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Hey everybody we’re back at the parents place for winter quarantine hometown quarantine season 2 featuring brian and the much beloved clone trooper helmet is back let’s go back in the high school fashion clothes to fit the vibe of the hometown back in the vine as we call it here in orange county today i’m going to be answering a question that i get a lot more

Than i thought i was going to get books that i find important for investment banking books that i use while prepping for investment banking to be inspired for finance fair warning none of these are textbooks in the sense that they’re teaching you how to build lbos or dcfs prep you for technical questions these are more inspirational slash overall guideline-esque

Books such books that i think are helpful for any long-term career any job-oriented thing i’ve also been getting a lot of feedback on talking too much in the beginning so let’s shut up and dig right in the first book is pretty self-explanatory from the title as shown right here also full disclosure i don’t have any of these books with me right now they’re all

In my chicago place but hopefully the visuals that i pop up here post editing helps first book is called how to get a job on wall street calling ways to land a high paying high power job what a title i have a high paying high power job this book by scott hoover does exactly what it says it’s going to do it describes wall street it tells you about the various

Jobs what you need what kind of background you need how to prepare for it it’s not an insane deep dive like a wall street oasis prep course but it’s a very good overview and i recommend it to those that have all these follow-up questions on my channel specifically related to job hunting for investment banking and i do a poor job of explaining or answering it this

Book will cover that generic level thing that you’re looking for highly recommended this was my entrance into investment banking beyond what i could get from talking to people talking to current employees talking to alumni this book is a great gateway into investment banking if you will outside of my awesome videos i think the book is about 18 20 on amazon

I will link it below with all the other books also so i don’t get in trouble i will link it with using my affiliate codes if you click on it you buy it through my link i get like 10 but if you don’t want to do that just go on google go on amazon and search the title and the book should be readily available the second book is not specifically investment banking

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Especially not what investment making is now but it’s liars poker by michael lewis it’s actually his first book michael lewis famous for writing books like moneyball and the blind side which are movies now originally started actually as a traitor for solomon brothers and livespoker details his adventure people that he knew of this adventure like louie ranieri

And mr gutfriend all those guys who’ve basically invented the 2008 financial crisis this book is very inspirational in terms of how exciting finance can be and what it means to be working in the public markets working in mortgages and loans i will say as i covered in my ai video trading is kind of going down in the sense that it might be replaced by software

Engineering and coding but hedge funds still exist prompt trading firms still do exist and that is still what i think most people think of when you say you work in finance people still ask me oh what stock should i trade what stocks are you trading well that’s not really what i’m doing wire smoker i would serve more as an inspiration a form of mystifying a

Legendary story of finance looking at it more of a fictional approach even though it’s not fiction but taking it more as a fictional approach than a guide this book was actually recommended to me by someone that i had a coffee chat with at goldman sachs and he was a trader and he recommended me this as i was recruiting and considering sales and trading it really

Served as a entry point for me to understand that finance is more than just excel finance could be very exciting and it could negatively and positively affect the world at a massive scale a lot of smoker highly recommend even if you’re not into finance even if you’re not trying to go into investment banking it’s a great read michael lewis is a phenomenal writer

And it gives you a peek into a world that you one might not be as familiar with or will never be familiar with and two as i keep saying it over and over again it’s a pretty good damn read the last book i’m gonna recommend is dale carnegie’s how to win friends and influence people i made fun of this in a previous video where i talked about having friends as an

Investment banker my philosophy on friends bonds and relationships and i was seen reading this book at the very end this video obviously is not bank specific it’s not finance specific it’s just in general life specific i always talk about how banking like all other things at the end of the day is a people’s business you’re winning over people whether you’re on

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The sell side selling a business on behalf of someone else whether you are a asset manager whether you’re a trader a salesperson any aspect of banking sales business in life i think this book is extremely helpful on the surface it says pretty obvious things like smile remember people’s names make people feel important avoid conflicts when possible but as you

Read this book you really feel convicted and you realize even though all these things make so much sense and there’s such obvious things about human relationships you don’t do it and it’s crazy how much of a small change in your approach to dealing with people can make a huge difference in how you’re able to tackle problems get a job be promoted and just do well

In life i highly highly recommend this book if anything i recommend this book above all else in this series of books that i’m recommending i think this is applicable not only in banking but just in life and i read it recently really did change my perspective on how i should act behaviors that i’ve excused thinking that it was the right way to do things when in

Reality i have been doing things wrong in the way that i’ve treated people and i think it’s really important to read this book don’t treat it as a bible of sorts i’m sure everyone has their own way of dealing with people and there’s merit to the way that you do it and you should always be yourself but to the extent that you can match yourself and align yourself

To some of these principles i think it’s extremely helpful really makes you a better friend a better person and allows you to influence and befriend people in a efficient and great way i know i just said that was the last book but the final final book i’m gonna recommend is the one book i actually do have with me this book crazy rich asians by kevin kwan my

Inspiration for wanting to become a bazillion gazillionaire through investment banking thanks everyone for tuning in as always really appreciate 9 000 subscribers it’s honestly crazy what this is becoming i know it’s just me yapping into a camera talking about things that some of you might not even care about but i genuinely appreciate all the feedback positive

Or negative and the support as always i know that’s something i’ve been very bad at is saying that i’m gonna put it on the list of things i’m gonna cover on videos and then i never get to it just there seems to be an infinite number of things that you guys want to know about and a limited number of things that i one have time for and to know about myself but i’m

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Really trying to knock things off the list and hopefully this book recommendation helps outside of these books as a form of resource i think it’s super helpful to just google and youtube search things on your own i think that’s part of the fun and that’s part of the search and it weirdly trains you for banking because a lot of banking is just searching i think

Platforms like mergers and inquisitions wall street prep and even wall street oasis although sometimes it gets toxic in the forums or all helpful resources because at the end of the day as much as a book can tell you about things as much as i can tell you about things the best approach to learning about banking learning about life learning about careers is from

The person’s mouth from the horse lion i always forget this analogy you have to get it from networking and hearing about people’s experiences directly and i think there’s no other way to learn about it better than that hope you guys found these books to be helpful links in the description if you want them through my affiliate code otherwise just google it and

Jokes aside just finished this phenomenal read also if you watch the movie don’t watch the movie this is better than the movie as most book movie relationships are i’m rambling as always see you guys next week one quick thing that i forgot to add my area irvine orange county is being affected by wildfires actually a couple days after i came really smokey there’s

A lot of fires evacuations so i’m putting a link below i actually don’t know what link i’m gonna put yet because i haven’t done my research but to some form of fire relief fund if you guys want to support the cause i will put a link that allows you to donate to some form of fire relief i don’t know if it’s going to be irvine directly i don’t know if a fund like

That will be set up by the time i edit this and upload this but i think it would mean a lot to the extent that you guys can please click the link below and donate and whatever means i’m gonna link up thanks in advance

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Books You Must Read for Investment Banking By Bryan Jun