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Foreign and welcome to the daily market update the dscx extended the red zone streak as it lost by today and settled at 6 390 points mega 10 over was bdt 11.79 billion which is an increase of 17.17 compared to the previous trading day bangladesh building systems vaccine coast summit alliance port stern housing and bangladesh shipping corporation

From the industrial sector islami bank bangladesh al-arafa islami bank and taka bank from the banking sector and lafarge wholesi bangladesh from the cement sector mainly dragged the market down today in terms of sector wise return the i.t sector registered the highest gain of 1.44 while the field under light sector posted the second highest gain of 0.20 percent

On the other hand the seven sector posted the highest loss of 0.68 percent six industrial companies and five pharmaceutical companies among the top 20 losers today nirvana cng nirvana pharmaceuticals and adn telecom registered the highest gain while stern housing bangladesh building systems and indo-bangla pharmaceuticals were the top losers investors may have

Shown interest in nirvana cng as the company is scheduled to have its board meeting on 26th of october for its annual financial statements nirvana pharmaceuticals had the highest gain today as the stock made its trading debut yesterday there is no publicly disclosed price sensitive information for the price increase of the remaining stocks the trading volume of

Agricultural marketing company bangladesh finance and aramid increased significantly today compared to the average trading volume of the last three months there is no publicly disclosed fundamental reason for the volume increase of these talks today’s top 10 news international finance corporation ifc are member of the world bank group is helpful for issuing taka

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Denominated bonds with 4 thousand million dollars in bangladesh through private or public placement previously it issued a similar type of bond of 9.5 million dollars in london stock exchange to support the financing needs of different private sectors in the country this time proceedings of the taka denominated bonds will be used to support clients of priority

Sectors including sme agriculture microfinance etc along with positive indications for the country’s bond markets clientele the opening of letter of credit lc for importing capital machinery has fallen by 65 percent and the loan for import has come down to 400 million dollars from 1500 million dollars in the recent july august of the current fiscal year 2022 to

2023. according to the expats the enforcement of strict import policies and forthcoming global recession caveats led to a declining trend of new investments and business expansion in the economy in addition the regulation by the central bank not opting for large lcs and the shortage of dollars enhanced that degrowth further amid the fuel crisis in the country that’s

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