Bull Bay Harbour View Southern Coastal Highway Investment Project Section 1A OCT Update 2022

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Foreign once again to another exciting episode of rojo ka the heartbeat of jamaker’s role today our excursion will be continuing from where we left off we are in the bull bay community the bull base saint andrew community and we’ll be making a way from the pool base in andrew community all the way to harborview and that will complete the section 1a of the

Southern coastal highway improvement project just in case you missed our previous episode the link will be listed above and you can feel free to check it out to navigate you through the experience is dr a let us now get into the meat of the matter as you can see in this infrastructural changing is taking place in this area we have roads being a dog out we also

Have a excavation work taking place and as we pivot our eyes to the periphery on the left hand we can see where some areas are left to be demolished and as such in time that area will be demolished and as you can anticipate when we make our way down towards the skatepark and you look on your right you will also see where there are currently doing some clearing out

And some road digging in order to elevate the road to a level that is suitable and acceptable and many may be asking if the skate park or the community center the football field area will be demolished but based on the the wall there will be demolished but based on the diagram plan it appears as though the walls are just at the border and they may not be demolish

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Because we as we know those walls were placed up less than two years ago so that there is something to look into we’ll continue our journey and make our way down towards the bridge that takes us over from the bolby community into the harbor view area and you can just use your eyes to see all that has been taken place if you’d like to enjoy a brief moment and

Snippets in time with us please feel free to visit our short speed which will have adequate information so that you can be a breath of what is taking place before we create the long form of videos and even after the long form videos are created you can also just snip it a little piece the piece that interests you the most interesting or entice you the most and

Share with your families and friends and we just want to say as always so thank you for making it to road trip ja the heartbeat of jamaica’s road we would not have been able to continue the work that we are doing without your invaluable support and for that we are truly grateful for those who invested time their talents their resources we are truly appreciative

Continue to share these videos with your friends or families like so that each individual can be updated as to real-time changes that are taking place at the end of this journey we will be taking a little break and then in our next city we’ll be doing the journey again and then you will be taking it from the harbor view section the starting point and making a

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Way all the way to albion saint thomas or close proximity to the yellows bridge which will conclude the section 1a of the southern coastal highway improvement project and as you know that is our area of a focus it is a hope that you’ll enjoy the experience with us as in that sitting we’ll give you some more pertinent updates that will be meaningful to you thank

You all and as always we say walk ride drive and fly good see you in the next sit in have yourself a blessed day thank you foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign foreign thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign

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Bull Bay Harbour View Southern Coastal Highway Investment Project Section 1A OCT Update 2022 By RoadTripJA