Creating A Low-Risk Investment Plan (With High Returns) | Why Real Estate Is Such A Safe Investment

➜ Real Estate – Safe investment, high returns (If you do it right)

All right so today i’ve got the secret for you the big secret about real estate that your stockbroker does not want you to know my name is matt theriault by the way i am the ceo of epic real estate and what we do here is we show people how to invest in real estate with an emphasis on retiring early so i come from a family that has had a terrible experience i like

Just terrible luck with real estate they’ve lost a lot of money and perhaps maybe you have to or or for certain you probably know somebody who has and i think that’s kind of the where the the moniker that real estate is risky really comes from but is it the real estate that’s risky no absolutely not real estate is the safest investment with the highest rewards i’m

Going to tell you why so real estate really safe there’s just two things you have to really focus on to protect yourself the first is to be able to determine the value to make sure that you don’t overpay and then the second thing is why are you actually investing if you invest with a focus on income you get those two things right you get the right value and you’ve

Been invest for income it’s really tough to lose the second place is the people if i look back and analyze every single situation where i lost money in real estate it either came from a bad property manager or a bad contractor it’s the people that insert the risk so this is how we’ve combat it to where we could have the best of both worlds we could have the safe

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Investment with high-performing people so one the real estate is safe – the people are risky the third thing of how we’ve been able to eliminate the risk from our real estate investing is we’ve built systems we put systems in place around attracting the leads the system’s around taking those leads and converting them to contracts the systems around taking those

Contracts and producing a profit we built systems so that the people themselves are interchangeable so we don’t have to focus so much on the people anymore so they don’t have the risk that we once had and that’s exactly what we do for our clients we have taken the that we’ve created we have just copied and pasted them into our clients business and then we go and

We customize it for them we customize it for their company we customize it for their market so that they can go and duplicate the same results that we’ve had here at epic real estate and if you like the idea of that and you want to look into possibly our team doing that work for you i’ve put together a small little video of exactly how that works there’s no opting

In there’s nothing tricky or fancy like that just go take a look over at rei acecomm i’ll put a link down below for your convenience and if you like what you see you’ll have the opportunity to to pick a time for us to hop on a call well brainstorm some ideas to see how this can work for you already so click the link below and i’ll see you next time you

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Creating A Low-Risk Investment Plan (With High Returns) | Why Real Estate Is Such A Safe Investment By Epic Real Estate Investing