BEST time to invest in US stocks? How to invest in US stocks from India in 2022?

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Since the beginning of this year u.s stock market has tanked badly nasdaq has stand over 30 percent and s p 500 is down 20 now i’m sure all of you would be aware about the culprit for this market fall it’s rising inflation inflation in the u.s reached 40-year high due to high liquidity injected by u.s fed during covet pandemic with near zero interest rates on top

Of that the russia ukraine war resulted in oil price jumped to crazy high levels that even fueled the rising inflation and finally u.s fed had to take the aggressive measure to control this crazy inflation hence u.s fed is now rising the interest rate to suck out the liquidity in the market and this has resulted in shar fall in the stock market now the question

Is can the your stock market fall further well we cannot deny the possibility of further correction but that doesn’t mean nasdaq will become zero the problem is that when the market is rising we get over excited and when there’s a correction we feel like it is the end of the world so in this video i want to discuss about investment in u.s market and try to answer

All your doubts regarding your stock investment by the way there is a mega giveaway in this video so watch this video till the end if you look at last 20 25 years of us history there have been three major market correction first one was dot-com burst in year 2000 when nesda composite index that tracks the top 100 companies of u.s tang nearly 75 percent then second

Big correction was in year 2007 when nasdaq tanked nearly 50 percent and third big connection was during covet when nasdaq tanked nearly 30 percent however every time your stock market tanked it recovered strongly and over the last 20 years nasdaq has jumped from levels of 1200 to current levels of 11 000. the question is can it fall further now in the short term

Stock market movement would depend upon inflation data and u.s fed interest rates and there are possibility that we can see further correction in the u.s stock market but in the long term all i know is that u.s has been a strong economy and will remain a strong economy it is the home of some of the finest companies the world has seen in fact bcg that is boston

Consulting group has been tracking the top innovative companies of the world since last 15 years and has recently released this research report and all top five innovative companies are from usa it includes tesla at fifth position microsoft at fourth position amazon at third alphabet which is the parent company of google at second position and apple at number one

Position and these companies have been the most innovative companies for many years they are the biggest disruptors in the world look at the way amazon disrupted the offline retail business the way tesla disrupted the automobile industry the way apple disrupted the mobile phone industry and the way google disrupted the internet industry now just ask yourself one

Simple question can these companies shut down can these companies go bankrupt well that’s impossible unless we get into a world war or something even crazier in fact these companies have created such a strong economic mode that they would continue to enjoy the leadership position in their respective sector because these companies continue to innovate let me share

A few examples apple started the smartphone revolution in 2007 when steve jobs introduced the first ever iphone with touchscreen fast forward today apple has been an undisputed leader and enjoys nearly 60 market share in smartphone industry in the us that’s sheer dominance in the most sought after industry of the world not only in the u.s apple holds significant

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Leadership in other developed countries for example in the uk apple accounts for nearly 50 market share and the craze for iphone is highly increasing in developing countries like india the interesting part is that apple is not only the leader in smartphone segment it is also leading the new emerging wearable industry with smart watches and airports apple watch

Has captured 36.1 market share in the world which is three times more than the second largest competitor samsung and these categories are only going to grow apple has also launched homepod similar to amazon eco it is also working on new innovations like augmented and virtual reality based smart glasses so growth potential are immense no wonder one puppet company

Berkshire hathaway has the highest allocation in apple stock which is around 40 percent of its total portfolio in the recent correction apple stock has stand nearly 25 and currently available at a p ratio of 22. then look at the dominance of amazon in the e-commerce industry today amazon has 41 market share in the u.s e-commerce industry the most surprising part

Is that the second biggest player which is walmart is just 6.6 so amazon market share is nearly six times the market share of second biggest player that’s sheer dominance amazon is not only leading the e-commerce industry in u.s but all over the world within india it is among the top two players with nearly same market cap of around 31 as a flipkart so both these

Giants hold almost 62 percent of fast-growing indian e-commerce industry not only amazon is the leader in e-commerce industry is also the leader in cloud infrastructure provider with a global market share of 33 followed with microsoft with 21 market share and google cloud with 8 percent market share as of q1 of 2022 mind you the future of online industry is all

Cloud where a few giants like amazon will host the entire data of the world in last six months amazon share price is down around 38 from its peak and currently available at a period of 51. then look at google again not just a leader in one country but leader in every part of the world its search engine account for more than 80 of total desktop search globally in

India google has market share of 94.19 uss 79.8 percent market share uk has 84.2 percent market share that’s crazy dominance within mobile search google hold 98.78 market share in india google android operating system for mobile is world leader with 71.45 market share followed with apple ios that enjoys 27.8 market share interestingly all these companies are leader

In their sectors that have very very bright growth respect beat smartphones smart watches cloud storage ecom platform search engine mobile os and the list goes on here to date alphabet share price is down around 25 and currently available at a p ratio of 20. now that there is a correction in the us market is it the time to exit or an opportunity to invest in these

World leaders i will let you decide in fact apart from these bank stocks there are many great companies in the us that have huge written potential companies like salesforce nvidia airbnb shopify and the list goes on personally i am utilizing this opportunity in the correction in the u.s market and adding these quality stocks in a systematic manner using my id money

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App interestingly ind money allows you to invest both in lump sum and sip mode so you can invest a small portion of your money in the form of sip in these u.s stocks and money has recently launched this feature to invest in your stock in sip form with as low as rupees 500. just to give you an example if you had invested just 10 in apple on a monthly basis in last

15 years then you would have invested a total of around 1800 and that amount would have become 17 000 in indian rupee you would have invested nearly around one lakh and today that one lakh would have become 13 lakh rupee that’s nearly 13 times return in last 15 years on your sip investment that’s the power of compounding one of the reason for this great return is

Also due to the fact that dollar appreciate over time as compared to rupee for apple 15 years ago one dollar was equal to 40 rupee today one dollar is equal to 79 rupee that’s more than 90 increment in your investment over the last 15 years just in currency terms and this high dollar value has high probability to increase in the future so investment in u.s market

Not only gives the benefit of share price increment but also gives the benefit of dollar appreciation over rupee all you need to do is identify great stocks and utilize this opportunity in falling market to invest money by setting up sip no need to worry about how much u.s market will fall what will happen to your portfolio etc if you are a long-term investor then

You will create wealth from the stock market another benefit of investment in u.s market is that you can invest in fractions for example one share of alphabet class a which is the parent company of google is at levels of 2180. in indian currency it’s somewhere around 1.7 lakh rupee so obviously that’s too much of money but you can buy fractional shares for even

One dollar now there are multiple doubts regarding investment in u.s market especially regarding the charges so let me share my experience with indie money first of all the best part with any money is that there is no commission on buying or selling stock there’s no paperwork to open the account or basically there’s no account opening fee or maintenance fee and

There’s no flat charge to load the us account in money also gives you the best currency conversion rate with most banks and brokers when you convert inr to usd to invest in u.s market you end up paying a currency conversion charges for example when you make a transaction you will see multiple options of banks for example hdfc bank has a fixed conversion charge

Of around 700 rupees icsa has charge of 1180 etc and you will get the most recent usd to inrates now once you load your us account you can start buying and selling your stocks without any charges yes there are no charges in buying and selling your stocks until you transfer that money back into your indian account so let’s say you invested in u.s stocks for a few

Years and generated decent return and now you want to withdraw the money into your indian account in that case you have to pay a small fee and currently this fee is just five dollar i remember last year it was around 11 so andy money has reduced this fee significantly and it is the lowest in the industry now it is time for giveaway if you sign up on 90 money from

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The description link and fund your your stock account you will get stocks of apple worth to be 750 for free now let us look at how taxation work on your stock investment if you sell the shares after holding it for less than 24 months that is two year it is classified as short-term capital gain and it is taxed as per your tech slab so if you fall under 30 text lab

Then there would be 30 percent tax on profit and if you fall under 20 text lab then there would be 20 tax on profit and so on and if you sell your shares after holding it for more than 24 months then it is classified as long-term capital gain and there’s a flat tax of 20 plus education says another common question is how safe is the money so every company in india

Has a u.s stock broker partner in case of ind money it has partnered with drivat which is the member of sipc that is securities investor protection corporation that protects security and cash in your account up to 500 000 usd of which 250 000 usd is in cash so you don’t need to worry about it your money would be safe what are the trading cards so just like in

India we have a trading time between 9 15 to 3 30 u.s also has a fixed rating time but since there’s a time difference that waiting time in india to invest in newer stock is between 7 30 pm to 1 30 am but best part is that any money allows you to place orders in non-trading hours also it would be executed during the trading hours a final question i want to take is

How much money can you diversify in u.s market well personally i invest somewhere around 5 to 10 of my wealth in u.s market that helps me diversify my money and not just depend upon indian geography so you can also consider investing five to ten percent of your wealth in your stock market but make sure that you do your research before investing your money so in

This video we discussed about investment in u.s economy this connection in the u.s market has created a great opportunity to invest in world leaders at discounted price do not worry too much about the market fall if the market falls further it would make the stocks even more attractive just stick with your financial goals and invest systematically in the form of

Sip u.s investment gives a great opportunity to diversify your money and you can also get the benefit of dollar appreciation over rupee containing the comments are you investing in your stock market if yes how much and if you want to explore andy money app i provided the link in the description there are more than four million indians using this app to invest in

The us market as well as one-stop solution to keep a track of their total net worth and remember to fund your your stock account to get free rupees 750 apple stock i’ll see you next video till then take care

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BEST time to invest in US stocks? How to invest in US stocks from India in 2022? By Sahil Bhadviya