Dr Nirmala Dharap Talks about 10X ROI with Purnartha| Investment Advisory| Purnartha Client Journey

The video is about the successful client journey of Dr Nirmala Dharap with Purnartha’s investment advisory services. He talks about his investment journey, how Purnartha helped him during the ups and downs of the market. Dr Dharap offers his insights on Purnarhta’s investment philosophy that aims to generate long-term returns by investing in a diversified portfolio.

Uh hello ma’am hi hi a very warm welcome from punatha we are here to speak with you and gather your experience about the 10x growth in your portfolio since your initial investment in november 2013. we would like to know more about your investment journey and how it has been with us but before that could you please introduce yourself and uh then we can take it

Ahead i am dr nirmala dharab i am a practicing pediatrician so i attend my clinic both times of the day and of course i take care of my family and therefore i went to guru nanak for investment because i don’t have the time to study the market myself so as a doctor uh what was your investment style before uh you know our advisory services um so the well i was

Investing in mutual funds but i knew that one it’s much better to be directly in the market yourself and so it was entirely based on tips and i had done a short stock market course and uh you know based on that i studied some stocks and it was all very haphazard a lot of it was based on tips and so i would meet a friend and she would tell me something or he would

Tell me something so it was like not methodical and it was and i had bad experiences how has your investment style changed after association with purnatha so basically it’s really nice to have some uh knowledgeable people on the job and like just follow whatever advice they give me and so that has been really a big relief and it’s also nice the way they don’t

Keep churning or you know don’t keep sending recommendations to do this and that so i really don’t have to do anything much except follow the recommendations that they give you so it’s been a an experience with more peace of mind so mam how did you come across kunartha actually shalindra your uh outreach person had come to my office and he gave me a presentation

And of course i made him come several times and then i finally decided that it’s better to pay and make money rather than take tips and lose money so ma’am before uh schelindez are approached too and before as you said that you had done a couple of options yourself so did you explore any other advisory services before purnatha and if you did what made purnatha

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Stand out from those other options actually i mean the broker that i buy through would advise me and like i was doing an sip also with them it was not bad but it was not outstanding or it was not like very uh great returns and i would say that obviously they didn’t have a big research team like you people have so i would say that it was not based on very deep

Study it was based on some study but not too much i think uh ma’am what made you happiest while you were you know with your association with punatha over these eight long years um i think i actually spoke about that so basically i think their sincerity like the first time when i joined mr rahul radhi actually gave me uh an individual presentation talked about the

Style that they use and so he knew that they when they invested in shares which have great growth potential that they are in touch with the management of those companies and it was all like very different from what i had experienced so far and i would say that the sincerity the fact that even the manager management and the owners are investing in the same stocks

That they ask us to invest in so these were all reassuring points so what have you been able to achieve with punarthas services good growth of my money which is always the basic point and with peace of mind without having to worry too much i mean whatever happens to the market it happens to everybody so obviously they are not in charge of that and i really like

The way they have these uh conferences in between these uh you know where the telly meet or whatever you call it and like everybody is on board and every question is answered and like the whole day the team is there answering all the questions and so you know that they are really committed people you have learned quite a lot about how one should really be doing

You know shares with when i attend those meetings and i see the kind of uh you know knowledge that you shared with us and which other clients ask and then i realized that what i was investing before was based on much less knowledge than what these guys have and which other people have so i would say that i’ve learned a lot about how one should get into this and

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Like the 910x growth speaks for itself so i’m happy with that so i have learned that it’s possible to make that kind of money in shares and i’ve learned to be patient so apart from the 10x growth in your portfolio what else have you been able to achieve with punatha’s advisory services so i mean stay invested is something i’ve learned from them so in case i

Do buy some other shares also outside what they suggest i stay with those if i think the basics are good and other than that i just listen to what they say so when would you recommend punatha to your peers to your family to your friends yes and i have actually several people yeah so if there would be one word you could use to describe us your experience with

Us what would that be well if you’re okay with two or three i would say i would say conscientious sincere committed you are not from a finance background and but you do know a few things that are there in terms of finance you have done a few courses and all that and you know how the market works so typically you know any it is very natural for any investor to

Panic when the market goes down uh obviously the highs always give relations but when the market goes down uh how has purnata help you during that ups and downs of the market the market volatility how has purnata helped you during that period yeah i mean that has really been a big uh you know plus the fact that they tell you to just stay invested it’s going to be

Fine so you need someone to tell you that okay this money will come back to you later when you see everything tanking so like it’s good to know that those people who are taking care of our money are you know on the job so i mean it would be safe to say that it is one of the reason that you uh stayed with punatha for so long it’s been eight long years now yes

I would definitely say that the fact that in spite of all the ups and downs and all that we are seeing great growth and of course this is a great phase in the stock market but even otherwise the growth was always visible and the stocks chosen have been stellar and if even if some stocks don’t do that well then they uh do not always advises us when you get out of

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It and get into something better so um like someone doing your thinking for you is what i’m paying them for ma’am uh this is something you know we are kind of moving away from this uh your journey with purnatha but as a doctor you must come across several young couples and young people uh so what would be your advice to those who are just starting out uh who

Are just starting to invest into the market what will be your advice as an investor who has been investing in the market for almost eight to ten years now so i would say that you know i mean we uh came to know about all this and really got into all this that way in the latter part of our careers so part of the reason is that doctors start earning also a little

Later by the time you get set in your practice so for those who are earning uh you know salaries and definitely like warren buffett said like spend what is left after saving so we may not go that far but start saving right from the beginning and start small if you want but like staying with it starting early and staying with it is going to work for them later

On for sure and apart from this uh is there anything that you would like to share with us my many experiences some suggestions some standout moments memories that you have during your association with poor nathan like standout moment meaning um i would say that the beginning was like stand out in the sense that uh mr at himself gave a presentation and that showed

His commitment to every customer or every client of yours and uh other than that like the way some of the stocks have performed so well and you know given us great growth i think in spite of all the ups and downs like making good money and good returns is like basically what will stand out right when you make your decision whether you want to continue with any

Particular investment advisor so great to know that uh thank you so much ma’am we really appreciate you taking time out from your busy schedule and speaking with us and we really hope that we continue this long association even longer and even more fruitful and rewarding for both of uh you and for the company

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Dr Nirmala Dharap Talks about 10X ROI with Purnartha| Investment Advisory| Purnartha Client Journey By Purnartha Investment Advisers