 october 2022 can obtain the right to withdraw 2 as usdd from the meeting requirements so here is the accumulated commission is one dollar i will show you the account details here here is the my account details so whereas the vip tasks can i complete so i here is

My tasks i click on this button it needs to invest so i will show you all details of the orders tasks there is the latest announcements page you can read all latest announcements from the latest announcements page here is the legal document company profile you can read the certified website the certificate of the website is available here on the uh legal documents

Page so i will first discuss the about the income if you invest at level zero and vip zero your price of usd 0 and the daily task you can complete to 0.5 uh is your reward daily rewards will be one the availability for the period are three and total revenue total revenue time will be three and if you are in a level vip one you can you are invested 30 years usdt

You are you can complete daily task to 0.5 usdt will be your income and the daily rewards will be one your availability will be 365 days you can earn revenue for 365 days air level vap2 you can if you invest 169 usdt you are delete you can complete daily tasks for five and your daily word will be 0.9 usd 4.5 usd daily remarks uh validity period if we discuss is

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365 days and total revenue will be 1642.5 usd at level 3 level 4 level five level six level seven level eight and level nine vip level one if you invest fifty thousand and eight hundred usd you are daily task will be completed for 40 and the rewards will be 60 your daily rewards will be 2400 uh validity period is 365 days and you can earn uh lx 76 thousands uh

Total revenue you can gain when you’re buying the high and vip you will detect the value of the current vip levels invitation reward here in discuss about the invitation rewards the invitation regard reverse will be big so uh we discuss editor level one level zero we can gain nothing if we invite the invitation second person vip one 38 if he invests 38 usd you can

Directly on 5.7 and level 2 can get 2.6 and level 3 can get 1.14 usd that level 2 if the person that joined by your link invest 169 usdt can you can get 25.35 usd directly into your account and your rewards will be at second level 11.83 and level three you can get 5.07 now we can read all the charts so on uh providing by the profile so only when vip zero upgrade

Vip1 to vip nine for the first time the refer can be enjoy the invitation rewards here is the chart we can discuss here we can it is easy to understand so uh you can get 15 after the actual investment amount of level 1 subordinates uh you can get seven percent the actual investment amount of two subordinates and you can get three percent actual amount of the level

Three three seven coordinate here are the team tasks we can disc we can get 10 percent of level one subordinate task rewards you can get five percent of two subordinate task rewards and you can get three percent of three subordinate task rewards here are the reversion we discussed here so here is the main page i will show you uh the other features of the interface

Of the application so error the rewards the person get from the application here are the daily rewards are showing on the main interface of the application i click on the task i can complete two tasks daily so i will show you my balance is 39 you university in the application so i can complete two tasks per day i click on the start button for my order and the goods

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Price is worth 13.99 usd in my commission 0.5 usdt so i uh successfully the same 0.5 usdt i can click on the second task complete for and the good price is 0 8.99 usd and i my commission is 0.5 usd from the application that i received so i have successfully completed my all tasks from a day remaining task i completed 45 usd one and i can complete so today time run

Out is already completed so i have successfully completed all my tasks for a day now i am showing you my balance is uh on the main interface i need to check my all orders that i going to complete it is in our viewing after complete the reviewing uh the balance will be transferred in my account so two orders i completed and two orders i i have in reviewing so my

Balance is to usdt in the application so here is my my balance and now now i will show you the imitation rewards how you can invite the person here is the button for invitation you can copy the link paste in different types of social media platform whatsapp telegram group you can share the application directly with your friends friends of friend different types

Of social media platform and you can earn more if your team will be if a person join from your invitation link your team will be big and your rewards will be baby your income will be increased so you can read all the instruction given above we have already read all the instruction the rewards in previous some time so i click on the my button i will show you how

You can recharge in this application click on recharge button so here is the recharge button you can copy the address go to your wallet and you can paste your that says send button paste the address here so you can enter the amount that you want to send and click on the continue button after confirming your amount will be received i already show you foreign go

Back to the application so you need to bind your address receiving address copy the rest go back to the application paste your receiving address here the withdrawal pass will be entered so here is the verification code verify it is it will be sent to your verified email address so waiting for receiving the verification code so here is the verification code that i

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Received from the application so double lines double six seven eight after that i click on the get registration code so i have successfully get the registration code i have successfully buying my address confirm add so click on the confirm ad and so i am successfully added my trc20 address here so i will go back to the application so now i can be withdraw click

On the withdraw button go back to the address so something i forgot that you here you need to enter your username uh that you provided in the application i will send again my verification email address so go back to the application waiting for receiving code here i receive my code again here 624158 624158 so click on the confirm ad i have successfully added

My address withdrawal address here i click on the withdrawal address so need to select my address confirm button enter amount to usdt i want to withdraw from the application then to my withdrawal password click on the confirm button and you can get your amount from vip level one two vip level number one and so here i need to join vip level one so click on join

Now click on sure button i have successfully uh invested in vip level 2 so i can show my withdrawal address here now i will show you the withdrawal procedure and i need to find my address again so withdrawal amount will be to usdt and the withdrawal password i will enter here click on confirm so i have successfully recharged two usdt uh withdraw two usdt from the

Application so okay now i am showing you the successfully withdrawal record i have received two usdt from the application so here are the two usdt that i received from the application so it is the withdrawal reward so withdrawal that i detect directly received from the application so it is a live proof of the withdrawal by earning and balance is zero so i have

Invested at level one vip my price is 38 usdt commission order 0.5 usdt daily order that i completed for today for two and fidelity will be 64 to 365 days so i have successfully recharged from the application uh in the end of the video i highly recommend you to invest in this application and you can earn more by this application in the end of the video please join

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Beone, the most authentic, dynamic and high return on investment part-time platform in 2022. By TRX and Token Promoter